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HI ! Thanks for being here ! My name is Luiz Felipe Klein. I am a Professional Communication Researcher.Professional and Unique: My work consists in comparing and cloning Winner patterns (by cientific phonetical comparisons). With a very deep personal dedication I invest 30 life years to rebirth the ancient Greece names encoding. That's reveal the Real face about one of the most important ethernal Genius: Pythagoras. The mathematical approaches are very different from our conventional numerology. My idea presents proofs about the fact our names enhancing by special words choices. The name menaning is a reference...winn or lose depends on what we connect with our names. The system can mathmatically prove: The Forbes index best relations: And the worst events we ever had: That idea uses a giant multi dimensional Universe, started at 395 million possibilities and amplifyed to over 100.000 billion connections and more. I use a multi processor computer to make calcs and clone the secret winner patterns. I also make codifications to improve benefits to existent names, by selecting slogans, partnerships and all names Universe you imagine.
My mission is: Create Your Perfect Name Connection, Personal and Business Communication.
The Perfection Exists!
Milenary Winners have special connections... very different from historical losers. When You win many times, is like learning the walk process. Your mind will cloning the strategy, and can repeat that. But, mind can also use bad connections, and believe in it as "right"... You can Avoid bad connections, or be standing n constant Risk Think about: "Thinking without Learning... that makes us unefficient; Learning without Thinking... that produces the desaster"
Confúcio (Ancient Philosopher from China) So, the knowledge is good, but we must thinking by ourselves. The most important Truth about Yourself, I will reveal NOW: "YOU ARE BORN TO BE A WINNER"
That's Your mission. It's unfalible. You are part from a bigger project. The Universal Winner Stream will take hands about Your destiny!... think about, You are a Winner, there are thousend facts that You "forgot" to count... first, You are alive, the first and greatest Batle! As the master of masters, Shakeaspere said, "Life is a theater"... so, we can chose: to be an actor for ourselves , or to be our own life producer. 3 steps are fundamentals: 1. What You really are 2. What You really wich, give to the World 3. What You really can receive from others That singular Pyramid has movement, dynamic movement... we are all changing souls because nothing, note that: nothing is "static"... We are "insided" in a giant Universal movement plan. Feel Good... wich great things...for Yourself and for all people who are prepared to the best. Be positive...there are no crysis... there are fakes...and fakes must be ending. Look at that Thruth: "You are the perfection, created as a perfect image from our Creator... there are no limits for Your growing". Inspire Yourself: A bit about Myself... Education: Classic Music + Professional Photography + Meditation (India) = Free Entrepeneur My interests At these moment II invest in a multi level mind programm. The system is "embeded" by binaural technology, for "altered mind states". I'm electronic music composer, specialized in binaural mind sounds. We can manage our emotions and make better focus to our deals. Our brain can be our best friend to that. I search for: People interested in self development Business owners looking for create or analize their business names Business partners worldwide interested on represent our methodology Universities with study by distance / I am looking foward to have a partner to found my university of Pythagoras in Brazil and abroad New costumers , new students , new clients, Friends for a Life Stream Positive Ideas to make our World a better place Friends all over the World I Offer to you and your business
  • High Level Consultancy Lessons of Advanced Wisdom Marketing Names creation technology Courses and Lectures My new book Powerfull numbers
  • My works with binaural sounds (mind and body symphonies, please contact me for free samplers). My digital art works About our System: The "Alpha Omega Project" : Personal: Vocational number comparison The meaning about your name (simple) The complete meaning (30 aspects) The ultimate communication stream about your name (complex work, all menanings and all greates desires you have, all in a great work (consult please) Business Works: Business Name Creation (winners, Forbes sintax) Fantastic Slogans Creation (the same Nike x "Just do it" formula, for Your project) Product names (We have a list of winner names from past works, consult please) Franchising, Partmership and Business Projects (all, analyse and / or names creation) Make Your right strategy. You can be the leader. Languages English , Portuguese , Spanish , French, Italian and German

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    Contact me I will be glad to have you in my networking ! Portuguese Olá, Obrigado por visitar meu perfil. Meu Nome é Luiz Felipe Klein. Eu sou especializado nos estudos da Antiga Arte Cabalística Grega. Sou o fundador da Nova Ordem Pythagorica, venho estudando os métodos e números de Pythagoras desde 1970. Os Meus interesses são encontrar: Pessoas interessadas em auto desenvolvimento Empreendedores interessados em analisar e criar nomes cabais para o sucesso nos negócios Parceiros nacionais e internacionais, interessados em representar a nossa metodologia Novos consumidores, novos estudantes e clientes Ofereço: Consultoria Estratégica de Alto Nível Ensinamentos Secretos da Arte Cabalística Grega Análise e criação de estratégias comunicativas Criação de Nomes para Empresas, Produtos e Slogans Criação de Nomes Pessoais e Artísticos e Subtítulos cabais para pessoas Cursos, Palestras Motivacionais, Treinamentos de Lideranças Sistema Pythagórico de Auto Desenvolvimento Meu novo livro: "Os Números do Poder" Idiomas: Portugues, Espanhol, Inglês, Italiano, Frances, Alemão Sobre o Sistema: O "Alfa Ômega" da Cabala Grega é... - O meio de nos auto encontrarmos - A razão de nossa existência - O segredo além dos tempos - A chave da comunicação perfeita - O elo entre os mundos físico x mental x espiritual - A estratégia do Sucesso - O mais ousado mecanismo de desenvolvimento humano - A maravilha capaz de unir o Homem ao seu Criador Sobre o Mestre: Pythagoras viveu entre os séculos 6 e 5 antes de Cristo. Estudou na Grécia, Egito e Babilônia. Criou a mais memorável escola de ocultismo da antiguidade: A "Ordem Pythagórica". A memória de Pythagoras vive para sempre. Tudo o que possuímos possui raízes coligadas ao seu modelo de desenvolvimento. Os princípios da Ordem abrangem a liberdade para todos os seres. É direito de todo Ser encontrar o caminho da Luz. Este caminho prevê a capacidade de acesso a três níveis de fortuna: Riqueza Espiritual Riqueza Mental Riqueza Física Este projeto cria uma pirâmide de relações com dez dimensões. Cada portal nos permite ir mais e mais além. Há números gerenciando a comunicação em todas as alturas de nossa evolução. Me contate! Eu ficarei muito feliz em te-lo(a) em meu networking!