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Founder and Managing Director at The Book Midwife


Latest News The Book Channel interviewed me during London Book Fair 2010, about my book . It could save you lots of time, money and heartache. This book is especially relevant for people who are about to jump in to self-publishing arrangements. Please look before you leap. You'll be glad you did.

Get Published Several years ago, I started getting extremely frustrated. Clients whom I'd worked with and coached to create amazing books were being let down at the last stage by publishers who couldn't produce good quality books effectively and efficiently. In one case, a client was waiting 4 months for a book that was guaranteed to be published in 1 month. This hurt his business tremendously and made me extremely cross. So I sat down with fellow BlackStars Andy Coote and Philip de Lisle to create a new business. Philip was instrumental in helping Andy and me get the proposition right, and although he is not a Director in the business, I would recommend him to anyone needing clarity of this nature. The proposition was - and still is - to provide top quality publishing for business and personal development books, with a level of customer service previously unknown in the industry. And we have done it! Ecademy Press was launched at the end of 2005. We purposely tied ourselves to the Ecademy name and Ecademy is a stakeholder in the business. Our mission is to create the best possible business and personal development books for Ecademists and others who subscribe to the Ecademy philosophy of winning by sharing. We operate as a cooperative publisher, meaning that there is a small investment from the author and we effectively share the risk and the reward with the author very fairly. It is the most competitive package of its kind in the market today. If you know someone who has written a non-fiction book and wants to get published professionally and quickly, do contact me to see if we can consider it at Ecademy Press.

Public Speaking I also do a lot of speaking in the UK and abroad. I hope you were able to attend my Ecademy talks in Jan. 2005 'Finding Joy in Challenging Situations' and Jan. 2006 'What's Your Big Idea?'. The videos of these can be accessed by going to the Meetings tab at the top of this page, then Ecademy TV. My current keynote is entitled 'How to Be a REAL Thought Leader' and it is based on my latest book 24 Carat BOLD - The Standard for REAL Thought Leaders. It shows people how to identify their core message to the world and how to be seen as the true expert in one's field - you know, the one everyone thinks of first? If you know an organisation that is looking for a dynamic inspirational speaker for their event, let me know and I'd be happy to talk to them.

About Mindy the person: I was born into a loving family who gave me lots of encouragement to try new things and grow. As a result, I went to Argentina at the age of 16 and lived with a family there, studied for my baccalaureate in 'Letters' and spoke no English for a whole year! I lived in the beautiful New York suburb of Greenwich, Connecticut for 18 years (minus the year in Argentina), then went to Montreal to study Linguistics at McGill. After university, I had the varied and valuable experiences of a sales career, a practice marriage, losing a house, studying for my MBA whilst working full time and travelling for business, discovering my spiritual side. In 1991, my then boyfriend convinced me to move to London and have an adventure. And what an adventure it has been! I ran my own sales training company for a year, then moved to Hull, split up with the boyfriend, joined a T'ai Chi class, met my husband Phil, got married, travelled extensively, had my two beautiful children, Tara and Bradley. Tara is a very studious girl with superb leadership skills. She has been instrumental in setting up charity projects for the past 3 years and she is currently working towards her qualification as a Youth Peer Coach with the Youth Coaching Academy. Bradley is an amazing dancer with special talents in classical ballet. He has attended The Arts Educational School in Tring full time as well as Laine Theatre Arts, and has danced with 4 professional dance companies and in the West End. He is a great example to other young boys who are interested in dance. In 1996, we moved to London. It was the first time Phil had lived outside of Hull with the exception of university. He made the ultimate sacrifice to give up his job and looked after the children for a while, and we have been sharing the childcare responsibilities ever since. As a family, we go to the U.S. quite often to see my family, and try to make time for other activities such as skiing and theatre. A dramatic family, we are very involved with a local performing arts school, which has led to everyone being on film sets. Three of us have been on Eastenders which was fascinating. Finally, I continue with the personal development journey, to ensure I keep a balance amongst all the areas in my life: work, family, health, spiruality and fun! Enjoy your life, hope to meet you soon and in the meantime, speak your truth! Warmest wishes, Mindy

Myers Briggs Profile: ENTJ BlackStar Wealth Dynamics Profile: CREATOR Wealth Dynamics is an evolution of Myers Briggs into specific action and thinking dynamics that relates to entrepreneurs. It goes back to the roots of personality profiling in Chinese philosophy, which precedes Western psychometric testing by 2,500 years

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