Karel Machala




I am a freelance translator (EN, DE - CZ, SK) from Brno, Czech Republic. Specialized in business, finance, medical and pharmaceutical texts, but translating basically everything except very technical texts like machinery, engineering etc. Over 15 years of experience. I am also journalist. I like to write - and not just for the media. I most often write and translate for periodicals on regular part-time basis, currently mainly for a banking monthly. Married, two small children (twin boys). Education: Economics, language oriented line of study. Self education and long-term hobbies - medicine, nutrition, alternative medicine, genealogy, languages, comparative and historic linguistics, nature and plants, gardening, Asian culture and philosophy, economics, travelling, politics, Japanese gardens, twins, history, family... Lots of hobbies, but little time for them with the small twins :-). I really love languages so I tried to learn basics or more of other languages than those listed as my translation language pairs - i.e. besides English and German and my native Czech and very similar Slovak (I spent four years studying in Slovakia before coming back to the Czech Republic). I use these four languages everyday in my translation business, but I also studied Russian, learned some Polish, some French, Italian, some Japanese, little Arabic long time ago (but forgot a lot), etc. I can understand most Slavic languages quite well and some Germanic just because they are similar to those I speak. And I love books trying to search for common roots of languages, nations, worked on my own genealogy tree in the past and still plan to continue. I read a lot of news, books and articles in the field of nutrition and connections to health, which is my big hobby, too.