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What started as a hobby for a 16-year old girl is now a flourishing business for a 33-year old lady. In California where Asian and European migrants flock; teaching English as a teenager was a good way to raise extra cash for some caboodles and gigs. After college, I did not need to be employed as I was earning triple than a normal employee. Instead of getting a job, I hired more tutors to help me out with the growing demand . In 2000, I got my first enterpreneurial break. That was to establish a tutorial center overseas. With a Korean friend, I put up a small tutorial place in an elite district in Seoul called Seung Pa Gu , while my home based tutorial center back home was managed by my mom. In 2005, I thought of adding another line into my flourishing career by putting up English With Mary Moore, an online institute that offers English teaching. To date, I am CEO of this company, managing about 75 teachers and around 3,000 students all over the globe. Through the years, I have developed student centers in Korea, Taiwan, Italy, Germany, Spain, Japan,Philippines, Russia, Brazil, Vietnam, Canada Recently, I founded Eagle-Lion International Foundation for the purpose of giving back to humanity what I so richly reaped for the past productive years of my life. MY LIFE'S PRINCIPLE: I am only one, BUT I AM ONE. I can not do everything, BUT I CAN DO SOMETHING. What I can do, I OUGHT TO DO. And what I ought to do (By the grace of God) I SHOULD DO. EWMM CREED: We believe that our words coupled with faith bring about results. By our thoughts we conceive great things, by our words we plant and reap great things. We believe that with our words we plant seeds, seeds of hope and not destruction, seeds of goodwill and not peril, seeds of love and not hate, seeds of joy and not depair. we speak LIFE! we speak PROSPERITY! we speak HEALTH! we speak SUCCESS! we speak PEACE into the company and in our very own lives! We believe in the unending divine provision, the cascading provision of LOVE and MERCY, the abundant fountain of PEACE and TRANQUILITY, the overflowing cup of SUCCESS AND BOUNTY. We believe that everything that our hands will touch shall prosper, we believe that we are the heads and not the tails, we belive that everywhere that our feet shall trod will be ours, we believe that we soar the highest heavens , we conquer the highest mountains! WE BECOME WHAT WE BELIEVE WE WILL BECOME. And so be it. BIO DATA: Name: Mary D. Moore Company Name: English with Mary Moore, LLC Title: President, Chief Executive Officer Published Address: Please refer to the company's website home: Business Phone: 1 (858) 633-0564 Cell Phone: 1(916) 848-5709 Preferred E-mail Secondary E-mail Address: Primary URL: Secondary URL: Type of Business:English and Speech Consultancy/ Lecturing/ Corporate Training/ Online Tutoring Major Products/Services:English and Speech Educational Services, Corporate Trainings Marketing Area:International Area of Expertise:Oral communication and presentation; Curriculum development; Public Relations, Management Hobbies/Interests/Sports:Scuba diving; Oriental painting, Cooking, Reading, Writing Education:Pursuing MBA, Cornell University MA, BSE English, San Diego State University Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication, San Diego State University Affiliations/Associations/ A Celebration of Women; Global Leaders of the 21st Century create your own visited country map or check our Venice travel guide

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