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To all, a warm ALOHA, and many thanks for sharing your time with me :-)

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Testimonials Fran and Rowena [ 6-Dec-08 11:13am ] Melinda is a very caring and sharing person. We are happy to have met her on this business networking site. Melinda - thank you for everything you have done to welcome us, and help us!-Fran and Rowena, Dilbeck Realtors ,Southern California Real Estate Zahir shamsery [ 5-Dec-08 2:45pm ] Dear friend Melinda, Thank you very much for your kind co operation. It is my honor to be a friend of an Author. Honestly, it is a grate honor.Surely I am here in Ecademy for business but simultaneously looking to different people from different culture, faith and professional vertical.Friendship is one of way to remove hatter from mankind's mind. I am not author, I can not express my honest feeling, I wish to read and learn. Communication can play a great role to make the world friendly. A true friend can do a lot for other friend. Here is my primary e mail address : Wish you will mail me. Kind regards, Zahir Andrew: Loverock: [ 4-Dec-08 9:16am ] I can only echo all of the testimonials above, you are a very talented and generous lady with an approach to networking that we can all learn from. Thank you so much for the time that you have spent helping me to find my feet here at ecademy. Somehow after little more than a week, I already consider you a friend. Rickie Scott [ 4-Dec-08 8:27am ] I am delighted to be associated with Melinda, she comes across as a very gentle, considerate lady who has ideas about what she's looking for. She will find it and be succesful with it, whatever it may be. Mar$ Music [ 3-Dec-08 9:45pm ] Melinda is a warm, welcoming and excellent networker! Mar$ Pascal Paturel [ 3-Dec-08 9:08pm ] Thanks for your warm words lady. My pleasure. Pascal Vincent BARBEROT [ 2-Dec-08 3:08pm ] Melinda, Thanks a lot about your wellcome message. You are a real business partner. Thank you Melinda. Mr Sajid Hussain PhD [ 1-Dec-08 10:20pm ] Ecademy network has some great peoples and i was thinking that where did disappeared that great peoples, because it seems great peoples are angry with me, am i right Melinda dear? its long been i have heared you dear , please dont go away because i love your thoughts and you as wel Sajid S'Roya Rose [ 1-Dec-08 8:40pm ] Melinda is a warm and welcoming lady who offers proffessional advice willingly to help others. I found her advice to be kind, sound and considerate. I look forward to hearing more from her and about her good work on the planet. Best wishes and kindest regards from S'Roya Rose Arunagiri N [ 1-Dec-08 1:50pm ] Melinda is a perfect networker and a true ecademist Jeff Cavender [ 28-Nov-08 10:58am ] From the first day I was invited to this site Melinda immediately offered her help with the navigation of this site, she has to be one of the most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! I am positive that she would be an great asset to any business she so chooses. I consider Melinda to be my friend and I thank her for the testimonial she wrote for me. All my best wishes, Jeff Cavender Roger Peterson [ 27-Nov-08 9:05pm ] What a wonderful person. I connected with her and them was immediately offered her connections who all connected. I thank her very much for moving my experience forward on ecademy. Roger Peterson Togo Kurien [ 27-Nov-08 3:56pm ] All the best to you Melinda. Jemily Jose [ 27-Nov-08 3:23pm ] Melinda has been great to network with. I appreciate your warm welcome into the network. Rgds Jemily Rajeev Jain [ 27-Nov-08 1:13pm ] All the best your upcoming book Antonio Deli [ 25-Nov-08 12:42am ] What we can say about Mrs. Melinda Sorensson? How do we recognize a good networker and is she good networker? How do we find if we like to co-operate with her? What has changed as a result we met her... Melinda has the power to influence the flow of energy in e-cademy. She just blow in your profile and your attention takes other direction. Melinda is the strong wind. Sometimes too strong to really know her. We exchanged some messages, but i never felt we got in to the contact. She was always out of my point of view, she is hidden. We can not meet her actually, we can just wait till she comes out and try to make a connection. Than we will discover all answers for our questions from the beginning of this testimonial. Mark Robinson [ 24-Nov-08 4:55pm ] Great networker to connect with!! I appreciate that you accepted my request Please do let me know if I can be of any help to you. Kind regards, Mark David Thomas [ 24-Nov-08 11:18am ] Your just Great. Thanks for everything. Peter Shaw [ 24-Nov-08 11:15am ] Thank you so much for your kindness and welcome Amanda Woodward [ 24-Nov-08 12:51am ] Melinda..... what can I say, you bring tears to my eyes! Ecademy is very blessed to have you as a member as is each person with whom you come into contact Love, Light & Blessings Babe...... from all directions!!!! Amanda Global Gold UK [ 23-Nov-08 4:47pm ] Wonderful warm welcome, great tips, open, honest, and very sweet! She took the time to write and then reply back with more helpful ideas, suggestions and hints... Someone to appreciate. Thanks Melinda! Steven Sonsino [ 23-Nov-08 11:38am ] I met Melinda as a High Yellow - and then she responded promptly and warmly and with many useful hints and links for me to follow up. Fantastic. Thank you Melinda. Marzena Melby [ 23-Nov-08 11:26am ] I appreciated Melinda's warm message with very helpful suggestions. Fabulous lady! Colin Schwingen [ 23-Nov-08 2:00am ] Thanks for the invite Vipul Barot [ 22-Nov-08 11:29am ] Melinda is a very kind,helpful and very proactive lady.As soon as I joined Ecademy she gave me a tip to grow a network M really speechless about her nature though I would like to appreciate but I dont have enough words..... Mary Gee [ 22-Nov-08 12:44am ] Melinda is absolutely one of the best contacts in this entire network. She is very supportive ,helpful, and caring of everyone.....and she is fun & enjoyable! You can't ask for more! Check out her profile...what a bright person! She will be one of your best connects! Mary Antoinette Young [ 21-Nov-08 3:21pm ] Melinda is such a kind and considerate person. She goes out of her way to be helpful. I owe her a lot.Antoinette Young Donald Teague [ 21-Nov-08 10:50am ] Melinda and I have just begun communicating at my business address. She is pleasant and enjoyable to communicate with and I look forward to networking with her in whatever way that we can. Judging by the other comments here - she will definitely be a great person to have as a contact. Donald Sabrina Christine [ 21-Nov-08 5:58am ] Melinda has been a great help. I appreciate