Mel Baxter-Smith




Hi I'm Mel From Taunton SomerZet! My name is Mel, and I live in Taunton, SomerZet I belong to our local Breast Cancer Support Group here in my local town of Taunton. I suffered from breast Cancer several years ago, but am now fighting fit. I have had a broad career background of providing service to the public. I was an Air Stewrdess for 10 years, and my claim to fame is ... I was recently a TV Presenter of "Girl Talk" - an afternoon chat show on our Local TV Station here in Taunton. I have been involved in Network Marketing now for about 15 years. I would love to pass on any knowledge I now have to help others to help them succeed in whatever business they are involved in. Thank you for reading a little about me, if I can help anyone in their quest for success then please get in touch. A bit about what I do. I run two Online Businesses ... The first is called "FantaZ" ... FantaZ is the ultimate gaming destination where you can play online games for free or win cash prizes. You can also turn it into your very own business by inviting people and earning commissions and bonuses as a ZBO (FantaZ Business Owner). And, if you are a game developer or a celebrity, FantaZ offers even more opport...unities! FantaZ is officially in the public beta....sign-up and test the site out ! you have a unique opportunity to join ahead of everyone else simply by signing up now. It's free, there's no obligation, and it secures your position when FantaZ goes live. More so, if you sign up as a ZBO, you'll be able to share custom links with your friends that will automatically make you the sponsor of everyone that clicks on the links. So what are you waiting for? Get a head start. Sign up now for free! @ My Second Business is called "Staged" I think you will like this, a friend of mine introduced it to me ... A Fantastic New Tool to help YOU build YOUR Business. I am using, it's awesome ... just click on the Link below and watch the short video that tells you everything. When you get into the link above if you look to the right of the page you will be able to see the videos I have put together, so simply, using this Tool ... You'll love it ... Enjoy ! As an example here is one I did earlier for my FantaZ Business If you like what you see just click on one of the Stage banners to get one like mine, after all Staged is Free to Join Staged also offers a Business Opportunity Check out the video for full details ... My Very Best Regards Mel Baxter-Smith FantaZ Business Owner ( ZBO ) +44 (0) 1823 337 670 Email @ Get Paid When People Play Games @ "Staged" ... A Brilliant New Marketing Tool @