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Should an online profile just be a resume of all the "jobs" you've had over the years or should it reveal a little more of the individual you're likely to meet in person? If you listen to three experts, chances are you'll get five different opinions, so just for the record here's a bit of both. 

Like most entrepreneurs I have a chequered history from School Disco Organiser to Punk Rock Promoter (whilst I was studying for a business studies degree) followed by Jeans Shop Assistant, Manager, Group Manager and Buyer before venturing into the wholesale fashion business as a Sales Rep, Sales Manager, National Manager, Brand Manager & Designer. Along the way I honed my entrepreneurial skills with event organizing, T Shirt printing and sunglass wholesaling being three enterprises that immediately spring to mind. 

In 1991 I left the world of full time employment and set up as a jeans designer and manufacturer making fashion clothing for the likes of Next, River Island, French Connection and Reiss before getting involved in my own retail business in 1993 with what are now fashionably known as "Pop Up Shops" opening more than 30 stores across the south of England before a car crash put an untimely end to my retail career. After a forced break of four years to get myself quite literally back on my feet I started meddling with my wife's Kids Music Business which we have subsequently turned into a unique new licensing opportunity for mums and are rolling out worldwide.

Along the way I joined Ecademy, discovered I'd been "networking" all my life when I thought I was just talking to people and partying and developed a love of online communication or "Social Networking", perhaps you've heard of it? If you had to define the way in which I earn a living I am a "Constant Networker" Digital Coach and Event Organiser with a huge interest in ensuring that Music Bus (my wife's business) goes global. 

On a more personal note I am the proud father of 5 fabulous daughters who do their very best between them to give me grey hair but at the same time keep me very young. I'm actively involved in my local community, still run school discos but nowadays as a PTA Vice Chairman with a self imposed responsibility for organising social events (did I mention I'm a bit of a party animal?) When I get time I enjoy walking, mountain biking (although there aren't many mountains in Sussex) and am failing miserably at fighting off middle aged spread.

I'm a consummate reader, self educator and lifelong learner. I blog about everything from Business, to Random Acts Of Kindness, Digital Thinking, Child Development, Humour and Technology and I have an insatiable curiosity for new people, new things and new ideas.

Ecademy in general and Blackstar in particular provided me with the opportunity to meet with some fantastic people some of whom I now do business with and many that I consider my closest friends as well as business colleagues.  

I love meeting new people, I'm pretty good at putting them together with others and enjoy seeing partnerships formed, new ventures begun and existing ones enhanced. My wealth profile rates me primarily as a supporter/star (no surprise there) although I love expressing my creative self and my favourite pastime has to be starting fires under people and getting ideas off the ground.

My friends would describe me as being outgoing, loyal, reliable and someone who always seems to be in the middle of things! Here below are a few nice things that some of my business network have to say, but don't take their word for it. If you really want to know what makes me tick, what I'm like in person or how I can be of help to you and your business pick up the phone (07943 866973), send me an email(doctormick@gmail.com), text or tweet @michaelturner and get in touch. I'm fortunate enough to have inherited my grandfather's love of communication and natural inquisitiveness and I genuinely look forward to hearing from you.

To all those lovely people who have been kind enough to say a few words I have only one thing to say...

The cheque's in the postÂ… ;) 

"Mike is a great guy, just what it says on the tin! I cannot recommend him highly enough - If he cant do "it" he will find someone who can. He is genuine, reliable, thoughtful and full of inspired ideas!" Lizzi Vandorpe

"Mike is an amazing man with a heart of gold, a spirit of steel and a mind sharp as any I have met before." Vicki (The Property Mermaid) Wusche

"Instantly welcoming and open and has remained a true inspiration to me since." Dinah Liversidge

"He is a great guy, very supportive, fun and full of stories. He's good to have on your team!" Laura Morgan

"Mike has been encouraging, acted quickly to help me, and inspired me to action!" David Scarlett BlackStar

"The all round voice of common sense and a down-right good guy. Someone that's definitely worth knowing" Clare Evans

I'm sure they must have been talking about someone else but please get in touch to find out. If nothing else I enjoy a good natter and always have time for a coffee and chat. I look forward to hearing from you

Thank you for reading this far, now go and do something useful :) 

Have a great day


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