all of the information that she's given me. Kudos Melinda.Sabrina Michael Young [ 21-Nov-08 3:13am ] Melinda has helped me make contacts by introducing me to her friends. She's been a great help! Harish Chouhan [ 20-Nov-08 10:38pm ] Thanks Melinda for the email and the tip. Yvonne Wu Author Assistant [ 20-Nov-08 10:40am ] Thank you Melinda for the contacts, it was greatly appreciated. Regards, YvonneW Robert Speed [ 20-Nov-08 4:32am ] Melinda Sorensson has been a great help in suggesting ideas that would help in my growth in Ecademy.She is a wonderful person with whom to work. Robert Speed Anand Majmundar [ 19-Nov-08 2:18pm ] I just responded to her focused, prompt, hard working and helpful messages. And in just a few communications, she had coached me in the fine art of graceful human networking. What is more, I was honored with a testimonial from her. Brian Meeks [ 19-Nov-08 12:23pm ] Melinda has been very kind to me. Since I am fairly new to Ecademy, and am very curious about its effectiveness, I created a survey. Melinda was nice enough to take a few minutes and respond. I very much appreciate her feedback. I can tell she is a warm and giving person and I would recommend her to anyone who asks. Luciano Cazz [ 19-Nov-08 12:54am ] Melinda is a special person. Intelligent, friendly, hardworker,willing to help other and learn whatever she need to, always.She is also an excellent mother. Im so glad to be in contact with this strong networker woman. Best regards Luciano David Gardner [ 18-Nov-08 9:46pm ] Hi Melinda, thanks for the connection I'm very happy to be on your network Sam Borrett [ 18-Nov-08 5:37pm ] I have only been in the ecademy a very short time and find Melinda extremely helpful and caring. A joy to know. SAM BORRETT Anneke van Baarsel [ 18-Nov-08 2:46am ] Melinda is a great person and a great help in networking. I am looking forward to get to know her better. A lady who cares! Filip Hamerlinck [ 17-Nov-08 9:13pm ] I am so pleased to have connected with Melinda. A fantastic Ecademist, a genuine caring person who is always prepared to offer support, ideas and try to help on both a business and personal level. Anyone to make contact with Melinda will be blessed in knowing her.She`s a dear friend ! Nina BEJENARU [ 17-Nov-08 7:01pm ] Melinda is a wonderful person! the best definition of a true networker. A friend and a guide! I'm so glad I met you! Mary Gee [ 16-Nov-08 12:32pm ] Melinda is such a delightful, kind, bright, beautiful, and fun person! She also continuously cares about others and is always willing to assist. Melinda is lovely and sincere. What a great connection! Merry Mary Marla Martindale [ 15-Nov-08 9:35am ] Melinda makes you feel so very Welcome and she offers her help if you need it. She also went out of her way to introduce me to other members here on the site, I appreciated it ALL so very much! She is such a warm and caring lady and someone I am so glad is in my circle of friends! Thank You so Much Melinda!! I appreciate YOU!! Coach Marla Francisco Salguero [ 15-Nov-08 6:04am ] Melinda you are great, thank you very much for you warm welcome. Balan Marian [ 14-Nov-08 10:55pm ] Happy to have you in my network Melinda. I learn basics from you regarding Ecademy. Best of luck, Marian shailendra gautam [ 14-Nov-08 10:07pm ] i rate here you good Simone Simon [ 14-Nov-08 6:07am ] Melinda, You are awesome!! Right there to welcome and help me. Thank you Noel Deyzel [ 14-Nov-08 4:45am ] Professional, Passionate, Strong interpersonal skills. Amanda Woodward [ 13-Nov-08 2:51am ] Melinda has been a great help to me in finding my way around this site. Made me feel welcome and that I had a friend from day one. Thank you Melinda, it's a pleasure to know you Dave Barber [ 11-Nov-08 10:19pm ] WHAT A STAR!!I I have been on the site for a while now but have unfortunately neglected it due to work committments; and yes, there are some great people to connect with. I must say however, Melinda made an approach and I duly responded and immediately got a meesage back offering me her help and advice, if needed; but more importantly an excellent tip regarding searching on the site. I just wish that all people in business were as helpful and open, the world would be a damn site better than it currently is. Thanks Melinda Regards Dave, The Recruitment Guru Don Goldwyn [ 11-Nov-08 4:44pm ] Very Responsive giving great friendly advice. More Humour Flash Vineet Singh [ 11-Nov-08 8:15am ] Melinda, I feel privileged to be included in your network. You have such an amazing background - a real life experience which is invaluable. Wishing you all the best. Vineet Raphael Louis [ 10-Nov-08 3:54pm ] Melinda A true humanitarian and spiritual woman with a heart the size of the Universe and filled with compassion. Dedicated to help others with selflessness. I am very blessed to have Melinda in my circle. Thank you Raphael Anne Martignon [ 10-Nov-08 4:06am ] Fast and professional responsing! Thanks for your kind welcome. I appreciate being in your network. Anne Bianka Wotke [ 10-Nov-08 1:08am ] Dear Melinda, thank you for your kind mail. I am glad to be in contact with you. Best greetings Bianka Pemindu Dassanayake [ 7-Nov-08 8:49pm ] A real networker and a gr8 supporter !!! Alex Pasmans [ 7-Nov-08 4:53pm ] Melinda makes you feel very welcome with her messages and I am happy to be in her network. Thank you Melinda. Alexander Padilla [ 7-Nov-08 6:22am ] Melinda greeted me immediately once I was part of her netwrok and gave me tips on using the system better. She is a good person to connect with. Alex Padilla Don Egnor [ 6-Nov-08 8:52pm ] Melinda was the first person that welcomed me when I came on Ecademy. After we were introduced I knew this was going to be a great networking and business opportunity space. Thanks Melinda, you are one of the best and I appreciate it! Don Egnor TFF-Mastermind Group Andrew G. Allen [ 6-Nov-08 7:22pm ] Glad to be connected! Imran Ahmad [ 6-Nov-08 6:52pm ] Glade to see Melinda. She is a positive and very helpfull networker. She guide me very well when I have joined this Ecademy. Shouaib Ali Sharieff [ 6-Nov-08 11:03am ] I am pleased to have made contact with Melinda Appreciative, Proactive, Responsive and Optimistic! I would very much recommend Melinda to everybody in Ecademy. - a True ecademist! Manoj Chhabria [ 6-Nov-08 3:55am ] Hey Melinda, I was new to this Ecademy, its you were the one who introduced me to Personalities like Musthapha, Gerrick, Thomas Power. I was looking very hard for contacts, but you made it easier. I really appeciate that and every one talking about you, yes you deserve that... Cheers, David Lau [ 6-Nov-08 1:46am ] Thank you Melinda for the advise you gave me when I first joined Ecademy, and warm welcome messages. You are a