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I'm a fitness instructor. Being the right weight for a man of 15' 6" and only a little over 1/3 that height I'm not your usual fitness instructor.

My clients usually invite me in because of these common reasons:

  • Not meeting decision makers
  • Meeting decision makers but not closing
  • Closing but discounting
  • Discounting and over-servicing
  • Working long hours but not keeping much money
  • Threatened family life because of long hours and cashflow problems
  • Recruting the wrong people
  • Trouble talking about money
  • Run ragged or drowning in busy work, time poor
  • Exit been delayed or expected cash-out cut

I'm obsessed with getting to the real cause(s) of my clients problems because fixing symptoms is malpractice. If you fix a symptom it comes back no matter how much sweat and cash you throw at it doesn't it? So there's nothing quite like finding the cause of problems that have troubled you for as long as you can remember, and the feeling of pressure lifting when you know you can fix these problems forever begins the process you will go through of learning to sell freely.

Assuming we ever get that far, I work with you throughout the years we will work together on your head, your gut, your internal scripts, your old habits and your beliefs. Why? Because they determine which behaviours you will turn into good habits.

I've spent the last 27 years failing in sales and in business in the same ways you probably are today because the list was what I used to have trouble with since I started selling or running my own businesses. So I have failed a lot ... and then I learned that deliberately practicing to improve meant I could help other people overcome and replace them to get the results that meet their full potential.

I'm obsessed with understanding why people buy, why we do things that are good and bad for us and how you can learn to positively influence your prospects, customers, team members, employees, spouses and children to make win-win choices and reach effective decisions quickly and thoroughly.

What we do is important work. We believe that to our core. Why? Because our clients tell us it's important to them. We help them put purpose right up there with profit. They work not for the money but because it is intrinsically interesting & satisfying. And because they have significant others to feed and clothe. And because they take pride in doing their best work and want to do more of it without having to keep the wolf from their door.

We understand that chasing cheques and prospecting for £££'s probably doesn't fill you with glee though they understand it needs to be done to feed their drives for success and significance.

So why "fitness instructor"?

Ever prepared badly for exercise and hurt yourself because you failed to warm up or use the right technique? I help companies and individual salespeople take their fat, flabby processes and bad habits and turn them into lean, efficient, predictable selling professionals who hit their numbers and sell, even in tough, crowded markets and depressed economies. We help our clients to:

  • Sell more
  • More often
  • To more customers
  • For more money
  • More predictably
  • Consistently

That's why you MUST NEVER do the following if you want to succeed in your selling:

  • Never sell using features and benefits
  • Never present
  • Never qualify
  • Never close
  • Never handle objections
  • Never justify or defend
  • Never give a unilateral presentation
  • Never unilaterally write a proposal
  • Never give unilateral concesssions
  • Never answer an unasked question
  • Never paint yourself into a box

And perhaps, if your curiosity is piqued, you'll recoil at the idea that you MUST:

  • Always be negative
  • Always make sure they're the smartest person in the room
  • Always get your customer to do all the work
  • Always have the customer close themselves
  • Always have your customer surrender the order
  • Always try and get the customer to say no to you
  • Always say no to your customers

Call To Action

If you are ready to ask someone who can help you for their support because you're struggling with selling, closing, getting full fees, keeping your pipeline full, or stuck with procurement, buyers lying to you or sales stalling, then why not pick up the phone and call me to discuss whether you can fix these problems forever. You can call me now on 07515 937221or perhaps you prefer find 10 minutes to speak out of hours if you're up against time.

Who knows if it will make sense to you to meet to talk further? My groundrules are that if either of us isn't OK to move forward, we can end the call there and part as friends. We will play with a straight bat, talk frankly and honestly. And we will never leave a meeting with a wishy washy next step that leaves either of us confused.

Or you may prefer to email me mcauchiATsandlerDOTcom.

PS.    3 Management Myths

  • Rewards drive wanted behaviour
  • Penalties prevent unwanted behaviours
  • Facts are effective at convincing people to change their behaviours and habits

These are all right ... and they're wrong. Knowing when, can save or earn you a fortune. So when do they really work and work over the long term in your world? If you are using extrinsic rewards like bonuses, commissions to encourage higher performance of creative or cognitive tasks you will probably reduce productivity and decrease results! If you use extrinsic rewards to drive up mundane, repetitive tasks you will probably increase production but then the rewards you put in place will probably become less effective over time and end up costing you a lot more! But be careful ... because extrinsic rewards can corrupt integrity and encourage unwanted behaviour and sharp practices too - Enron, MP expenses, 2008 Economic Crash. Hope that link made the point .....

If you fancy arguing about business, selling, why your business sounds like everyone else in your market, what the purpose of marketing is, management, business ethics, systems, referrals or what makes people tick and reach their full potential, please drop me a private message or an email and we can share ideas, joust or disagree completely. I love learning and I am thick (skinned) enough for my friends and clients to tell me the ugly truth without causing me offence. But I am most definitely not for everyone .....


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