Michael Wolff



CEO at Conscious Evolution Coaching


Since 2003, I have been developing Ki Work, a web-based social network utility that supports the incubation, marketing and management of collaborative enterprises.

Since December 2011, I have been incubating Conscious Evolution Coaching CIC as a social and collaborative enterprise. Conscious Evolution Coaching (CEC) is for Conscious Evolutionaries who wish to Birth the New Era by co-creating the evolution breakthrough of human consciousness.

CEC is an Integral Evolutionary Practice facilitating graceful and harmonious transition for people who

• want help dealing with change and the emotions this triggers
• seek to expand their sense of meaning, purpose and empowerment, and their experience of love and joy
• wish to bring these same benefits to others as part of their service to our evolving world.

Participants contribute to the development of a new world by changing themselves and assisting others who wish to do the same. In this way, all parties achieve an accelerated growth in consciousness.

In contrast to other consciousness acceleration programs, CEC provides deep support for both personal transformation and business development. Participants are helped to discover their own authentic purpose and to earn a fulfilling and sustainable income.

-- > Learn more: http://consciousevolutioncoaching.org/birth

-- > Join the LinkedIn group: Conscious Evolution Coaching

or contact me now! mwolff@consciousevolutioncoaching.org



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