wonderful and helpful lady that I was happy to connect to. All the best. David Lau Debbie Gourley [ 5-Nov-08 2:56am ] A woman just like me. Doesn't think only of herself and puts others first. That's the success to business Melinda. Makes friends and trust first; the rest comes naturally. I love helping people. I have asked Melinda for nothing but she actively and openly offers her assistance. We need more people like this; it what makes the world go round. Good luck in all you do. Debbie Pascal Paturel [ 4-Nov-08 10:04pm ] Super contact, very nice lady, thank for your welcome. Pascal Hannah Thomas [ 4-Nov-08 4:29am ] Melinda was quick to offer tips and advice and put me in touch with suggested contacts. Thank you! Marian Paige [ 4-Nov-08 4:14am ] A warm welcome is always nice. Melinda's message was one of the first messages as a new member that I received. Thank you, Melinda! Hugh McGrory [ 4-Nov-08 3:15am ] Melinda is quick to offer good advice. She has a personality that communicates warmth, even across the coldness of the internet. Catherine Anastasia Fenwick [ 3-Nov-08 9:51pm ] Melinda welcomed me immediately and gave me confidence to build up other contacts. I think she is a very warm and positive person. Excellent contact ! Catherine Anastasia Fenwick. Brian Wright [ 3-Nov-08 1:46pm ] Thanks for the greeting and tips...and excellent intro ! Keith Hardesty-Newell [ 3-Nov-08 11:51am ] Melinda was the first person who made contact with me when I joined Ecademy. I was feeling a little out of my depth and totally lost. Her kind words,Advice and support gave me the boost I needed. Melinda is one of the reasons why Ecademy is a success. Once again Thank-you or Gracias muy amable. Keith Hardesty-Newell. Hotel Zamna. Derek Roush [ 3-Nov-08 9:14am ] Melinda made me feel very welcomed on the first day that I joined ecademy. Thank you for the tips, Melinda. Kashif Zafar [ 3-Nov-08 12:41am ] What a true Networker Melinda is.......... A+++. Recommended to all. Right after she is become a part of my network, she has been a great help with wonderfull and so usefull tips to use Ecademy more effectively and properly. Many thanks to Melinda for being a part of my Network. She is undoubtly one of the best Ecademist I have ever met. Kashif Paul Turaga [ 2-Nov-08 1:05pm ] Thanks for the invitation. Bula from Fiji. Patrick Wood [ 2-Nov-08 10:03am ] Melinda has made me feel welcome. She has offered her assistance and has been, kind, and helpful. Darag Rennie [ 1-Nov-08 9:00am ] Melinda has been warm and helpful right from the start. Darag Cheryl Wilson [ 1-Nov-08 1:49am ] Melinda has been absolutely wonderful in reaching out to me and connecting me with other people. I must say this could be very overwhelming and she has been more than supportive!! Thanks Melinda!!!! Ashoke "Ash" Bose [ 31-Oct-08 6:21pm ] It is great to have Melinda as a friend and advisor. She is very supportive. Malcolm Archibald [ 31-Oct-08 1:03am ] Hello Melinda. Thanks for contacting me. I'm fairly new to Ecademy so need all the friends I can get! Keep in touch. Malcolm rupert davis [ 30-Oct-08 11:00pm ] Melinda is so supportive and inspiring of others, going out of her way to connect me with people, promote my new york exhibition, and to stay in touch. Genuine, warm, and focused too. Great to know you! warm wishes, Rupert Valentyn "Capoeira" Varenikov [ 29-Oct-08 10:34pm ] Hello dear Melinda! Thank you very much for joining me on Ecademy ! You are a great networker and a very nice person. I would like to wish you a great success in all you do. Warmly, Valentyn Gary Sherwood [ 29-Oct-08 4:31pm ] A very friendly welcome - Thanks Melinda! Zulqarnain Abbas [ 29-Oct-08 1:40am ] Lovely, compassionate, warm, Very helpful and sensitively sensible - that's our Melinda with a professional's focus and a mother's heart. She is Just like i talk and discuss with my MOM,. I am the eldest son of her then comes SuperMAN! Wish her well. God bless and cheers - Mar$ Music [ 26-Oct-08 3:53pm ] Thanx, Melinda, I send you the favor back! Mar$ from Thank you for your welcoming! Mike Reed [ 26-Oct-08 7:12am ] Melinda was not only one of the first people to welcome me to ecademy, but has really put herself out to both make me welcome and give introductiosn that can help my business. She is proving herself to be a consumate networker and I really look forward to developing our relationship and - as someone who is very new to this type of networking - to learning from her. My thanks for all your help, Melinda. Best regards, Mike L G [ 24-Oct-08 7:00pm ] Melinda has the gift of exuding warmth through her writing. I am really pleased to be part of her network and am looking forward to reading her book. Lynne Søs Wollesen [ 24-Oct-08 5:15am ] I am most delighted and feel very blessed to be in Melindas network. She is such a warm, kind and initiative person, and help you in anyway she can. "Surplus" must be Melindas middlename Léon Mahieu [ 24-Oct-08 3:16am ] Thanks for your warm welcome Melinda. Also thanks for your tips, as a new comer I'm trying to find my way on ecademy, this will certainly help. Thank you for connecting. Best regards, Léon Ulrich F. Biele [ 24-Oct-08 3:15am ] Excellent and creative networkeress! Amy Li [ 23-Oct-08 1:39pm ] Melinda is so kind person. She would give her help to new comers like me when i know little about Ecademy. It is really my lucky to know her throught ecademy. Wish you all the best, Melinda. Yours sincerely,Amy Patricia Elliot [ 23-Oct-08 3:53am ] Melinda makes you feel very welcome with her messages and I am happy to be in her network. francisco morera [ 22-Oct-08 9:06pm ] I believe that everything has been said about Melinda, just take a look at all these incredible testimonials. I feel very happy that Melinda is in my contact list. She is a great communicator and positive energy giver and warm hearted lady , always willing to help others. Through this post I would like to have the opportunity to strongly recommend anyone to network with her. Ronn van Etten [ 22-Oct-08 5:38pm ] Good, because I encounter a real interest in the other person, right from the start. Can't say I have met Melinda yet, but i feels like I did. Arif Aziz [ 21-Oct-08 2:07pm ] I am pleased to be connected with Melinda. OutsourceBiz Debraj [ 21-Oct-08 5:00am ] Can touch you with her warmth. A helpful person with good thoughts and suggestions. Feel lucky to be in touch with her. Deepan raj [ 20-Oct-08 7:19pm ] Melinda - A sweet person with positive thoughts.I am glad to be connected. Philip Watling [ 20-Oct-08 3:08pm ] When I first came here I knew few people. The person who introduced me had sadly died and my account sat there doing nothing. Then along came Melinda. She suggested a few contacts and now they rank in the hundreds. Melinda