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"Our lives will be measured by what we do for others" -Albert Einstein Where is the love? -Black Eyed Peas "Very soon there will two kinds of people.Those spending money on line and those making it" -Bill Gates
Hi friends new and old Social Media these days is primarily about Twitter.For finding, connecting and being heard there is nothing that comes close Twitter however is only one platform for visibility, branding, community building and connecting. It's vital to your social media success to be diversified and have a) a built-out Facebook profile (unless you're choosing to only use your profile for close personal friends/family), b) a built-out Facebook Fan Page c) an active blog with increasing subscribers, d) an active account on Linked In with increasing contacts e) an active channel on You Tube f) an active, built-out account on Friend FeedÂ… and many, many more platforms. Including Ecademy! I am known as the Green Net Guy in Tokyo.I am a Social Media Marketer.I love teaching people about the Internet.I am also a speaker with a special interest in Environmental Issues. "When I was one I had just begun, when I was two I was still brand new..............and now I am six.I want to stay six for ever and ever" And I have!I took being 6 too seriously though and until some more learned,loving and enthusiastic people and I found each other early 2007 I was still very much 6! In all the good ways but many of the bad ways though.I was lucky to learn that what you give of value out for free comes back in spades (I am telling you right now.This is NOT traditional lawyer`s thinking!) I was all about me and had chased my taoil and got stock in holes just like Winnie the Poooh for many years.I joined ecademy and was given (Not my choice!) the moniker michaeltodd2.Why the 2 behind my name? It happens that another Michael Todd joined this community way back when and I am the second one.He never established a single contact.It could have even been me cause back then that is what I would have done.Taken one look and said "nothing in here for me! " Even when I went to a Halloween Festival recently I was made contestant No 2 in the fancy dress competition.Just maybe I am now in the second phase of my life.Time to take my skills, experience, network and do something for others.A second Michael? A new Michael!! I like that! Grab a seat and have a read about me..... This profile is a work in progress as I am new at this profile making kind of thing.ie visit again some time and it will get better.. SO I decided just to speak from the heart, share some experiences and learning,my skills, my network and tell you how those may be able to benefit you. I believe it is thought provoking, maybe even amusing and MAY EVEN inspire you!. I sincerely hope you will take the time from your day to read to the bottom and then send me feedback.Negative is always more useful than positive! I am about love and enthusiasm.Is there anything else? I am based in Tokyo and travelling regularly. I have expertise in Social Media Marketing and help lead a team of people that run social media campaigns. I am a speaker. I represent companies in the Environmental/Cleantech sectors Its actually a big wonderful world out there if you are prepared to look.Could joining ecademy or even reading this excited profile be a turning point in your life too? Hope you are not after the TV programs I like or recommend because I got over TV a while ago.
Doing this profile has been awesome.It has given me the motivation and chance to do a personal inventory.It has made me appreciate what I have been given and taught by my parents, friends, mentors a lot more.That is exciting.I see Ecademy as a way of being able to shatter the illusion of limited resources that is holding so many of us back. If we are not connected there please also add me as a friend on Facebook and Linked In Click gently on my face please..... Michael Todd's Facebook profile View Michael Q Todd's profile on LinkedIn Read on please..... Not much more serious stuff don't worry!

MY PATH AND JOURNEY TO HERE Life is indeed a journey. Even the smallest things can change our paths.Often other peoples' decisions - if we let them.When I was young(er) I had a dream that I would help people help themselves and also that I would help the world. My heroes were people like Edmund Hillary, Winston Churchill, Bono, Douglas Bader, Emily Pankhurst, Sting, Rosa Brown, Mahatma Ghandi, Walt Disney ahh David Lange? My mother was an opinionated debating coach and my father a keen Toastmaster.Our family dining table was never one for shrinking violets.Thus now I am a loud speaker who has yet to admit defeat in any argument! I was lucky and am very grateful that my parents had the foresight and resources to send me to a great school - Christ's College. .At boarding school I became an expert at climbing walIs,playing tennis and rugby and used to think I was a pretty good kisser. (Got told it once and believed it!) Then studied law and drama at Otago University. A rare but infinetely cunning double major for someone destined to want to be a know it all and a speaker.
At Varsity I went to the minimum number of lectures.Played incredible amounts of sport,sat round drinking beer talking about sport and women and rock music,went out and drank beer and chased women and watched bands etc. Went to work as a lawyer in Queenstown and was involved in the birth of the bungy jump industry there.Then I went to London for some radial times living with large groups of Kiwi friends earning silly money and partying every night. Took a break and a friend and I biked from Singapore to London in 9 months when 27, had some great adventures. Saw some radically different cultures.Met and ate the food of people who had never seen a bicycle before.Went through Muslim countries at the height of the Rushdie crisis etc. Interesting times... Asked some good questions.Had my horizons seriously broadened. The world became smaller for me.That was well before the internet too! Wrote a goodish book about it.Got sick of being rejected by publishers so never became the writer I could have been.Needed some persistence training! Colonel Sanders was turned down over 100 times at the age of 66, Walt Disney similar! I was pathetic, in retrospect. I started doing some good things but in my late 20s got too busy and a bit self centred and went off that track. The quality of my questions declined.... I also got strangled by the illusion that my resources were limited WHAT ELSE EXCITES ME? By way of rather shameful background I used to be an overly litigious, 10 hour a day, workaholic, ahem.... lawyer. With, sadly, no timing and minimal leverage. And a few too many lawyer jokes in my cell phone inbox.
What I actually like though is discussing health, Japan, women, the environment and New Zealand etc. In particular being made to laugh, invited out for a drink and / or a dance. Or 19 holes of golf which I play inconsistently off a 5.Or a set or 3 of tennis, which I am now a little slow to be competetitive in, but love to coach.
I live in Japan most of the time. Of course Londoners, Mancurians, New Yorkers, Sydneysiders et al your cities are great BUT Tokyo is the centre of the universe SO...... WHERE THE #$&^(%@& $%*# ARE YA?
  • Yes you got it! I am excited to have the privilege of living albeit part time in Tokyo.
  • I play Rugby. After a 40 year career I am more excited about running on to the rugby field than ever.No better way to spend 80 minutes! Plus the Japanese know how to do after match functions I promise!

