Michael Breeze




Let me help you with your legal problem or project. My name is Michael Breeze ("I'll blow your legal problems away"). I am a solicitor in private practice in Kings Hill near Maidstone Kent. My firm was originally in the City of London, but I brought the firm out to Kent in the early 90s. See more below about the business stuff Family stuff. I married (Feb 2008) for the second (and hopefully, last) time - to a divorce lawyer!? How clever is that! So, I have a daughter aged 19 and 2 stepchildren - a girl aged 22 and a boy aged 20. Sporty stuff. I keep fit by playing tennis competitively, but only to good club standard i.e. more enthusiastic than skilful. On holidays, I like to go ski-ing, sailing or diving Social stuff. I am a social animal belonging to a number of [usually business type] clubs like BNI (Chapter Director , West Malling) , IOD (Kent Events Committee) KEC (former Chairman and now Committee member) and WSKC (former Chairman) I enjoy my livery company The Worshipful Company of Carmen. . I force myself to do [and in fact do enjoy] public speaking. My wife, Michelle, and I think we look pretty cool Ceroc-ing, but this may be an opinion which is not universally shared. Toys 'n stuff. In the days when I had money, I used to fly out of Headcorn / Lashenden. I have a love/hate relationship with a 1972 Maserati Bora - basically it's love when the no-frills basic 4.7 litre engine delivers an amazing 330 bhp (remember it's an old car) and hate when the electrics go or I forget that it's brakes are hydraulic More business stuff. We are now an LLP. I have a business partner Simon Scott who handles commercial property work, and 4 staff dealing with residential property, civil litigation, wills / probate and divorce work respectively . I concentrate on business transactions and contentious matters, be it civil litigation or employment disputes We work out of delightful offices in Kings Hill Kent - where there is easy access and ample parking and office in London Docklands Personal experience. I have been through a business partnership break up; been executor of several estates with Special Compliance Office tax investigations; sued and been sued in a number of courts and tribunals; (as an employer) hired and fired; survived the boom of the 80s and the bust of the 90s; resuse to particpate in this recession and so basically been there, seen it, done it, got the T shirt - and still smiling :-) Ring me now! Michael Breeze - Solicitor with 30 years experience - on 07 900 195 195