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Maria del Pilar Diez Calderon

Maria del pilar

Diez calderon

Sole Trader at Sunlit, mdp



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I am a sole trader with network marketing: Hair care, personal care, baby&child, dental care, skin care, sun care, cosmetics, nutritional, weight management, body contouring, life&sport and household care. To join my team is free with an initial order of £80, an investment on your health at wholesale price. Caring about yourself and caring about the environment. I was born in 1962, in a beautiful town with a castle that resembles a ship in the sky, it is on the top of a mountain! The land over there is plain, dry and it's known to produce excellent cheese, bread and wine. And of course, human beings such as me. My life in England since 1995, mainly based in Surrey, has been dedicated to studying English, in order to develop my ability to communicate with the rest of the world. Whilst living in Spain, I had 8 years' experience as an accountant in a local, international, medium-size company, followed by full-time studies in Art. Since May 2004, I live among the beautiful Surrey Hills, and I hike, drive my car (I hiked for 4 hours, I decided to invest in a bicycle the journey took just about 45 minutes, each way) when I go to study, work and network. During 2006/08 I studied for an HND in Moving Image, 2008/09 at University for a degree in Art, the subject was Media Production and this first semester I studied at the same University with the same intention of gaining a degree in Art and the subject of English Literature. My entrepreneurial venture started in November 2005 and I am working on developing my own business as an independent distributor for a range of nutritional, personal and skin care products that are free from potentially harmful ingredients. I help people to set up a successful business and when you wish to know about my businesses, do give me a call on 01483 202581 or email diezcalderonatbtinternetdotcom I really love hearing from a wide variety of people, to find many with whom to stablish rapport, specially in business matters.

I support:
Digital Business Britain Manifesto

Books that have helped me in my way to clarify my ideas in respect of money:

  • The Artist's Way
  • Walking in this World by Julia Cameron
  • Unlimited Power by A. Robbins
  • NLP at work by Sue Knight
  • How to find the job you love by Nick Williams

Films I have watched and will watch again:

  • Almodovar Films
  • Dark Crystal (3 times)
  • Casablanca (4 or 5)
  • A Room with a View 1986. (Twice)
  • The Sheltering Sky by Bernardo Bertolucci 1990. (Twice)
  • A Desert (American Film)
  • A Woman playing Violin (French Film)

Places that inspire me:

  • The spring of a stream
  • The deep forest
  • A sandy beach opposite green mountains

Here's my life journey so far:

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Do give me a call on 01483 202581 or email diezcalderonatbtinternetdotcom I really love hearing from a wide variety of people, to find many with whom to have rapport, specially in business matters.

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