  • I am excited to have become a dedicated laughing handshake practitioner. I am excited to be a pilot not a passenger. At present I am also gaining great joy from teaching a group of 5 yr old Japanese kids to juggle.More fun than you could believe! Try this juggling thing if you haven't before.I have also derived great joy and learning in 2008 from coaching twice at stepUp.A 2 day leadership course for teens where the coaches pay to participate.Fantastic experience for all.
    What really confuses me and amazes me is that people are prepared to wait for crises in their health before taking any action. They also consistently refuse to accept education or spend money or time looking after themselves (and often their families). I have decided to do something about that by travelling the world speaking about health and MCing days,nights and weekends. Practitioners,therapists and experts in various "alternative" or "complimentary" remedies speak and open people's horizons to something other than knocking on the door of their local GP when things go wrong. We assess peoples` health in various ways-face map reading,biophotonic scanner to measure carotenoid levels,visia scanner,scales,blood pressure etc.We offer ongoing mentoring by way of discussion groups,newsletters and webinars and return cyclically to various cities. I have discovered a clear passion and purpose.I help people and the planet and am changing peoples' lives for the better every day. Holistic healing and preventitive measures are key and you can start right NOW!! I have worked as a lawyer off and on round the world for 22 years.This includes 4 years in London, a year in China and 5 in Japan.My main lawyer work now involves advising and connecting people who want to do business or start businesses in Japan........ this is a pseudonym for going to bars and parties and talking to people. I have had 6 years altogether in Japan, can make myself understood in most situations and listen (the most important thing, right?) to most of it. I also help Japanese, English and other nationalities emigrate to and start businesses and lives in NEW ZEALAND.It's this little relatively unspoiled place down in the South Pacific.
  • We speak (a form of) English, make reasonable wine and are fairly friendly.
  • Play golf, go fishing, park your car, go sailing pretty much where and when you like!! Pretty nice place actually.
  • I have been lucky enough to have visited over 80 countries but East West New Zealand is best! I want to tell you a story so this does not happen to you. 5-10 % of Europeans more commonly males have an inherited tissue type called HLA - B27+. Usually they never find out (eg neither of my parents ever knew). Sometimes however they can suddenly develop Reactive Arthritis though. If you do watch out. You never know when it will happen. Thus everybody especially European men should know their tissue type. I have had the challenging time of been lifted off my bed suddenly paralysed, taken to hospital by ambulance and been told by several doctors I would never walk again. 5 years before that I had had cortizone steroid injections in my left pupil 10 days straight to resurrect an eye that "froze". It all started 3 years before that when I got amoebic dysntery in Nepal. This "triggered" my problems. Bloody backpacking! Steep mountains there too.Got run down from too much climbing up. Immunity defence was low.Dirty water.....Had to be flown urgently back to London. I "experienced" 2 weeks sweating my way down to 59 kgs in the St Pancreas Tropical Diseases Hospital where they looked after me very well (thank you thank you NHS!). They tested my tissue. I learned I am HLAB 27+.I have Reiters syndrome.I always will. Maybe you too. As I said 5-10% of European males and some women are HLAB 27+.Get a tissue typing test. Best to know ASAP.You have to be careful and look after yourself well. No one knows until it is "triggered" you see.Then you are too late.I was too late. Don't you be too late.It's relatively easy to do the test. SO I AM EXCITED TO BE WALKING AROUND AGAIN!!! I AM EXCITED TO STILL BE ABLE TO SEE!!!! I have learnt how to beat my inherited blood disorder.Not thanks to anything prescribed by a doctor either ! I now take no anti inflammatories or asthma medication or anything prescribed by a doctor or from a pharmacy or supermarket. I am excited that I can help others kick these prescribed poisons out of their lives too. Ask me how !!

    As with Einstein's quote above our lives will be measured by what we do for others What is my legacy going to be???? What will be written on my tomb or said at my funeral? If I die next week? Or in 70 years time? My big dream is to be on the wall of my decscendants house.The people living there will know me.I was the guy 100 years ago who stopped working as a lawyer on an hourly rate and took action.In the Internet Goldrush.I got really rich through the internet. I helped people to live better and longer by educating them about better health options. I helped save the planet 5% of us make things happen, 45% watch what happens, 50% say WHAT HAPPENED?
    By connecting and communicating with clever, motivated open minded people I have recently studied so much about health and wellness, the internet, the environment, leadership and social entrepeneurship. I have been lucky enough to visit over 80 countries many of them for a decent amount of time.And never for work.Actually I have not "worked" since 1992. .

    Get your tissue typing test done.TODAY!!! Its not free but I believe well worth it.Some people have already contacted me about this and I have been able to help them.That was very rewarding. Try writing down what you eat for 2 weeks then send it to me.No one has ever done this so be the first! I love my life and encourage all to likewise.What are you doing if you are in the second half of your life? Why is your spirit here in your skin in 2008? I hope to see you at one of my seminars and I also look forward to serving you as my customer. Lets pool resources to work together.1 x 1 can equal 11 Michael Todd 2


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