is brilliant. A great networker and a valued friend Nina Craythorne [ 20-Oct-08 2:53am ] Melinda is a friendly, sincere networker with a positve attitude. Raina Kelsey [ 19-Oct-08 12:03am ] Really great networker.. Thanks for adding me!! Leny Ismael [ 18-Oct-08 6:33pm ] Indeed a great networker who has a big heart for everyone. I am so proud of you! God bless and more success! A big warm hug from the Philippines! Karen Herrmann [ 18-Oct-08 8:20am ] One of the first ones to welcome me to ecademy and offer helpful tips - looking forward to more! Karen Jon Hunt [ 17-Oct-08 7:47pm ] Melinda has been key to making my new experience of Ecademy both enjoyable and productive. Melinda is what I imagine the ultimate network contact to be - genuine, responsive, considerate, professional, helpful and supportive. As a result I have made excellent contacts that I know will bring mutual benefit. Kind regards, Jon Paul McCann [ 17-Oct-08 1:49am ] Melinda is an 'ambassador' for ecademy, friendly, helpful an enabler and connector simple, you need Melinda in your network! Gitte Lindgren [ 16-Oct-08 2:56pm ] Melinda Is one of thise people that you meet and feel lucky- She is very frindly and helpfull.She has a lot of knowleige og networking. If she is not one of your contacts, make her one. best wishes Gitte Lindgren Mark Norfolk Falconry Christian [ 16-Oct-08 11:45am ] Melinda has within an hour of me being here already given me a very warm welcome and sent me 2 contacts, If ecademy is full of kind people like Melinda, no wonder it is thriving.Thank you Melinda. Shelley Fishel [ 16-Oct-08 5:12am ] Melinda connected with me a couple of weeks ago and immediately put me in touch with a couple of other people so that we can all benefit from knowing each other. Thank you Melinda for being so helpful! Shelley Mohana Priya [ 15-Oct-08 12:17am ] A great Professional! Thanks for being in my network..! Guinness Collins [ 14-Oct-08 11:46am ] It is amazing how ecademy works, but it is even better when you connect with someone like Melinda. Professional, gracious and she works wonders on networking. It is truly a pleasure to be a part of her network!-Guinness Rik Schnabel [ 13-Oct-08 10:04pm ] Melinda is very quick to help - the mark of a wonderful person Quantity Surveyor Nick Garvey [ 13-Oct-08 9:50pm ] Melinda is an absolutly fantastic person, Thank you for your help and support. Marco van Barneveld [ 13-Oct-08 3:49pm ] Dear Melinda, Thank you so much inviting your friends to my profile! I will learn a lot from you how this network should work. Thank you helping the newbies! Marco van Barneveld Shyam Pyarauk [ 13-Oct-08 12:10pm ] Simple and warm hearted Avatar Melinda Murilo Miranda [ 13-Oct-08 9:20am ] Dear Melinda; Always a great honour to meet lovely people like you ! Fountains of success and happiness to you thomas richmond [ 13-Oct-08 6:52am ] Melinda, has a very helpful warm heart , an encourager as well. Carsten Jungløw Thessen [ 13-Oct-08 1:37am ] A nice and genuine person with a great hearth ! Dana Weekley [ 12-Oct-08 11:32pm ] Melinda was the very first to reach out and connect with me here. Her patient and relaxed manner was very helpful to me in getting started! The first line on her website is "We look deep within and figure out what stirs our soul." This is a moment by moment journey, and one that Melinda has written about in her book and obviously practices on a daily basis. Tim Smallwood [ 12-Oct-08 12:11pm ] Melinda has become a wonderful connection for me in just a short time. We look forward to networking and working with her. She is very pleasant and easy to work with.-- Tim Smallwood Stig Kristoffersen [ 12-Oct-08 11:54am ] Melinda is a very positive person which surrounds herself with friends and the willingness to share them with others. I wish her the best for her future. Victor "Wine/Olive" Oil Star" Marques [ 12-Oct-08 3:58am ] Vineyards lovely in that sunny days, Poor children don't have to pay... Our heart live up somewhere, Its Douro river always kind and fair! The sky is so happy and blue... We are great people it's true, We love you and we will share, You can touch the original land, big hug Melinda. Victor Sadie Murray [ 11-Oct-08 8:49pm ] Melinda - what a dynamite networking partner! I was introduced to Melinda late one night and within seconds of being introduced to her she was off and running in an effort to recommend several like-minded people to connect with me. There was nothing ad-hoc about her efforts, it was evident her suggestions were purposeful and thoughtful. Melinda is genuine "gem" as well as a network friend. I encourage you to connect with her and learn from her. Thank you Melinda, you definitely lead by example!! Sadie Murray 847-302-1379 Sadie Murray Chi-3 Energy - Feel it in Minutes! Last for Hours! Freelife - Live it! Annette Hoppmann [ 11-Oct-08 1:36am ] I am really really happy having Melinda in my network. She is one of the most marvellous networker I have ever known. She is kind, emphatic, humorous and she brings people together. It is very nice to know her. Thanks Melinda and please stay as you are! Annette xxxx Chabad de Jaeger [ 10-Oct-08 7:03pm ] Hello Melinda You are a beautiful woman.. and a great networker. Thank you for helping me to meet such nice people and adding me into your network... it has started to be a great journey and I am delighted to be part of it with all these wonderful people you so kindly introduced me too. Let your light shine with a glow all around across the seas and lands a gentle breeze she sounds as a target beam she stands for all to see or meet hear her words so sweet She is to all, one, who makes another tall SO glad you found me on the ecademy and set my course, so looking forward to meeting you in Barcelona in Feb 2009. Love and warmest SHALOMS Chabad William Hicks [ 10-Oct-08 4:01pm ] Melinda is warm, friendly, caring, and a great networker. It is an absolute pleasure to have someone so sincere as a part of my network. I'm looking forward to networking together. Waiting on pins and needles... William Hicks Rosemary Wooding [ 10-Oct-08 5:29am ] Melinda has been very welcoming to me. I am pleased to be in Melinda's network. Vojko Kalan [ 10-Oct-08 5:23am ] Melinda is kind person with unique view of this world. She can relate people in special way. I have feeling, that she has greater view to this world and she's able to relate and compare people in unique way. The recommendation links she sent me, are good and I communicate with most of suggested contacts with ease, wonder and joy. Thank you, Melinda Claire Bretana [ 9-Oct-08 3:24pm ] Melinda is one of the kind souls who helped me when I was just new here at ecademy. She introduced me to others and that got me going. Thank you, Melinda! Richard Norris [ 9-Oct-08 