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Hello there, welcome to my profile, last updated on October 20, 2010. My name is Margriet Guiver-Freeman. I am Managing Director/Owner of Guiver Freeman Ltd, based in Ede, the Netherlands and I am a Business Mastercoach®. I live in Amersfoort. Our company, Guiver Freeman Ltd, supports entrepreneurs who are not satisfied with the results of their company. We help them to define and organise their vision and goals and then to set up their business in a way that matches their personality, so that they • Achieve better results, • Can lead a more restful, balanced and happier life and/or • Become more pleasant company for their surroundings - at work as well as in their private life! Our clients are large and small enterprises, societies, foundations and institutions in the Netherlands and abroad. We are especially, but not exclusively, specialised in professionals and professional organisations. Many of our individual coachees are 'highly intelligent' or 'highly gifted'. We have wide practical and strategic experience and a great deal of knowledge of modern developments and techniques. We are very experienced in successful change or transition management. We combine general business and change management, human talent, solution oriented coaching and internal communication - coupled with a good sense of reality and decisiveness. Our website ( is always worth a(nother) visit. You are welcome to join the mailing list for our free bimonthly newsletter ZakenDoen or the e-zine SOCdoc (both in Dutch). Guiver Freeman has associate ties with a number of high-quality specialist enterprises in specific fields related to the company's activities. These associates have joined a network called 'Het Strategiecollectief' ('the strategy collective') and together offer every service imaginable (generalist or specialist) in the wide area of general business management in the Benelux. The centre of this network is a co-operative. Get the knowledge and experience of a huge consultancy without the overhead expenses associated with a large firm! Call me with your question and I am sure to find you the answer, or the right person to solve your problem. As to myself, I am an experienced and successful change manager and business coach. I am realistic and pragmatic with a good theoretical background, a result oriented people developer, motivator and coach, when necessary a strong project or team manager and always a networker. I am bilingual English/Dutch and also speak French and some German. My main aim is to guide my clients to clear business goals and then to coach them in the realization of these goals. This often involves aligning the business and production organisation and personnel. I am a recognized HR expert, a Member of Merit of the Dutch professional Institute for HR and Organizational Development, an accredited business adviser as well as an accredited Insights Discovery® Practitioner and a Mastercoach®. I chair or sit on advisory councils for the Strategic HR degree courses of three different universities and I have written some 12 books on HR and business subjects, one of which was voted the best HR publication of the year in 2001. My writings are always in Dutch and mostly done at the request of the publishers. My latest book is 'Competent Personeelsmanagement' - ISBN 978-90-5931-191-6, a book aimed at students of Personnel Management at MBO and HBO-level. In 2009 my company became the publisher of a series of very practical e-books that 'answer the questions of owners or managers of businesses'. Some of the books in the series are written by myself, others are authored by fellow-business owners with all the specialist knowledge needed and the skills to write in a practical fashion. Check the series out on! That was the business side of things, here's the more personal me: I am married (have been for 35 years) to Martin, but we live apart. We have two children: Ann and Stephen, both grown-up and with great partners. So grown-up in fact that we also have three grandchildren: Elise, Ralph and Nick, who love to surprise us with creative products and interesting telephone calls. In case you're wondering about the English names - we have a British background, but met in Eindhoven in 1973 (in the Trafalgar pub in the Dommelstraat) and have always lived in the Netherlands since. In my work I cover most of the Netherlands and sometimes Belgium and the UK as well. I meet my clients in their own workplaces or in 'neutral' places, in my home in Amersfoort, or at the 'headoffice' in Ede. I can also make use of my brother's office in Valkenswaard. I also give workshops in my home in Amersfoort. When I was younger, I experienced great support from two important mentors. This has made me aware of my own social responsibility and I act as sponsor, mentor or coach for students and newly graduated professionals, whenever I can. Over the years this 'target group' has been expanded to include people newly arrived in the Netherlands, many of them asylum seekers, and other people for whom it has not been easy to find a suitable position in the Dutch labour market, for whatever reason. And here we get back to the business side, for I charge substantially lower fees (which I call my 'socially responsible tariff') to clients who demonstrably invest in either internships, work experience places, jobs and training for youngsters who need help in obtaining initial qualifications, or youngsters who need a second chance after dropping out of the normal education system, unemployed people with little or no education, older unemployed (over 40, even over 65!) or 'newly arrived Dutch people'. I am also involved in Driemaal A ('Triple A'), a foundation that offers courses, specifically for SME-owners or managers and their employees at different levels. The courses consist of twelve modules each (one morning or afternoon per month). The courses are extremely practical, aimed as much as possible at the daily practice of the participants and they are taught at a location near the workplace. Do check out the website and contact me if you wish to know more: I hold positions on the boards of several professional institutes and other types of foundations. For some reason I often end up as the chairperson! Apart from all that, I am an avid reader - what space is left in our place is filled with books. Many on business topics, but I love good suspense fiction, too. Occasionally I have to 'release' a few books to make room for new ones. Ever heard of bookcrossing? It's a great way to network with unknown booklovers all over the world. See You can also find me on LinkedIn: I also have profiles on Plaxo and Facebook. Follow me on Twitter, too: or Thanks for your visit, do come again. Please note: I am happy to accept contact requests only if your profile contains your photograph! I do not connect with anonymous or funny (either 'strange' or 'funny-har-har') profiles!


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