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Online Advertising With Banners Broker These days when you are running a business or a company you need to be seen on the internet. The Internet provides every business the opportunity to connect and provide information about the goods and services to new customers and existing customers. The problem for most business owners when it comes to the internet and their websites is ability to be seen. You simply cannot build a website for your business and expect that people will automatically find it on the web. There are many ways to get traffic and eye balls to your website. The most common way is to spend some time and money into Online Advertising. The Online Advertising Industry is an approx $108 Billion Dollar Industry in itself and growing approx 10% every year. Companies such as Google and Yahoo generate a lot of revenue from Online Advertising. However for some of us Online Advertising can be a hit and a miss and can burn a hole in our wallet if we are not careful. The most common and oldest type of online advertising is Banner Advertising. Banner Advertising is the simplest form of online advertising. Banner Advertising is paid for by purchasing a package of Banner Impressions. The cost of Impressions, mostly known as CPM, Cost Per Impressions, is the most common form of measure. A CPM rate can be from as low as $.10 to as high as $30 for a valued, highly targeted, high traffic website. Another form of online advertising is Pay Per Click or commonly called PPC. Pay Per Click costs the advertising a click rate on their text ad depending on the traffic of particular keyword that they have chosen. PPC campaigns can cost you thousands of dollars and little return of your advertising spend. Banners Broker - The Solution To Online Advertising Banners Broker offer a simple solution to the problems that face business owners face online with cost effective online advertising solutions. Banners Broker provide a robust online advertising platform that allows anyone to promote their business across over 150,000 different website publishers. The online advertising platform allows you to advertise broadly if your products have a world wide audience, or your business is country specific and you want to target a selected country. You may even have a business that is city or town specific and you want to target a selected geographic area for your business, well Banners Broker offer that option as well. The other side of Banners Broker is the ability to monetize Banner Ad Inventory. When you purchase Online Advertising Banner Impressions, you also are purchasing Banner Ad Inventory. Banners Broker will on your behalf, sell global online advertising inventory to advertisers which provides you the ability to become a publisher. When you become a publisher, you have to right to earn revenue as a publisher, just like other online publishers of websites. The revenue generated by Banners Broker will give you the ability to earn some great revenue on your advertising. Now that's REAL VALUE How To Get Started With Banners Broker Banners Broker is a membership based platform which you can only join as a member through an existing member of Banners Broker. The Banners Broker Pros Team can provide you with access to Banners Broker platform and can help you get started with a online advertising package and help you monetize banner ad space for you generating additional revenue stream for your business.