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Kyle Newman - Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker & Alchemist

Helping individuals and organisations perform at their best and get the most out of their life and work

"Kyle is the sort of person one should always have in their address book. He's coached, helped and advised me over the years in both business and personal issues and made a truly positive impact. I truly believe that without his support I wouldn't be the person I am today - still seeking and attaining goals, and enjoying whatever life challenges come my way."
Jayne Wood, Managing Director, The Black Card Company

Hi, thanks for visiting my profile, I'm Kyle and I run the Beyond Companies. We provide a range of services to different client groups, but at the core what we're about is helping individuals and organisations bridge the gap from where they are right now to where they want to be, whilst simultaneously raising the bar so that they become able to reach heights that they didn't previously think were possible.

We've got a proven track record working with hundreds of clients and know what it takes to generate consistent results.

Our mission

"To inspire and make a positive difference to people and organisations across the globe - to help them perform at their best and get the most out of their life and work."

We believe that everyone is special and unique, and has the potential to be, do, and have more in their life.

Useful introductions/potential clients would be:

  • Senior level executives and HR professionals with budget accountability who are seeking to improve the performance of their leaders and teams.
  • Professionals who want to progress faster in the career or change career completely.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to blow the lid off their business performance and take their business to the next level and beyond.
  • Successful individuals who really want to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they really want to be. Who no longer want to just settle for their current lot in life and want make real changes, whether that be: improving their a family and romantic relationships, their health and fitness, losing weight, making more money or just feeling happier and better about themselves.
  • Ambitious, motivated individuals who want real financial and time freedom. Who want to have a way to provide for their financial needs and those of their family that isn't linked to how many hours they work. People who want to retire young or whose current retirement plan is going to provide the income they'd hoped for.
  • People who want better health, more energy and to look and feel younger and put the spring back in their step.

To find out more about what each of the businesses offer, please keep reading on, and if there is some synergy and you think we can help you, or vice versa, then please get in touch...

Move Beyond

Take your life to the next level

At Move Beyond we work with Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and their Families to help them move forwards in every aspect of their life, including their career, their business, their finances, their health and well-being, their relationships, and their overall focus, direction and fulfilment. We offer a number of specialised programmes in this regard. Our Programmes:

Don't settle for less in your life and work, let us help you raise your game and play full out!

"At the time that I sought out a coach, I was at a particular turning point in my life; I had a young family, had left full time employment about 2 years earlier, and was 2 years into setting up my own leadership consultancy. Coaching for me, was about finding a safe space for me to be me, and to reflect upon all the changes that had recently taken place in my life. A place for me to think concretely about the future, especially with regard to my hopes and dreams for myself. I certainly found a safe place working with Kyle and the level of openness and trust in our coaching relationship has allowed me to make some significant breakthroughs. Initially the focus of my coaching was more personal and as a result of our work together I am now more balanced, more focused, more confident, and have moved to a place where I now feel sure of my own capabilities and strengths and realise that really the future is there for the taking. These breakthroughs paved the way for me to tackle my next challenge - growing my business. The focus of my coaching programme shifted to business development and with Kyle's help things are now really moving forwards. As a result of the coaching I now have a stronger relationship with my business partner, clear business goals for the next 3 years and a plan to ensure that we make them real, financial targets and a plan to increase revenue by more than 50% each year - which I know we can achieve, and the confidence to 'go out there and do it'! I am consistently moving out of my comfort zone and doing things that I might normally have been 'fearful' of; seeing each new challenge as an opportunity for growth and learning, rather than something to be feared."
Viv Grant, Leadership Consultant, Integrity First, London

Beyond The Leading Edge


Developing individuals and teams for enhanced commercial performance

Beyond The Leading Edge is a specialist consultancy dedicated to helping organisations enhance their commercial performance by developing one of their most valuable assets - their people. The most innovative strategies, processes, and technology are only as effective as the people operating and implementing them and that's where we come in. We work with organisations to build on their current successes and design and deliver bespoke executive, leadership and team development programmes to create a collaborative performance culture and keep organisations at the leading edge. The result is a happier, more effective workforce driving the business and its' employees in a positive strategic direction, inspiring people into effect action, and yielding dramatic positive changes in both corporate culture and bottom-line results. Our services include:


  • Advanced Leadership Development - including the best in class 'Leadership Circle 360 Profile'
  • Team Performance Programmes - including the ground breaking Stellar Team Diagnostic assessment
  • Executive and Leadership Coaching
  • Facilitation and Training
  • Corporate Wellness

Clients of Beyond The Leading Edge and its associates include: Merrill Lynch, UBS, Ernst & Young LLP, Price Waterhouse Coopers , DLA Piper LLP, Deloitte Corporate Finance, O2, Kingsley & Napley, CPS (Crown Prosecution Service), Lloyds TSB Bank, Schillings, Sky, Riddle International, Ivobank, Meyers Norris Penny LLP, Tudor Capital, and BP.

"We were surprised at how much energy we had (and wanted) to put in to the day, yet still we came away energised and have seen long lasting impacts in the way we operate as a team. We got so much from the day because all members of the team opened themselves to the processeven thought this was sometimes challenging or awkward. Thank you."
Steve Burden, Director Corporate Finance, Deloitte, London.

