Martin Dewhurst





Cover photo: Desert of Deserts, Dakhla camp, Algeria

Professionally I'm working full time on New Dawn, an international social responsibility and volunteering programme. Our core product involves the distribution of Sustainable Food Growing Kits, each kit contains seeds, tools and instructions, everything a family needs to begin growing their own food and breaking the aid cycle.

Socially ... I've spent the last 10 years focussing on the issue of poverty and learning about it's most potent antidotes. During this period I've built a strong and diverse international network of contacts across many disciplines and developed the foundations for a globally sustainable solution to hunger and extreme poverty.

Historically ... Since 1979 I've worked with numerous luxury brands like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Barbour, Aynsley, Spode, also landscape photography, specialising in fine art, large format images.

My Goals To connect the dots between UK youth and international development To help build international Eco schools for sustainability and solidarity To deliver a UK wide national curriculum enrichment program based on the Millennium Goals To enable all consumers worldwide to participate daily in social responsibility To empower displaced people worldwide with a self driven route to permanent food security To make a positive contribution with my life

Specialties Social Responsibility, Social Cohesion, International Development, Humanitarian Issues 

Favorite Books & Authors: Title, The Book of Balance Author, Yasuhiko Genku Kimura Title, Creative Visualization Author, Shakti Gawain Title, Think Kosmically Act Globally Author, Yasuhiko Genku Kimura Title, Built to Last Author, Jim Collins Title, Good to Great Author, Jim Collins Title, Remember the Ice and other Paradigm Shifts Author, Bob Nicoll Title, Ripples from the Zambezi Author, Ernesto Sirolli Title, Small is Beautiful (Economics as if people mattered) Author, E.F. Schumacher Title, Soul of Money Author, Lynne Twist Title, Tim An Ordinary Boy Author, Colin & Wendy Parry Title, A New Earth Author, Eckhart Tolle Title, The Little Book of Wisdom Author, The Dalai Lama Title, The Prophet Author, Kahlil Gibran Title, Personal & Global Transformation Author, Morel Fourman Title, Liberating the Corporate Soul Author, Richard Barrett Title, Leading People to be Highly Motivated and Committed Author, Ben Simonton Title, The 8th Habit Author, Stephen R Covey Title, E-Myth Revisited Author, Michael E. Gerber Title, Corporate Voodoo Author, Rene Carayol Title, Winning by Sharing Author, Leon Benjamin Title, A friend in every city Author, Penny Power, Thomas Power & Andy Coote Title, The Garden of the Prophet Author, Kahlil Gibran Title, The last hours of Ancient Sunlight Author, Thom Hartmann