Mitchell Hernandez




When it comes to remodeling your home, you will often consider changing around everything in your kitchen as well. The only problem is that by the time you are done changing things in other parts of your home, you don't really want to spend too much money on your kitchen. So how can you make your kitchen look entirely different while not spending too much money? The answer to this question is quite simple really; you change your kitchen countertop. But aren't kitchen countertops expensive? You're absolutely right, that's why you go for a soapstone countertop.

Most soapstone is found in Brazil and India nowadays. It is quarried from inside the earth & is formed naturally from mineral deposits inside the earth. It is made from magnesite, dolomite, chlorite and talc. I'm sure you must already realize that it isn't quite like any other countertop material. It possesses amazing stability and is quite beautiful as well. It is denser than slate, marble and granite and is non-porous in nature which makes it impenetrable to any kind of liquids or stains. In fact, it even makes it crack resistant.

Since this material is non-porous as well as inert, it is used in many research and medical labs as well. It is not affected by high temperatures and this makes it an excellent material for insulation as well. This is the main reason that a lot of people use it as a lining for their fireplaces. Every soapstone slab has a unique look and feel and develops differently over time. But don't worry as it will only get better with age. When it is cut, soapstone has a soft grey color. When oiled, the color changes into a darker grey and will have either green or blue veins depending on the location at which it has been quarried. You can do as much research as you want but at the end of the day, you will agree that there is no better choice for your new countertop than soapstone.

And do you know the best part about soapstone? It is the most environmentally friendly material used for manufacturing countertops in the world. This will ensure that you are doing your part for the earth while still allowing you to enjoy the benefits of having a stylish countertop in your kitchen.

So what are you waiting for? I'm sure you've already made up your mind to go for a soapstone countertop. Don't waste any more time, start searching for the perfect soapstone countertop for your kitchen today. Want more info like this? Let's talk!