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Welcome | Reputational Leadership™ | Who am I? | Book | Maverick! | How? | The what | Contact us | Paypal Welcome, it is good to see you here. I have always thought that the essence of true leadership is about trusted influence. This is a leadership style that enables others to follow you because they trust you. They trust that you will lead them to the right place, at the right time and with the right intent. This Reputational Leadership™ (which I define as leading through influence) is not easy to master, and leaders that want to move from good to great often need a guide. This is usually because the social dynamics of this Century demands a level of openness, transparency, integrity and character that can be truly breath taking. I believe that at the heart of every successful leader and organisation is wilful independence (which is a common feature with mavericks). In today's competitive world, extraordinary results will not come from being ordinary. If you really want to stand out you need to first look towards your reputation, and then discover how to effectively leverage it and ensure that you are building credibility by demonstrating your expertise. This remains true, whether you are a large corporate company, a small business owner or a micro business of one (for example a consultant). Increasingly the power of your reputation is what will decide whether you will get paid or not. color>
It is a sign that your reputation is small and sinking; if your own tongue must praise you - Matthew Hale
Welcome | Reputational Leadership™ | Who am I? | Book | Maverick! | How? | The what | Contact us | Paypal Why do I care about Reputational Leadership™? I believe that every individual role models behaviour, often without realising that they are doing so - and every action has a consequence. These consequences can be positive or negative - either way our actions inform our reputation and ability to influence. Companies are not immune because they are made up of individuals - and how those individuals behave will impact the company's reputation. This causal link has a direct impact on the return on investment that you have made. I am concerned on the Return on Reputation that you can attain if you as an individual, or collection of individuals (company) can truly lead yourself (become an effective role model that inspires the desire to follow). If by doing so you can inspire and motivate others, then you will be truly unstoppable. This is one of the reasons why the film 'It's a Wonderful Life' resonates with me because we don't often understand how our actions and lives can have a positive impact on others - especially when we are doing what we think are small things. Frank Capra said of his film 'It's about the importance of the individual' and 'no man is a failure who has friends'. I'm passionate in helping others make a return on reputation as it can have a substantial ripple effect on those around them.color>
How many people live on the reputation of the reputation they might have made! - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr
Welcome | Reputational Leadership™ | Who am I? | Book | Maverick! | How? | The what | Contact us | Paypal Who am I? Laughter is the best medicine and I ensure that I find the joy in each moment and the challenge in each opportunity. My belief is that life is fun and should not be played with sweaty palms. Life is what you intend to happen - change behaviour if you want to change actions. This is why I enjoy my work as a Reputation Catalyst. Having a wide circle of friends has enabled me to keep laughing. I am a true extrovert in the sense that I enjoy being around people. I seek, first to understand, before I try to be understood. Recognised as an expert in Reputational Leadership™ I have been published in over 100 leading publications including leading Industry Press and National Broadsheets. I'm also a respected speaker on Reputation, Leadership and Mavericks, which I combine with my work as a consultant to businesses (regardless of their size!) Often I use my skills as a Digital Reputation Consultant to good use to help established businesses build a reputation and wield influence in a way that increases sales and converts customers.color>
I have met with Jude on a few occasions now. Each time I have been impressed with the depth of knowledge she has displayed. Her principles of dealing with 'Mavericks' are well documented, however I would strongly recommend you meet with Jude to experience the full benefit of her offering. Integrity, Professionalism, Trust, Honesty, are all values that are focussed on in leverging one's reputation and credibility and are clearly principles that Jude practices in her business dealings. I whole heartedly recommend her and look forward to the next opportunity to tap into her wealth of experience - Matt Barnett, Acre Solutions (MD)
Welcome | Reputational Leadership™ | Who am I? | Book | Maverick! | How? | The what | Contact us | Paypal I co authored the Amazon No 2 Best Seller BusinessWise. BusinessWise is a collaboration amongst over 20 business experts, this book looks at the whole process of setting up a new business with success in mind. My chapter 'When the doors close' we meet Keith, who has just left corporate life and can't understand why, even though he has a good network, work is just not coming in. He discovers the need to build his reputation and credibility (online and offline) is the only way that he will survive. Additionally he learns to build advocates through good content in blogs and through focused networking, which means Keith's story ends positively. Too many people in Keith's situation will find that their story ends negatively unless they make the effort to be seen by the right people and in the right way. color>
Jude's chapter in this book reveals another side of her expertise. Entitled "When the doors close" it should be compulsory reading for anyone moving from the corporate world to a new life of entrepreneurship or self-employment. Jude uses a simple case study to emphasise the importance of building, maintaining and growing your reputation AND how to avoid some of the most common mistakes - Mark Lee, The Tax Advice Network (Chairman) If you would like a free copy of the Reputation and Credibility chapter please contact me and I will email it to you.
