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I live and work in Australia. I participate in a number of social networking sites as a person who is knowledge thirsty and who only satisfies his thirst by sharing his knowledge for good use for humanity! In my experience, the more we share the more we gain. I have abundance mentality in realistic boundaries. I have been working as a certified Executive IT Architect in IBM Australia. Having been in the IT industry for 27 years; worked in a number of global organisations. In IBM, I support large customer accounts from various sectors as a chief engineer (or chief architect as some customers call me as); understand customer's requirements, pain points and expectations for the services we provide; translate them into strategies and macro designs. At personal level, internally or externally in my organisation, I only see partners (not competitors) in my profession. This means that collaboration with diverse range of professionals is my major focus and an embedded philosophy in my professional and social life. About my education and collaboration: I am a lifelong learner. I completed a number of academic degrees latest being a Professional Doctorate from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, a master's, a postgraduate and a bachelor's degrees before. I achieved Distinguished Certified IT Architect status by The Open Group. I obtained a number of vendor qualifications such as from IBM, Microsoft and Cisco too. These credentials disciplined, informed, and enabled me to reach out more expertise and establish high performing virtual teams globally scattered yet very efficient using leading edge technologies. I am a member of a number of professional organisations, some leading ones are the British Computer Society (BCS) and Institute for Engineering and Technology (IET) in the UK. I share my formally established knowledge by publishing in industry, scientific and academic journals. I also provide my personal views in online forums, blogs and clubs. My key research interest areas are emerging technologies such as nanotechnology; molecular economy, mass collaboration, technical strategy, transition and transformation projects, collaborative research for innovation through virtual teams, tacit knowledge transfer, informal learning, virtual networks, open computing, dynamic infrastructure, service oriented architecture, and self healing systems. My professional expertise includes topics such enterprise architecture, systems engineering, business component model, services science, business continuity, disaster recovery, performance and capacity management, infrastructure design, technology planning, automation and setting global standards. I cover breadth in technologies, applications, tools and processes whilst depth in a number of key research interest areas. Why am I here? I am passionate for enlarging my network as one of my interest area is mass collaboration for innovative global solutions for commercial, non commercial and academic purposes. Sharing my knowledge and learning from others are very important to me. One of my expectations is to co-author academic papers and co-present in conferences in various areas with like minded colleagues. I always consider business value of knowledge therefore I expect to learn useful hints from the entrepreneurs here. You are welcome to join in and provide input to my thought leadership clubs here. I share my ideas in my blogs and will value your feedback and contribution on my blogs. You can find my social networking activities from Google. My recently published papers in peer reviewed journals: - A Layered Security Approach for Cloud Computing Infrastructure - Governance of Information Security Elements in Service-Oriented Enterprise Architecture - Technological Trends and their Impacts on the Virtual Teams' Learning in the IT Workplace -An Integrated Virtual Ethnographic Study: Use of Computerised Social Networks to Transfer Tacit Knowledge for Mass Collaboration in the IT Workplace -Issues in User Generated Content Process and a Proposed Model to Solve them -Semantic Access Control for Corporate Mobile Devices [in Springer LNCS] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My time zone (Melbourne, Australia): ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'd like to highlight that on this site, my discussions, views and opinions in my blogs, groups and other forums are only my personal views and they do not represent or reflect my employer's views, opinions or policies. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 14/2/2009 onwards visitors: free counters -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------