Kenny D'Cruz




"Kenny is a cross between NEO (The Matrix) and THE WOLF (Pulp Fiction). He shows up, listens, makes sense, clears things up, offers choices, then leaves - quick as a flash!" said one client; where another said "You're like TOM BOMBADIL" (Lord of the Rings). From drawing board brainstorming to boardroom direction we evaluate the situation in hand and ADJUST OUR SAILS. We tighten-up the team, get projects in alignment with their mission, their markets, the message, stakeholder needs and BOTTOM LINE RESULTS, core values intact. --- 'THE GUARDIAN' (Jobs & Money): "The positive results were immediate. My phone hardly stopped ringing. Quotes I had made months before were coming back as commissions. It was a turning point and a lot of opportunities have presented themselves since." Before the consultancy, Mr Saragossi's biggest contract was £12,500. Afterwards it was £38,000. He feels more relaxed, less panicked and is now negotiating his biggest quote ever at £300k. --- My years of surfing deadlines in the media, in the music business, design and publicity gave me a taste for the buzz of pushing myself beyond my comfort zone, both physically and mentally. During my travelling days I took it to the next level, bungee jumping, sky diving, scuba diving, fire walking and shark feeding. Now, I CREATE A BUZZ for my client businesses. I work with the PURPOSE of individuals, groups, celebrities and corporates, where identities and stories are held in the strictest confidence. I believe that CONSCIOUS BUSINESS is the way to go! Specialties: CORPORATE: Launches, change management, sourcing / buildings teams, team / individual focus and facilitation, coaching, mentoring branding, marketing and publicity. PERSONAL: Holistic counselling, Voice Dialogue, NLC parenting, Non-violent Communication, Transformation Game facilitation, feng shui and various healing modalities.