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Helping public and private organisations deliver "More for Less" using a refreshing approach based on Strategic Thinking, Lean and Change Management concepts. For more information call +44 (0) 870 446 1002, visit or email Thanks for visiting I would like to welcome you to my profile and I welcome approaches from people who already have established relationships in healthcare, manufacturing or local government and are looking to partner with Amnis for mutual benefit. About Amnis (from our homepage at Change is one of the few constants in today's economy. For organisations to retain competitive edge and operate efficiently and effectively in the face of such change, transformation is essential. Amnis specialises in helping organisations to successfully navigate through complex transformation programmes. We help commercial and public sector organisations identify and implement the changes necessary for success. Practical, pragmatic and hands-on in our approach to implementation and training assignments, we have an enviable track record. We have worked with a wide variety of household names, including the National Health Service, Ministry of Defence and ASDA. Our clients' enthusiasm for the value we deliver is illustrated by the fact that over 85% of our new business comes to us by referral. About me I suppose because of the work we do with complex systems and teams, I am fascinated by complex topics such as Paleoanthropology (the evolution of human beings), Astronomy (the lifecycle of stars, planets and galaxies), Cosmology (the history and mathematics of the universe) and Psychology (what makes individuals individual). I am proud to be a Chartered Engineer having started my working career in the defence industry as a engineer designing missile seekers (the intelligent bit of missiles). Subsequently I held a number of senior positions in blue chip manufacturing companies. Latterly I was director of consultancy for a trade body and ran major publicly programmes funded by the DTi (now BIS) and DfES (now DIUS) as well as for a range of Regional Development Agencies. My work in transforming manufacturing companies led to me being awarded the Viscount Nuffield Medal in 2004 for my contribution to UK Industry. In terms of my professional qualifications, well I'm a Fellow of the IET and the IOM and have a BSc, MSc and MBA. During my MSc I specialised in Concurrent Design & Engineering and during my MBA I specialised in Creativity & Innovation as well as Finance & Marketing. About the growth of Amnis Since 2005 Amnis has grown from a small group of enthusiasts into a medium sized service provider working within healthcare, manufacturing, distribution and local government to help them improve performance and significantly reduce costs, and our success has fuelled a 70% growth in our business year on year. 9 Things about me you may be interested to know * I was heavily involved in establishing the DTI's Flagship Programme for supporting manufacturing improvement and was awarded the Viscount Nuffield Medal for the resulting improvements within UK Industry. * After some fifteen years leading transformational change programmes in manufacturing I spent almost a year working with the RAF helping improve operations, costs and effectiveness of Chinooks and Tornados and have now spent almost six years working with healthcare and local government organisations. * I am a Fellow of the IET (Institute for Engineering & Technology) and was Chair of their Manufacturing Professional Network from 2006 to 2009 and was on their manufacturing executive, as well as the equivalent body for the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. * I led many major publicly funded programmes including flagship national and regional support programmes for various Regional Development Agencies and Government Departments. * I have had over 50 articles published in a mix of professional journals have made numerous appearances on local and national radio and TV, including BBC News 24 and BBC Radio 4 discussing Lean, organisational culture and productivity. * I was once on the TV Game Show '15 to 1' and was the first person knocked out after my first question was 'What do you call the mating ground of a Penguin?' and I answered 'An ice-berg' and was then laughing so much that I misheard the second question. * I am currently studying towards a degree in Astronomy as a hobby.......although sometimes I wish I wasn't given how busy I am with my day job...... To find out more either send me a message on Ecademy or visit our website ( You can also get some feel for the type of work we do by downloading some of our articles and guides. * Rising to the Challenge - A guide to introducing QIPP in the new NHS. * Optimisation & Transformation for the Public Good - an article on Lean in the Public Sector. Visit our library for even more downloads.


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