Kimberly Cameron: Valencia, CA

Kimberly cameron:

Valencia, ca

Administrative Support Specialist


Kimberly Cameron, Valencia, CA

My name is Kimberly Cameron and I am a results-driven professional who leverages operational practices to fuel organizational success. Seeking an Executive Assistant position that will utilize my exceptional skills in time management, project coordination, teamwork, leadership, and administrative support in a highly stimulating environment.

Experienced in a variety of areas, including:

 ÂŸ -Executive Assistance

 ÂŸ -Project/Operations Management

 ÂŸ -Sales and Marketing

 ÂŸ -Customer Service

 ÂŸ -Research and Development

Words and statements that have been used to describe me:

 ÂŸ -Meticulous and detail-oriented

 ÂŸ -Someone who takes initiative and is driven to succeed

 ÂŸ -Reliable and trustworthy

 ÂŸ -Creative and resourceful

 ÂŸ -Organized

  -Strong interpersonal skills

 ÂŸ -Excellent written and verbal communication abilities