1:23pm ] Good Day Ecademite! If you need testimonials to ensure that Melinda is a phenomenal person to connect with, then read 'em all. Melinda delivers. As soon as we connected, she bagan to connect me with some interesting people with whom there are synergies. If you need further evidence as to just how helpful Melinda is, check out the size of her network. You do not get a network of that size unless you deliver. Melinda clearly has a big heart to help others. Thank you Melinda. Any time you need my help just ask. My network is your network. Be Awesome! Richard Gary Lahti [ 9-Oct-08 4:47am ] Melinda is a motivated networker. Thanks and keep up the good work! Jay Izso [ 8-Oct-08 11:51pm ] I am new to ecademy. Melinda really reached out. She offered sound wisdom and advice to help me get started on a particular writing project. I followed through and was more than pleased with the success. The most awesome part of my relationship with Melinda...she asked nothing in return. She had knowledge, she imparted it, and wanted to see me succeed. It is rare in today's selfish world to find people who are willing to give without an expectation. She has been a fabulous example of the type of person we all should want to be. I hope there will be a time in the future that I will be able to give back. Thank you so very much Melinda! Dirk Weeber-Arayatumsopon [ 8-Oct-08 5:32pm ] Dear Melinda, I just want to say thank you, that you were one of the first, to talk good to me, here in that community. It is difficult to be a white whale in a business ecademy. A white whale who searches contacts to help and might be seen just as a bloody money sucker. But your words were so good and like medicine for my hurt and attacked soul. I hope that you have further ideas which might help me. Anyway you are an honourable lady who I wish the biggest success in business. Buddha bless you with the best regards Dirk PETER JACKSON [ 8-Oct-08 4:08pm ] she has offered positive simple help and given me the ecademy location search Khalid Al Mohannadi [ 8-Oct-08 6:14am ] She is a great woman. Dennis T G Tan [ 7-Oct-08 12:35am ] Melinda is surely the referral lady of Ecademy. I am glad to have met her good friends on Ecademy. I hope that I can learn more of the quality of Melinda as she shared more of herself with me - She told me: never will she give up due to the lack of determination. I highly recommend Melinda to all those who value business networking and would like to have quality referring of their business to the other Ecademy members! Go all the way, Melinda! Love, Dennis Wesley Allyn Whittaker [ 6-Oct-08 10:44pm ] Melinda Sorensson is the epitome of a networker. I recently contacted Melinda regarding a teleconference project. I had been asked to recruit potential panelists. Although Melinda was not able to participate herself, over the next several days she recommended numerous people in her network, all of them outstanding candidates. Her efforts were nothing short of remarkable and will long be gratefully remembered by me. If we had a rating for "Super Good," Melinda Sorenson would most definitely merit that rating. Maki Kosaka [ 6-Oct-08 8:30am ] Whenever I am tired Whenever I feel lonely Whenever I feel depress Always Melinda comes up my mind... She is always on my side, gives me a lot of love. She always accepts the way I am. not only well educated, mannered, experienced woman also thoughtful, understanding, and full of love woman. Extremely great Networker, indeed. such precious woman. Love, hugs, kisses many bows maki Ulrike Aumair [ 5-Oct-08 11:21pm ] ..."Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."... Albert Einstein ...I count myself more than lucky to be connected with Melinda she is a very kind lovely soul and I would not hesitate also to contact her for any piece of advice - she has got the light many thanks, Melinda Beverly and Frank Peffer [ 5-Oct-08 7:03pm ] Melinda is a great person who is kind, thoughtful of others and has a good heart we are lucky to have her as a friend. She is supportive of our cause and charity. Beverly HorsesHealingHumans (Ecademy Group) Sandra Avilla [ 5-Oct-08 2:44am ] Melinda is an awesome networker she is very helpful and is always ready to help you network with others. She is a great asset to your network. Selchouk sami [ 5-Oct-08 1:59am ] Melinda Is great at connecting - she introduced me to George James of GLJ Homes within 2 days of joining ecademy. Thank you Melinda-Selchouk Shubhankar Rahul [ 4-Oct-08 7:11pm ] Melinda is a very Kind Nature and a well wisher, this adds to her professional and personal life and I feel she is very sincere & optimistic ready to support everyone, as well She has got dynamic personality as a Good Networker. I am lucky to have a Networker like you in mine contacts. Thanks & Wish you Good luck! Shubhankar Boris Martin Arnez Fernandez [ 3-Oct-08 9:02pm ] Is a great honor and a privilege to have the charisma and good will, a great person like you, after reading your estimoniales I was amazed and very proud to belong to your network. They say that the face is the mirror of the soul and certainly you Melinda is that phrase is a great truth, you have a heavenly smile, and that is so beautiful, if some day want to buy in the United States, melinda will be the first person that ask for an opinion, we also advise you to visit all my friends and the uses of the Ritz Carlton. A big hug. Success and Blessings loved Melinda Boris. Rémi Straus [ 3-Oct-08 3:10pm ] Melinda, well, to say she's kind, helpful, humorous, and on the ball would be true, but would not be entirely accurate. There are several people who will offer their contact, be pleasant, and be generally aware; in this Melinda was not an exception as such ... except ... ... Melinda is a most amazing networker. As well as the above, she is generous and gentle with the networking, being only interested to develop the relationship with the person and not at all looking to get anything out of it any time soon. Melinda introduces you to people daily, and then, we're talking a few times. If you do happen to follow up her suggestions, Melinda will introduce you to yet more people. I appreciate all your efforts to support my networking - in answering questions, giving feedback, and giving me a chance to meet people I might not otherwise. What is funny, and that Simon mentions also, is her speed! It is incredibly difficult to keep up with her, since her introductions will continue to come in and her responses even sooner! That is true even of this testimonial. Thank you, Melinda, for the outstanding demonstration of what constitutes, for me, ideal networking; someone you can trust to: Be there. Respond. Introduce. Chat. Repeat. And this, at the same rate that you might message