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What I'm offering Through my companies CREADEV and Creative Action AB I help small and medium sized businesses to become more profitable and successful, quickly and efficiently. Together, we continuously develop your qualitative competences, opportunities, markets and every imaginable area of your business. IF YOUR AMBITION IS TO DEVELOP YOUR BUSINESS AND CREATE NEW OPPORTUNITIES PLEASE READ THIS. When you are looking to change and improve, the areas you most likely need to focus on are: o Cash flow o Financing o Marketing o Sales activities o Working processes and systems o Keeping information current and adequate o Planning an exit strategy o Time and priority management o Loneliness in deciding and planning o Goals and visions o Profitability I work as a consultant at top management level. The company's three specialist competences are leadership, strategy, and tactics; these inform all the other business consultancy that we offer. We also have access to a strong global business advisor network with over 5.000 associates. What I'm looking for Business partnering, consultancy work, knowledge sharing, networking, identifying and setting up local agents/distributors for foreign suppliers. What I'm doing Owner and director of CREADEV with the aim and objective to bring to small and medium sized companies the most practical advice. About myself in general My whole working life I have been handling issues about how to create an efficient organization, how to make profit or more profit, how to take care of the human capacity and let the staff's know-how be a (perhaps) unexpected resource. I must say I really love it. It's a very exciting process to transform a bad financial status into a profitable one, or to help a successful business find even greater profitability. I'm goal oriented and like to see things happen. My practical approach is supported by a strategic interest in economic and organization theory. Together with this I'm also an understanding person. I think this is a very important part of one's personality, especially as a leader in a company. This means that I can help people get people back on track so that they realize their goals. Nowadays I'm working with small and medium sized companies as a business advisor. I'm an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business. This is a fascinating work to be able to help these entrepreneurs creating a profitable business. I'll do that together with my over 5000 colleagues worldwide, all with top management background. Groups and associations I´m member of: BNI Brf Liljan in Stockholm Odd Fellow Rotary Borgen, Stockholm Ratio research institute Stockholm, Sweden Skattebetalarnas Förening (Taxpayers´ Association) VD-stödet, Sweden I´m also Fellow and Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business Countries I have visited: create your own visited country map or check our Venice travel guide Lars Larsson Fellow and Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business tel: +46 70 239 98 19 email: Skype: lars.larsson2


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