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As a PROBIZ Accountant and PROBIZ Centre of Excellence Lawrence Young Ltd is well position ed to help with your tax issues... FOR ACCOUNTANTS AND BOOKKEEPERS Working with accounting firms and bookkeepers locally and across the country to bring high quality high value tax planning strategies to their clients. This brings great tax savings for the clients and good fees for the accountants and bookkeepers. We normally only work with a couple of firms in each area, so if this sounds of interest drop me a note to find out more... FOR CONSULTANTS Are you freelance (sole-trader, partnership or limited company) paying too much tax and exposed to IR35 and/or s660. If so let's talk - we may be able to get 82%+ of your gross income as take-home... FOR PROPERTY BUYERS & DEVELOPERS Contact me BEFORE you sign; we may be able to save the stamp duty for you. It costs nothing to find out... EMPLOYED WITH HIGH INCOME? If you're on c£100,000 - especially if self-employed, but even under PAYE - we can probably help dramatically reduce your taxes... Again, it costs nothing to talk... CALL ME ON 07788 148231 or send message via Ecademy... =========================================================================================================================== Other work With a corporate background as Finance Director, CFO and Strategist with some fairly large businesses, I now spend most of my time helping small and medium sized businesses to improve their systems and processes, their sales, and - especially - their profits. Having made the money we then help them keep as much as possible with approriate, totally legal strategies to minimise the taxes payuable. I am co-owner, founder and director of 4M4 Business Limited, business growth specialists. In addition, through Lawrence Young Ltd ( we also provide accounting and tax services to individuals, sole traders, partnerships, limited companies and plc's - and if that doesn't cover you, let's talk! (And if it does, let's talk...) I am variously called a profit consultant, management consultant, business advisor, business growth specialist, or management accountant . But for me it all comes to the same, helping business owners to get from where they are today, to where they want to be... Consequently, my daily work varies dramatically - I could be advising a new start up, then mentoring an executive in a £100m turnover business - but it all boils down to giving practical advice and hands-on support to move client businesses forward. In our most effective client relationships, we work as the business owner's 'personal advisor'. This normally involves being the owner's confidential friend and consultant, so that any business topic can be discussed and the right way forward found - very often in smaller businesses there isn't the management team to bounce ideas around with, and even when there is, you may want a more independent but experienced view... We help the owner to identify what needs to be done, and can then assist with getting the work done if there's not enough resource in-house - we can assist with outsourcing most business tasks from the bookkeeping and payroll, through to telemarketing & PR, and recommend good service providers such as printers and graphic designers (ones we use ourselves, not ones that pay us for introductions!) My experience in business management and business improvement extends to over 25 years (starting at a very early age of course!!) and, although like many business advisors I belong to various 'support' networks, most of what you get will come from my own experience and abilities - not repackaged text book theory that's too often passed off as 'management consultancy' nowadays... I understand business, and can assist my clients in thinking through their strategic requirements. But I can also help them implement, and - importantly - get the right results... (Beware of the growing band of 'advise-only' strategy advisors - for a price they'll tell you what to do, and then leave you to it...) Why do I do this? I work with business owners because I enjoy helping my clients (and friends) to improve their business, get the results they're looking for, and (occasionally) achieve their dreams! I'll help to ensure that they're using resources effectively - whether this be IT, people, cash or whatever - and I'll help ensure that the business processes are right for this particular business. But, I'm also a great believer that it's the right people - and how they're managed - that will bring success. I tend to summarise this in a business equation:
If you're inefficient in any of the first three areas you're unlikely to achieve the profit you're looking for... So if you think I might be able to assist you or someone you know, I'll be happy to talk - and unlike BT, we don't start charging as soon as you pick the phone up! Previous experience Started out in Eli Lilly, the pharmaceutical giant, in 1976 - qualified as a Management Accountant in 1983 by which time I was well into 'business improvement' and making sure the systems and processes used by the business were working well. This also included time in Internal Audit and a strong interest in internal control both for our own £700m turnover business and for other group businesses. I subsequently went into the Telecoms industry as part of a 5-man team that set up Plessey-Telenet where, after a sale to Alcatel, I later became Finance Director of Alcatel Data Networks Limited and Director of Management Control for Alcatel Telecom in the UK. During this time I initiated a strategy that took the business from Circa £25m to circa £150m in turnover. Another interesting role was as CFO of Global Marine Systems (the undersea internet cable part of Global Crossing) where I was constructive in putting together a strategy to take the business from £180m to £500m+. Consulting projects to date have included many small and medium businesses, plus a handful of very large businesses and stretch from preparing a business plan for a one-man business to carrying out a full review of all areas of 'credit risk' processing for a big-4 bank, and improving import control and reporting processes for an Aerospace industry business, saving it several millions. I find the more enjoyable projects and relationships to be the ones where you're working closely with the owner/manager. Interests & other stuffÂ… I read a lot - my business library extends to about 3,000 books. Although I can't claim to have actually read every single one, if you'd like a recommendation for a book on a particular business topic, try meÂ… I have a great interest in business and business reporting. From 2002-2010 I was on the 'Council' (Board of Directors) for the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants ( where I sat on or chaired a number of committees including the Professional Standards Committee, the Technical Committee, the Members services Committee, the Marketing Committee and the Executive Committee. I have also sat on the West Surrey committee for the IoD (, and acted as regional treasurer for the Thames Valley Region for the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) ( where they continually try to fix the world for business ownersÂ… I have also Chaired the Board of the Alliance of Business Consultants (120 consultants and growing... see and sat on the advisory board of the International Centre for Consulting Excellence run by 'the consultant's consultant', Professor Tom Lambert ( ===========================================================================================================================

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Left Brain (40%) The left hemisphere is the logical, articulate, assertive, and practical side of the brain
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