Manuel Marino




"Manuel Marino is a former artist who decided to strike out on his own after's copyright scandal in 2000. His studio, Marino Sounds, provides audio for game, television and multimedia projects at as low a rate as possible in order to actively encourage business from the indie scene. Projects such as Derek Smart's Universal Combat and the X-com inspired UFO: Alien Invasion gave Marino a certain kudos, and his current work on the Morrowind ITP (Italian Translation Project) comprises a further step towards the mainstream. "Being 'indie' is like being in a big family. I feel that other independent musicians and designers are my brothers, and that they deserve my help," he told me. He's enjoyed the game experience so much that he's planning to establish a full-time dev team." (Paul Taylor, Music4Games) Demo1 Demo2 Demo3 Demo4 Demo5 Demo6 Demo7 Ok, well, through that article and through my demos now you know a little about me. I can add that I'm an and that I help people finding their way in this awesome community. But there is much more to know about me... so be prepared, because from now on, you'll make an amazing trip... in my mind. Who is Manuel Marino? Manuel Marino is a talented composer trying to reach a very difficult goal: helping all the independent musicians and producers in the world, and helping them to understand, the importance of helping each other. Yes, we are all in a big family. We are artists, and we are special beings in this world. We are from another planet, we see life in a different way than "non artists". Why don't consider each other brothers? I had this idea after the copyright scandal. Yes, was the only company, in years 1998-2000, to really help independent musicians. After the copyright scandal no other companies really helped the Indies. So? So we have to help each other as in those amazing years of What does Ecademy membership do for me? What Ecademy does? Ecademy is amazing, fantastic... an awesome tool to make new contacts but also new friends... and new brothers. If I want to reach that difficult goal... well Ecademy is the answer! Who would I like to meet? Of course everyone! Probably everyone of the Ecademy members are artists and they don't know about it. Being artists means to see the life using symbols and not just "bread and water", I mean everyday objects and struggles. Ecademy members are dreamers, and dreamers are what is necessary to a society to jump in the next level of civilization. What would I like to talk to them about? About my experiences as artist, about my dreams. Dreams are so powerful you can't imagine. Dreams can change the world. And "non artists" can't understand this. What will they care about? I just want them to help me reach my goal. It is difficult, I know, all together we can reach it. ALL TOGETHER WE CAN REACH IT. LIVE YOUR DREAMS, THEY'LL BECOME REALITY.