Marcus Ubl





Entrepreneur, COO and CTO with extensive experience in technology, design, systems and marketing.

I believe we have entered unique times since the advent of fast internet, powerful computing, and fast/affordable inter-continental travel. It's now possible for small groups of people (sometimes not even in the same locality let alone time-zone) to collaborate and develop what starts as an idea into a thriving business, sometimes globally. I think even today, we are only seeing the very beginning of the implications this will have on all of us and how we work in the future. Based on this I have developed along with my business partners, several ventures that are designed to assist business owners make their businesses more visible, profitable, fun, connected and fulfilling. Some of the ways we deliver this is through books, products, live events, exclusive training programs and promotions.

Specialties: Finding ways to get the most benefit from Technology within the organisation Design specialist - Branding, collateral etc Systems design - Developing and optimising processes Product creation - Design through to sourcing manufacture