Mike Verdugt



CEO at Amerone bvba


Ameronebvba was established in 1999 Amerone was one of the first online stores in Belgium. Mainly used as a testcase for online payments and online order processing. But with the introduction of Xonix USB watches in the Benelux the online store was established. Currently we have an odd and unusual assortment of gifts, gadgets, toys and puzzles and maintain several online stores with mainstream and niche products.. I have a vast experience in ecommerce, and I can tell you how an onlinestore really works. An webshop is more then just some software. We can tell you the information they never tell you....

So if you have any questions :

  • How to start and setup an online store
  • Planning your online business
  • Important features you need in the software
  • Software out of the box, special design or online software
  • How important is design , or not ?
  • Payment systems
  • Logistics & packaging
  • Fraud and fraudprotection
  • Financial planning
  • We can offer you: Fulfilment and services offered by Amerone • e-Commerce projects, webshops • Taking orders (written, by phone and digital) • Preparing orders for shipment to (end) consumers • Stock management and storage • Financial fulfilment including follow-up • Client service and handling returns • e
  • -Commerce projects, webshops
  • We can set up your own short- or long-term webshop for you. Webshop rental and management thereof. In compliance with European regulation, in different languages and with different payment methods, such as credit cards, paypal, direct / home banking. Or we can create space for you on the general amerone.be webshop.
  • Call us today for a non-binding discussion. Just sent me an email or give me a call. I started a blog with usefull information but is mainly in Dutch.
  • The internetshops: Amerone.be De Poezen Shop
    The main shop is Amerone and is used for direct sales for the products we represent, but also for products for which we only complete the fullfillment; taking the orders, payment processing and shipping.
    Ecademy member Jan Vermeiren's book and courses "Let's Connect". And "How to Really use LinkedIn" A must read if you are into "networking" with lots off useful tips. And lots of FREE bonusses come with it. Check out his website ! "A Girl Friend in Every City" by Geert Conard and "De Gemakkelijk Stoppen Methode by Eric Eraly.

    De Poezen Shop La Boutique des Chats
    The largest online store in Europe for gifts and gadgets and all about CATS.

  • Main productlines for Amerone.be: - NSD Powerball and ofcourse the BananaGuard, - iPOD and USB Stuff, - Snug-Rug TV Blankets and much more. - Senz Umbrellas - Revomaze Puzzles - Gifts for every day and every occasion. Most products are also available as a business gifts : Business Gifts and Incentives A special website with several catalogs with ideas for gifts, give-aways busiensssgifts....
  • We are proud to have received the Unizo Ecommerce approval in 2008 for our webshops.


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