Beyond Health

Building health and wealth

Beyond Health is a health and wellness consultancy that specialises in helping people improve their health, both physically and financially. We provide health and wealth education and top quality health products to help you achieve optimum health, wealth, and energy - so you can live and enjoy life to the full. Our products are second to none and include:

  • The No #1 Nutritional Drink, packed with antioxidants to help promote overall health and longevity, protect your body at the cellular level, fight oxidative damage and aging, and enhance your body's joint health by increasing mobility and flexibility.
  • The No #1 Anti-Ageing Skin Care range that delivers visible results in 24 hours! Not only are these skin care products and cosmetics derived from premium botanical ingredients, and free from harmful chemicals and animal products, but they are also formulated in Switzerland by the world's best skin care scientists and truly deliver outstanding results.

Adventure Beyond

Take the trip of a lifetime and transform your life

Adventure Beyond combines trips to some of the most beautiful, awe inspiring, places on the planet with transformational personal development programmes to create the ultimate life changing experience and help you re-launch your life. Each trip is carefully designed so that the destination and activities create an inspiring backdrop and a transformational experience in of itself. Then we add two of our first-rate coaches into the mix to inspire and challenge you and take you through a series of powerful learning and growth processes to ensure that you shift your life to a whole new level. There are a number of trips on the planning list including: Rafting through the Grand Canyon, Trek Maccu Picchu, the Ultimate Africa Experience, Trekking and Climbing, Skiing, Sea Faring Adventures combining Sailing and Scuba, and more... Can you help? I'm currently looking to make strategic alliances to further develop the Adventure Beyond concept, especially partners in the travel industry to organise logistics/destinations etc, and partners who can help market and sell the programmes and generate bookings. So if you know anyone who you think we should be working with, please put me in touch. Thanks!

Wealth Dynamics Profile - CREATOR / STAR (Extroverted) The Creator comes in two forms. The introverted creator is an inventor: creative, artistic, and able to multi-task on many new ideas at the same time. The extroverted creator is a pioneer: innovative but focused, creating not just products, but the businesses and marketing plans that will drive those products to market. Both are visionaries and motivate others by their drive. Successful extroverted creators are behind many start-ups and can be found at the head of high growth companies in high growth industries that require constant innovation to compete.
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The personal stuffÂ… I really believe that life is for living and I do my best to practise what I preach. Adventure scores high on the list and I love doing crazy stuff and travelling to new and exciting places. One of my biggest passions in this area is skiing, I could easily bore most people to death talking about it and I try to get between 3 - 6 weeks on the slopes every season. Off-piste, black runs and speed are the name of the game and I have been a rep for the Ski Club of Great Britain for the past 5 years. I also love climbing, abseiling, hiking, trekking, watersports, scuba diving and just generally living an outdoor life and connecting with nature. Travel is way up there too. New people, new cultures, new landscapes - I have an insatiable appetite for it. I have a thing about Africa and would love to see more of the continent, so far I have made it to South Africa (five times), Namibia and Mozambique. I get a huge thrill from seeing wild animals in their natural habitat and have had some absolutely amazing experiences both on safari and scuba diving in Africa - I think 'surreal' is the only way to describe them. In addition I have been fortunate enough to be able to make it to a large amount of Europe, including France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Turkey, and further afield to Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. Next on the list is South America - I can't wait! I have always been a very active person (you'd never have guessed - right!) and love sport - much more into playing than spectating though. Tennis is at the top of the list and I play all year round, at least once a week, and I was Chairman of Westside Lawn Tennis Club for 3 years where I used to play. I am fairly handy with a badminton or squash racquet too. I love to go for a good run from time to time and am blessed with having Wimbledon Common at the end of my street and only being a 10 min drive from Richmond Park - both ideal locations to get out and let loose. Somehow I still find time to teach a couple of fitness classes at the gym and throw a few weights around as well - god only knows howÂ… Living in London, I am also partial to living the high life now and then, and have been spotted in the odd trendy bar or restaurant sipping champagne and sampling their culinary delights. I also love to dance and am a big fan of the performing arts and musical theatre. On the home front, family and friends are important to me and I love getting people together and entertaining. I have a younger brother and sister (3 years) - they're twins! Andy who is outdoor guy like me and lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, so I make every excuse to get down there and visit him; and Michelle, who is an emerging talent in photography and lives out in Essex - you can check out her some of her work at My father passed away in 2001 and my Mum, Carol, is still going strong - hopefully for many more years to come. She has just transitioned into her 7th decade and is not thrilled at having got her bus pass - although I am sure she will still be zooming around in her sports car in 10-15 years time and won't be using it for a while! On her side we have a huge family as she is one of seven, all of whom married and had kids. We are a pretty close knit bunch and all get together every summer and every Christmas for a family gathering - if we manage to get everyone in one place then there is around 50-60 of us - to be honest I have lost count. Lastly, but by no means least, I love inspirational passages and quotes. One of my favourites is called 'The Invitation' by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. It has profoundly shaped my approach to life and to a large degree, I use it as my own personal life guidebook. I'd love to share it with you, so please click here to read it. Thanks for taking the time to stop by, I look forward to connecting with you. "The greatest danger for most of us... is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we achieve it" (Michelangelo) Kyle Newman Inc.

Skiing with Martin Bell - Vail, Colorado - March 2005
Feeding the Local Wildlife - Australia, January 2001
On Safari - Madikwe, South Africa - May 2005
La Famille - Michelle, Andy, Carol (Mum), and Me!

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