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The Online Personal Brand Marketing Agency. Build your personal brand online to attract your loyal fan base.

"Your personal brand already exists, maybe you didn't consciously create it, but people already have ideas about who you are, which is exactly what personal branding is all about." - Marieke Hensel, March 2008

Online Personal Brand Marketing. Getting you known on the Internet.

Branding Personality is an online personal brand marketing agency for real people, who need to become the go-to person for their added value in this world. I believe each one of us has a talent that is given to them to use for the best of themselves on this earth in this life. The world is growing towards a large and global market place in which we seem to have a huge competition in our field. Actually, we have a special talent that the world needs to hear about and is waiting for. When you type your expertise into Google, for example mine is online personal branding, you can find that you or your company is not listed in the first 10 hits, maybe not even in the first 100 hits, maybe not at all. When people are looking for your expertise online, they will not find you. As our world is moving more and more online, you want to be known online. Especially the global movement advances that we want to be known online, as it is the only place where we can always exist, instead of being in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo or Romania. We people, have the habit to always be on the move, whether it is walking a small distance or traveling a large distance. We can achieve that you become known online for the expertise that is YOU, for who YOU ARE. That people find you, want to connect with you and interact with you. If you don't have enough time available to work on your personal brand online, communicate with your people, we can get your message out to you, whatever you have to tell. We make sure your message is consistent with the image you want to be on the web. We only work with people who want to BE ONLINE who they are FOR REAL. We are not building a brand for the person that is not you. A strong personal brand is mainly dependent on two factors: credibility and visibility. If you have a large network, but people do not exactly know what your expertise is, we can help you brand your strengths and let people know what you do. If people really trust you and love working with you, but only a few people know you are there, we can really enhance your visibility.
Visibility + Credibility = Personal Brand

Marieke Hensel - Founder, Branding Personality & Online Branding Professional

Marieke (1979) is an entrepreneur with international experience. She chose for a life as entrepreneur to fulfill her potential and enjoy life to the fullest. Adding her value to people and companies to create freedom. Marieke lived and worked in the United States, Brazil and Romania. Originally from the Netherlands she is now launching Branding Personality, the first full-service online personal brand marketing agency in the United States. Marieke is an international published author on "How to Attract your Target Group Online" (Collaborative book: BusinessWise). Businesswise is the second best selling Business book on in May 2007. She started her first blog in 1999 and since then created an interest in online communities, online networking, search engine optimization, blogging and online personal branding. She has delivered numerous projects in this field. Marieke Hensel is also a speaker on the topic of online personal branding and delivers full day workshops in building your personal brand online. Personal Brand Statement: Marieke inspires creative entrepreneurs, like you, to find their personal brand message and attract a loyal fan base that bring in business to have the life of their dreams. With her enthusiasm and intelligence, she cares for clients worldwide to market their star power online and builds your name to fame!

Marieke Hensel - Family & Personal

I believe strongly, that being young, female and having children should not hold you back in business. My husband, Rutger (we've been married since 2000) and I have three children: Joep (8), Krijn (6) (adopted in 2004) and Pim (5). They are our future, and make our household an active, happy place to be. I hope to give our children the freedom to enjoy the pleasures of life and learn what their value is to the world by experiencing life and do what they want to do. We live in Buena Park, Orange County, California (near Los Angeles), and we have a business visa to stay in the US. I am focused on gaining personal growth for myself, my husband, my children and other people that I love or am connected with. I do this by getting inspired and putting thoughts into action. My husband and I have been homeschooling our 3 children, on and off, but now they go to a school that we really love. At the heart of the web are two important lessons about your career: You are your most important product, and everything about you gets more valuable when you use technology to leverage it. - Daniel Pink, author of FreeAgentNation.

Business Networking International - member

I am a proud member of BNI. BNI is the largest Business Networking Organization in the world. BNI offers members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly business referrals. My Ideal Client: A self-employed creative professional who has a profession that has unique elements and wants to stand out. My Best Referral: A marketing or webdesign company, that wants to offer personal internet marketing services to their clients. My BNI Story: In the first five months of my membership I already got more than $10,000 worth of business through the power of BNI. :-)

GAINS profile

Goals: Build a successful personal marketing company and work for clients worldwide. To become the top Personal Marketing company. Accomplishments: I have received lots of media coverage in The Netherlands, on national radio, tv, and many magazines and newspapers. I have set up an IT company in Romania in 2005 with the help of Ecademy members. And my biggest accomplishment is my great marriage with 3 sons who are 5, 6 and 8 years old. Interests: Settlers of Catan, synchronized swimming, networking, playing with my kids, reading business books and exploring all the newest web applications online. Networks: Ecademy, LinkedIn, Facebook, Plaxo, Xing, Womenontheweb, LinkedInPowerWomen, LinkedInBloggers, Meetups (blogging, seo & internet business related) and the Dutch (expat) community in Orange County. Skills: Visionary, focused, networker, strategic, gets things done. Highly developed online skills: seo, blogging, online networking and generating business online. I speak Dutch, English, Portuguese and html. ;-)

How to contact Marieke Hensel & Branding Personality

Telephone: +1 877 747 FAME Email: Web: Blog: Twitter: Hensel Skype: mrkhnsl


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