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Director at Lesleywriter (a division of Inside News Ltd)


 What rocks my boat Words! I drive people crazy as I only spot the typos, misspellings and errors of grammar and I'm on a mission to ensure that the written word is presented in a way that is readable and easy to follow.

Helping people to deliver their message in words, whether written, on screen or on paper; as articles, in books or as speeches really makes me feel good. People tell me I'm good at this - but I find it easy and it's a delight to see someone else's passion become clear and vibrant.

I've spent the last few years focusing on writing - the best move I ever made, spending your day doing what you love is the only way to work!

The Businesses Lesleywriter My core business is a professional writing practice. I divide my time between creating webcopy for people who are whizzy at designing websites, but not so great at writing copy that keeps the visitor reading.

I also do copy for brochures, newsletters(electronic and hard copy), articles, press releases and marketing material of all kinds. I've even written business presentations for companies entering awards. The problem with much of the material that people create to promote their business is that it's internally focused - on what they do, not what the customer gets. In addition, designers are often completely unaware of how people absorb information on screen and on paper - it's easy to turn perfectly good messages into unreadable information.

Having studied HOW people read as well as WHAT they read, I work with designers to get my clients' messages across clearly. I'm on a mission to help people to get their message across in writing - and to write for their reader, not themselves!

We also edit non-fiction books and ghost-write for people with great ideas, but little time or those who struggle with the written word. We can also advise on the whole publishing process - in fact we can take you from brainwave to bookshelf through a number of steps. (See www.insidenews.co.uk)

Inside News What's a comcom? Company communication - much like a tomtom - it spreads your message far and wide! Good company communications work to not just save money, but actively make money for your organisation.

First class internal communications will enable your staff to deliver more, better, faster and happier!

World class external communications will put your organisation in the limelight - worldwide, if you wish. If people know you exist, know what you can deliver and can share your knowledge your advocates will increase, referrals will grow, client base will expand and potential customers will be aware. All this hits your bottom line - profitably.

As a start you might want to know how to keep people on your website so sign up to our information service to get regular short info messages stuffed with useful resources.

Books I've written 'Grow Your Own Achievers' published by How To Books. Plus 26 ebooks in the Hands on Management series - which are available from various websites including The Corporate Toolbox.

Personal stuff I've run a dual career path for many years before realising that writing was really what I wanted to do, so I'm qualified as a Human Resources manager and as a Performance Coach so have been a management trainer, consultant and a coach specialising in career block alongside the writing for many years. Previously I have lived in Dubai, (1980 - 1997), Benghazi, Libya (1979); Oostende, Belgium (1975); Hopfen am see, Bavaria (Germany)(1973); Cardiff, Wales (1976-1979); and the land of my birth - the Isle of Man. Before you ask, I don't have a tail or three legs!  

Out of work time I visit friends all over the country.  I have two grown up children - Elly  who is happily married and has two jobs - with the 3rd Sector as a PA and working with her tattoo artist husband as a laser operator, and Donovan whose passion is football and is qualified to FA level 2, but is currently working in Dubai long hours with no time off for football.  He migrated back to where he was brought up with his lovely partner, Sarah, in October 2012.

I volunteer as a presenter for the Essex Air Ambulance, helping with their written communication.

After 17 years living in a sandpit (Dubai), it's very therapeutic working next to the patio of my own garden where there are birds and plants and grass - but also the odd flying football from the kids next door! According to my Wealth Dynamics profile I like processes and systems - can't be wrong!

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