generally. My warmest regards and heartfelt thanks from England (and soon to be Canada). Rémi Alan Sendgikoski [ 3-Oct-08 10:23am ] Melinda is a great person to have on your team. She's always willing to help you with advice to deal with the different challenges that life presents, and she does so in a refreshing way. Thanks, Melinda, for your advice and words of encouragement. Radka Kozielova Counselling Service [ 3-Oct-08 6:04am ] I recently met Melinda She is very kind, warm, nice person She is very friendly and I hope that I will get to know her better thank you for being such a nice warm person Wish you all the best and success love Radka Jacqui Olliver Inspired Creator [ 3-Oct-08 5:47am ] Thank you Melinda You really made me feel welcome, loved and accepted by the ecademy family. Thank you for your helpful tips in navigating Jacqui Olliver Andrew Lewis [ 2-Oct-08 7:00pm ] Melinda is a friendly, efficient and a networker, excellent at connecting people. Sophia Lim [ 2-Oct-08 4:59pm ] Melinda is a superb and successful Author and Real Estate Specialist. She has been very kind and helpful to introduce contacts to help me. I highly recommend her as a true networker. Thank you Melinda !! Sophia Lim Alison Crook [ 2-Oct-08 5:32am ] Melinda made contact immediately and took time to make me feel welcome and offered tips and advice on how to get the best out of Ecademy & networking online here. Thanks for being so attentive to a newbie! Jairam Gopalan Aiyer BNI [ 2-Oct-08 12:26am ] Hi Everyone Even though she has more than 180 Testimonials, I still felt I should add one more. Melinda Sorensson is God's child. Intelligent,beautiful,humble and considerate. It is a pleasure to do business with a lady who cares, so much about you. Even though, I have not done any business with her yet, I would always consider her as my option no.1 if I have any Real Estate Investment in the USA; because of her beautiful approach. Jairam Gopalan Aiyer BNI Neil Cameron [ 1-Oct-08 4:43pm ] Hello Melinda, I would be delighted to connect with you too. I have studied your profile and see your great achievements and testimonials. I am sure we could exchange information that would be very beneficial, thanks for ecademy tips already. Kind regards Neil Chey Mann [ 1-Oct-08 6:34am ] Very good networker and very helpfull Simon Hamer [ 1-Oct-08 5:01am ] Hello "Raw fingers" I just thought it was about time I posted how much ecademy has to thank you for... with your continued service of knitting all the members together. Melinda is a person who cares about you, she wants you to succeed, and is more interested in you than what she can get from you. I post testimonials rarely because I take the view that if you post a testimonial it should mean something, and should shine a beacon so bright on the person you are leaving it for, that everyone takes notice. I'm absloutely delighted that Melinda considers me someone that she trusts. I'd love to introduce people to Melinda but she always get to them first. If you need a mentor and a person who wants grow your business with you... pick Melinda. A truly pure of heart person with a passion for others. Hugs from the UK. Thanks Melinda. Simon Birgit Gerlach [ 1-Oct-08 1:31am ] Melinda is great! I am so happy I met her here! Sorry I can only repeat what the others are saying: she is so kind and helpful and full of energy to introduce nice people to another that she is the best example for a true networker! I highly recommend to connect with her. Thank you, Melinda! Birgit Camelia Fredericks [ 30-Sep-08 4:40pm ] Melinda is a positive, friendly and warm person. A fantastic introducer of people and clearly a successful and driven woman. Thank you for all your support and advice. Camelia Stacey Huish [ 30-Sep-08 8:48am ] Melinda is warm, friendly, great networker and introducer of people. It is an absolute pleasure to have someone so sincere as a part of my network. looking forward to creating great business together. Bruce Shilander [ 30-Sep-08 1:36am ] Melinda is a joy to know. Very thoughtful, always thinking of others. Bruce Shilander Shilander Marketing Austin,Texas Susie Cheng [ 29-Sep-08 6:12pm ] Melinda is a true networker. She is always so helpful and supportive. I am so greatful to connect to her at Ecademy. Best regards, Susie Borut Jeglic [ 29-Sep-08 1:39am ] Melinda is a superb person. She has been very helpful to me since my first days on Ecademy. She is also very kind, positive and a great connector of people. Thank you for being in my network. I really appreciate it. Azhar Sheikh [ 28-Sep-08 11:41pm ] Certified friend, 100 percent. melanie tersigni [ 28-Sep-08 9:26pm ] Melinda is a sweetheart, she connected me right away as contact and emails regular, dont need any help yet but i am sure she will be there to help me out if i need it..cheers to you Melinda, keep up the great work and never change who you are either. hugz mel Cindy Freeman [ 28-Sep-08 2:04pm ] Right from the first time I met Melinda on Ecademy she was ready and willing to assist... Melinda is an amazing networker and such an attribute to Ecademy... I actually thought I had already posted a testimonial for Melinda and just found that I had not at all..! I see why, as I can now tell you from my experience that getting to know Melinda is one of the smartest things you will ever do on Ecademy... Thank you Melinda for every kind gesture and helpful deed you have shown toward me and no doubt 100's, 1000's of other Ecademy networkers... It is an honour to know you... A fellow smiley user 'n' all Love & blessings to you my friend... Cindy Freeman Manager Adam Shaw [ 28-Sep-08 6:38am ] Melinda is friendly, helpful and an inspirational connection. Within minutes she had connected me to useful contacts and taken the time to find out about me. It is my good fortune that she found me on Ecademy. Hanka Kastelicova [ 27-Sep-08 11:50pm ] Melinda is incredibly kind and generous person. She teaches me with her example what does it mean to be networker. She introduced me to very interesting people. Melinda, I never wrote you much, but I want you to know, I am really grateful for all you do for me. Thank you! Jaya Ray [ 27-Sep-08 3:09pm ] Mel belongs to a different breed of people - the breed that is helpful, kind, compassionate, loving, adorable, energetic, fantastic, and wonderful - and Mel is the BIG BOSS!! Way to go Mel!!! Never change yourself!!! Lots of love Jaya Neil Martin talkonthetube [ 27-Sep-08 3:49am ] A very helpful and friendly lady who has made me feel very welcome during my first few days on Ecademy. Victor "Wine/Olive" Oil Star" Marques [ 27-Sep-08 3:08am ] The hills in Douro Valley think about you...dear MELINDA. You are fantastic listener and a true friend in the real sense of the word... Life is