I am currently authoring my book on mavericks.
She has a talent for identifying people character and an ability to help build a personal profile. She recognised that I was of a maverick personality and could help with my career. I attended several development sessions with Judith initially identifying my N-Code®, which enabled me to identify the value I can add in the Business to Business relationships and my expertise. This enabled me to reposition my value within the company and build on my expertise and value add to the business & our customers. It was a joy to work with Judith and have recommended her to others and will remain in contact with a new found friend - Dave Sibley, BT (Global Principal Engineer)
Welcome | Reputational Leadership™ | Who am I? | Book | Maverick! | How? | The what | Contact us | Paypal It is also true that I'm a socialised maverick with a quirky sense of humour! I enjoy helping people with strong maverick tendencies to channel this independent streak to accelerate their success through others. I enable talented mavericks to build their reputation as leaders. I lead the Mavericks in Training! - Maverick Community. The purpose of this club is to enable and support mavericks build and do better business rather than becoming an outlet for maverick behaviour! Maverick's and those that hire me for Maverick Mentoring often refer to me as the Maverick Mentor. Mavericks are amazing people. I define mavericks as wilfully independent people. That's right wilfully independent! Mavericks are talented, truthful to the point of bluntness, visionary with an uncanny ability to exactly see the hole in the argument that is being presented to them, and how to fix it. Mavericks break rules, not out of spite but because the rules don't work. They are highly goal orientated, charismatic (if they choose to be), and will question anything and everything.
The common question posed by a maverick is 'Why?'.
Mavericks do not compromise their standards to fit in, and therefore cannot be managed conventionally. Despite the fact that they often do not utilise their talents effectively, mavericks tend to be the top performers in companies and within business. Common traits of low boredom and impatience means that mavericks often have trouble articulating effectively what they want or what they mean. This can cause high staff turnover, low morale and poor business performance within companies. If the maverick runs their own business they can depress their company's performance, by not focusing on their business (too busy working in it!), have a poor networking strategy and by not building sufficient reputation and credibility to grow advocates and gain referrals. What's holding maverick business owners back? article here
color> To learn more about Mavericks browse the Maverick Mastery site (here) or the Developing Leadership site (here).
I view Judith as someone who should be standing at every Maverick's side or any professionals side for that matter. Well, after years of shrugging off/ignoring the obvious I decided my career deserved me to take charge and recently each day has become a learning experience. Judith was quick to point out that I view my achievements as "just something I do," but they are far from something most people would begin to tackle much less be successful at - still the same is hard to convey outside of "this is just what I do." Judith has been guiding me here and her help is a true asset. If you assembled all the stereotypical tendencies of a "Maverick" the question may not be do I have some or all, but have I mastered all and which ones I have yet to master. And, all of this is where Judith comes in as essential - she offers solid advice and strategy to follow on how to manage all. I will be the first to acknowledge Judith as a true asset standing by my side to offer her mastery and advice - John M. Mereness, Contract Negotiator - Attorney
If you agree with me that developing leaders are important, please join the Soft Selling for Leaders Club to expand your thinking by interacting in stimulating and lively debate. You may also enjoy browsing The Developing Leadership Store for great leadership books and cds, by great authors.color>
You are one of the most inspirational leaders of business I have ever met. You do make a difference in business. You do help and harness talent. Every major Corporation globally should listen to this young lady regarding her approach and ethos concerning managing success - Christine Cowen, Royal Mail (Business Development Manager)
Welcome | Reputational Leadership™ | Who am I? | Book | Maverick! | How? | The what | Contact us | Paypal How do you do what you do? We have worked with three main types of clients:
  • The Business Owner/Consultant
  • The larger organisation
  • The maverick - or their manager
Through activating our 5 stage process, we enable individuals and businesses to build they reputation DAILy:
Discover how to be a role model (leader) enAble TRUST Influence and nurture reputation Leverage reputation y? to achieve a good return on reputation
This typically means:
  • The business owner/consultant receives a defined and well articulated proposition aligned to their business - within a clear niche. An ability to extend their influence and attract clients to significantly increase their revenue. Those that join the Reputational Leadership™ programme often have their products designed or redesigned as part of the process.
