Mark Hutchinson



CEO at Anaeko Interactive


I’m a business process specialist, I help businesses make or save money through process improvements and the various technologies that support processes.

I work with business owners of small and medium sized businesses who are struggling with ineffective or broken business processes which often result in longer sales cycles, lost revenue, poor staff efficiency, lower profitability and an inability for business owners to quickly visualise where their business stands at any given point in time.

Many business owners that I speak with would like to have efficient & effective processes which add value to their business and will provide the greatest return in the shortest amount of time.

There are two things that separate my service from other service providers:

  • Firstly my team I have been working in this area for 18 years and have worked with Siemens Communications, Lloyds TSB Group, Aggregate Industries, Argos and many other  well-known companies as well as working with business owners just like you. We know what works, as it does in our business and in the businesses of those we work for.
  • Secondly we don’t just implement a solution we make sure it’s fully and willingly adopted, which is the area where most projects of this nature fail.

One particular company that we worked with recently saw an increase in sales of 17%, a 30% reduction in manual admin work, a 96% reduction in the number of incomplete/incorrect orders being processed, reduced the number of customer service requests by 22% and improved reporting from bi-weekly to real time.

All within under 2 months.

We only work on processes & technology that supports processes, nothing else. Therefore my clients receive proven, undiluted, step by step guidance on exactly how to have in place effective processes and the technology that they need to support them.

Because of this those I work with become more effective & efficient in all areas of their business which drives an increase in sales & profitability and overall business effectiveness.

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