about farming and we will carry on planting seeds! Thank you so much for your help and great support... Kindest regards... Victor Marques Christine Molera [ 26-Sep-08 1:29pm ] Melinda is very helpful and friendly.Thanks so much Melinda. Keep up the good job. Christine Johnson Ejalu [ 26-Sep-08 5:51am ] Melinda is a capable and helpful person. Thanks for the tip Melinda Sampanna Nigam [ 25-Sep-08 4:43pm ] Thanks Melinda, Melinda, you are a very nice guy..I wish to God that he will give you more success on your whole life caeer. Lots of Love Sam Martin Gray [ 25-Sep-08 2:27pm ] If you haven't yet experienced Melinda's warm, friendly welcome, and sincere connection and responses.....well go connect with her NOW : I know she'd love to meet you.Thanks for making me so welcome as a new boy to Ecademy : A privilege to be in your network, Melinda John Doe [ 24-Sep-08 2:41am ] Dear Melinda, As a newbee in the Ecademy it is a pleasure to be welcomed by you and with your help being connected with several good people within my first 2 days here. You are indeed a true networker, thanks. Martina Sevcikova [ 24-Sep-08 1:57am ] Melinda sent me a nice welcoming message and gave me a few good tips. Thank you! Niall Hawley [ 23-Sep-08 10:43pm ] Melinda was the first person to contact me after i joined and was so helpful with tips and connections, Thanks very much Melinda its very much appreciated. Ross Wang Ibrahim [ 23-Sep-08 9:36pm ] Out of nowhere, she appear... giving me a lil' tip and who to get in touch with etc; etc... Heaven must be missing an ANGEL!! Thanks Melinda and God Bless..... Warmest Regards: R@$$ Linda Primos [ 23-Sep-08 9:05pm ] Since connecting with Melinda, she has very kindly and proactively linked me with several other people in her network. Thank you Melinda!!! Aruna Maruthi [ 23-Sep-08 8:21pm ] Melinda is extremely warm, loving and generous.I feel I have known her for a very long time.I consider myself very lucky to have found such a nice friend She has made me feel very welcome here and introduced many of her freinds to me Nélida G. Vila [ 23-Sep-08 7:52am ] Melinda is a very kind person. I very much appreciate her nice words when I started a few days ago. Ian McCleave [ 22-Sep-08 9:17pm ] I joined ecademy on the recommendation of a colleague but was still wary of online networking. Melinda sent me a message and has been a great help in guiding me through the site and suggesting ideas of how to maximise ecademy. A very sincere, warm person who, like all great networkers, is happy to offer help and support Thanks Martin Duncan [ 22-Sep-08 6:31pm ] Melinda is a wonderful contact to know and is a truly great networker. If she is not in your network then you need to add her now, her enthusiasm is not only infectious, but 100% genuine. Thanks for everything Melinda. Martin Manashi Duttagupta [ 22-Sep-08 12:13pm ] Melinda is one of the most wonderful ladies, I have met so far. In her very first message, she has helped me to know ecademy better. In her second message to me, she send me two contacts. She is God's angel. She is always there whenever I need some guidance. She is Great! Mike Tennent [ 22-Sep-08 7:55am ] When I first met Melinda and checked out her profile I saw over 140 testimonials and thought, 'hey that's pretty good' and then I found out why... what a fabulous networker, always thinking about who she can introduce to who and working to make it happen. She has single-handedly introduced me to more new contacts than every other ecademy member combined - with some to spare!!! On top of that she is a lovely, friendly lady and I am proud to have her as one of my contacts! Deb Gruber [ 22-Sep-08 12:16am ] Melinda is a great networker and always has your best interest at heart and will help connect you with those people that can help you. Thanks Melinda for all your help! Angela McKeller [ 21-Sep-08 7:40pm ] Melinda is incredible at networking and really bends over backwards to be as helpful as she possibly can. Melinda, thank you again for all of the connections that you are creating for everyone! ARNOLD TOLENTINO [ 21-Sep-08 12:10pm ] I'd like to commend Melinda for really enriching my Ecademy experience. She introduces me to her network friends, thus making me more global in terms of connections. I hope she could bear with me as i sometimes forget to respond immediately to her messages due to busy schedules. Definitely, she's a topnotch power networker! Laura M. Ramirez [ 20-Sep-08 9:36pm ] I want to take this opportunity to thank Melinda for her kind words, for introducing herself and others to me through this venue; for being one of my very first friends here on Ecademy. We have many things in common such as life coaching, career-oriented, motherhood, writing, Chemistry and life in general. She is one of the people who have made me love Ecademy and wanted to explore this site more. She is very intuitive and a great networker. I wish to her, her son, her pets and her professional life all the luck and blessings in the world. Oh, and buy her book! I did. Thank you, Melinda. Laura Ilona Covert [ 20-Sep-08 3:09am ] Melinda is a very caring and kind person. I very much appreciate her introductions. Rolf Waeber [ 19-Sep-08 11:50pm ] Melinda is a very nice networker. I know her from the first days of my ecademy time. She is also a great introducer to people. She does great! Rolf Ivanka Eftimova [ 19-Sep-08 2:02pm ] Dear Melinda To the wonderful testimonials for a wonderful and charming lady like you, I would like to add that it's a great pleasure to communicate with you here in Ecademy. Because you help people become better networkers in an easy way - giving them tips and connections. Thank you and all the best luck in your undertakings. Vanya JoseLuis Frias Rudolphi [ 19-Sep-08 5:20am ] I'm so grateful to Melinda! She is a very active networker and she adds value to my network every single day, introducing me to very interesting people in a curious and worthy mix. I recommend you to actively communicate with her, as well as to read her very interesting blog, where she addresses almost any subject, giving always a personal view full of richness. Sandy Mooney [ 18-Sep-08 2:42pm ] Melinda has introduced me to many people. She is a real asset to have in ecademy.She makes the world come together here. It's just great.Lovely lady, and I'm proud to have contact with her. Deborah Lewis [ 18-Sep-08 12:55am ] An extremely considered and thoughtful individual; Melinda has a very strong insight for networking and all its possibilities. May you shine on! Warren Meyer [ 17-Sep-08 2:45pm ] Melinda is a true inspiration. Her willingness to help others is second-to-none. She is a true networker with positive energy and a zest for life. A real pleasure to be connected to her Claude