  • The larger organisation improves employee's productivity, eradicate silo mentalities, increases employee engagement and have real leaders and influencers within the organisation
  • The maverick learns how to have the reputation that works for them and their manager learns how to harness their talent.
Jude has delivered 2 expert sessions within the UK subsidiary of our global Branded group focused on providing tools to improve employees' performance - the first for our Directors/senior team and the 2nd for our operational management team. All desired outcomes, ie to facilitate cohesion in the senior team, team building, leadership skills and understand methods for working with and getting results from Troublesome Talent® were achieved. From the outset, Jude becomes part of the group and was quickly able to challenge the norms, enable skills development, facilitate leadership feedback in a constructive manner and analyse and adjust her style in line with individual and group needs. Jude is the most perceptive leadership expert I have come across and I would recommend her if you want a true partner to work with you on 'live' issues in your business and deliver results - Kate Gould, Welspun UK Ltd (HR Executive)
Welcome | Reputational Leadership™ | Who am I? | Book | Maverick! | How? | The what | Contact us | Paypal What do you do? We have enabled organisations to significantly improve the leadership performance and reputation of the business and the individuals within it. At the heart of leadership and influence is reputation. My Leadership dRive™ model enables individuals and the companies they work for/with, have and wield the right level of trusted influence (leadership) and reputation to get the results that they need, ethically and with authenticity. We have helped to answer the questions like these:
  • How do I/we lead through influence?
  • How do I get my management team working together - strategically?
  • How do I increase my revenue?
  • Why aren't people buying from us?
  • What do I need to do to turn my business around?
  • Are my products or services the right ones?
  • How do I manage my maverick (or maverick behaviour)?
  • How to I improve my employee's performance?
We have enabled companies to develop mastery in their leaders and in the company's strategic ability. Judith understands that businesses want to be able to have a workforce that questions, challenges and refuses to accept a status quo which is damaging or disadvantageous to the company. It is only this acceptance of difference that can enable a company to grow and outstrip their competitors.
Morgan Law have been looking at new and effective ways to continue to add value to their clients by providing interactive master classes on a variety of HR topics which are relevant and useful. Judith kindly worked with us as an acknowledged expert on Talent Management and Leadership to run a seminar that detailed her own Leadership dRive™ Model and how to implement a Talent Management Strategy to a group of our clients in the NHS as they wanted to know more about how they could Manage Leadership in the NHS to their best advantage. The audience (largely made up of HR Directors) received the presentation very well and actively participated in the interactive session to discuss current methods and processes they were working on as well as looking at new ideas, which allowed them to take away effective tools to look at implementing moving forward within their individual trusts. Judith's style was relaxed, professional and she was very good at getting everyone involved in interactive discussions around the subject matter. Overall feedback from the clients that attended was very positive and they felt they could take a number of useful tools away from the session. We would definitely recommend and are already in talks with Judith about our next event later in the year - Sarah McKee-Harris, Morgan Law
Welcome | Reputational Leadership™ | Who am I? | Book | Maverick! | How? | The what | Contact us | Paypal Welcome | Reputational Leadership™ | Who am I? | Book | Maverick! | How? | The what | Contact us | Paypal
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