Piel [ 16-Sep-08 9:43pm ] Melinda is my sunshine on Ecademy. She is so sensible and intelligent. She gives so much. The way she writes and all her personality makes me happy to be connected on Ecademy. Merci Melinda. Your friend, Claude Victor "Wine/Olive" Oil Star" Marques [ 16-Sep-08 4:10am ] Imagine that you have everyday someone that care about you and your business instead of one 100 people,,,,in my book the power of the eyes with action will mention the constant care and love that some networkers like MELINDA have from the heart... As a writer, wine speaker..i know that im a good combination of the true love of my dearest parents and the soil that gives to the world so tasty and fruity wines...DOURO Valley My land has the power of the ...look at that ...because MELINDA HAS GOT the power of being one of the best netwokers that will come along to visit your profile in any networking club or group. ME AND HELDER, ALBERTO THAT WORKS HARD ON OUR VINES RAISE A GLASS TO YOU AND THE ONES THAT YOU LOVE.. Victor Marques Philip Michael Karnes [ 15-Sep-08 7:40am ] Melinda is a very warm and personable networker. I am pleased she invited me to connect. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. I am looking forward to many years of cooperative business together. Glen Tucker [ 15-Sep-08 4:11am ] Hi Melinda, I really appreciated the effeciency and strategic approach that you have in managing your network and in connecting me with the ideal people who both share my ethical approach to business and the enthusiasm that you identified we have. Your work too speaks to me of your enthusiasm and I know, that for you, as for me, this work is a calling, not just a way of making a living! I'm a fan of Nick Williams who has written several books (also available on audio) on work and it's role in our lives. I know you would enjoy the one I'm listening to now: Inspired Work! May the "Force" be with you always! Glen Women's Success Coach Kem Thompson [ 14-Sep-08 10:03pm ] Melinda's generous spirit shines forth in her tireless networking activities. Thank you for the many connections you've brought my way, Melinda. It's great to be connected to you! Keep up the good work, and God bless ya. Kem Katherine Smith [ 14-Sep-08 8:19pm ] What a bundle of positive energy!!! Quite the go getter and great to be connected with such a great networker. Eoin O'Leary [ 14-Sep-08 4:40pm ] I has been said already, but what else can I write, Melinda is a "Super Networker". Chris " convergence wavepower " Windley [ 14-Sep-08 2:56pm ] Melinda is what I call a " super networker ". She is one of those people that you know you are going to get on with and want to have in your network. She is great at introducing people - which I think is one of the keys to good networking. She is also fun and " worldly wise " which is important when connecting globally. Thanks for being in my network Melinda Victor "Wine/Olive" Oil Star" Marques [ 14-Sep-08 8:03am ] Thanks a lot dear MELINDA for being a great asset for any business or netwoking have been helping me a lot to build VICTOR MARQUES WINE BRAND all over the world... A BIG HUG FROM SLOVENIA. Victor Marques Steven Lawrence, CPA, MST [ 14-Sep-08 5:26am ] Melinda is the consumate networker. She has grasped the concept of cross connecting contacts with like interest and taken it to the highest level. She is a must have in any network. You will find your network growing from some of her introductions. Thanks Melinda.Steve Eula Clarke [ 14-Sep-08 4:27am ] Melinda Thank you for connecting me to 2 wonderful ladies . You are a great networker ... thank you again Ashraf Mohamed [ 14-Sep-08 12:07am ] When I first contacted Melinda , she sent me very good message where i can follow my direction and there were many things going well in my life. now I had a great relationship with a wonderful woman, was running a successful my network, and had good awesome contact, all with well educations, and all successful in their careers. I consider Melinda a close friend even though we have never met face to face. I trust her guidance and hope to always stay in close contact as I continue on my personal growth journey. please contact Melinda and she is a great networker , wish you all the best !! Bharat Amla [ 13-Sep-08 11:18am ] Melinda is dynamic networker and spontaneous to respond. Bharat Rima McDonald [ 13-Sep-08 3:21am ] Melinda is a great networker! In an instant, she connects me with some women that are exactly my target market... is she a pyschic or what? hahahahhaha I recommend everyone to get connected with her... she is a connector... you never know who you'll meet... Thanks, Melinda, for the wonderful connections you initiated for me. Cheers,Rima Paul G. van Oyen [ 12-Sep-08 11:36pm ] Melinda is a fine person and meticuluous. Nice working with her J William (Bill) Moore, HFTC [ 12-Sep-08 3:07pm ] Melinda is a warm and friendly young lady that shares a mutual interest in One Coach with me and also is in Real Estate which is an area of shared experience so needless to say I am looking forward to meeting this warm, friendly and intelligent young lady! You should too! Connect with Melinda today and you will have a great connection! Smiles and best wishes, Bill Sivagnanam Periavan Thulasiraman [ 12-Sep-08 12:37pm ] Melinda Sorensson is one of the most spontaneous networker. I was recommended to very valuable business contacts by Melinda Sorensson. I am speechless at her kindness and gesture. Highly recommended for her to be your Network member. I am honoured to be in her Network. Dimple Nandwani [ 11-Sep-08 11:10pm ] Very generous and and kind! thankyou Melinda!you're amazing!:D Avatar Master*Jasper Reijman Hinze* [ 11-Sep-08 6:37am ] Melinda: a fine friend and supporter! damn what an intuition this woman has! made me fell appreciated and still directed me in the right direction with nothing more than a hug. Hey Guys, get connected if you do not want to miss the touch of an angel! Rafik Hammami [ 11-Sep-08 12:37am ] Dr. Sorensson, Dear Melinda, I have sent many invitations, and received many more to connect on several business websites such as Ecademy, XING and LINKEDIN. I have never encountered such an energetic, devout and friendly person as Dr. Melinda Sorensson. She is very caring, passionate, great leader who got the best articulate method of connecting the right people together. God bless you Dr. Malinda and millions of thanks to your great help. Chriss Lyon [ 10-Sep-08 6:30am ] Melinda is the ultimate networker! She takes great pride in connecting people and sharing information. What a warm hearted person and a sweet personality! Donna Dewaard [ 9-Sep-08 1:14pm ] Melinda was so kind, she contacted me and gave me tips on


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