Andrew Priestley




I am a business coach qualified in Industrial and Organisational Psychology. I work with busainess owners running established medium sized companies.  

My clients usually want the business to run well with and without them. They want to better manage their people, grow the business, make a profit and enjoy more of the benefits of business ownership.

I profile clients to assess your strengths and weaknesses as a manager and we pinpoint professional and business development coaching targets. The follow up coaching addresses those issues.

The typical result is you make more money and resolve issues in the business and via your operating team.

For example, a recent client went from £1.2M to £6.9M in under two years. That client gained immense clarity on the strategic direction of the business, stepped back from the day-to-day operational focus, worked on a business model that delivers business performance, their sales process and developing key staff capable of delivering on the day-to-day running. The key benefit was they improved their personal and professional ability to take their business to a new level.

If this sounds of interest let's have a chat on 07879 330060, email me an or check out

I am 54. I've been married to Diane for over 32 years. We have two adult children and we are based in London. My clients are based worldwide.

I can't cook. I play guitar and I am learning piano and believe it or not 3-4 times a year I get commissions to illustrate books (adult authors requiring cartoons or technical drawings). I love to garden. I like travelling. I love public speaking and training and do lots of that. I read a lot.

I also have a successful side business that builds indicator tools for clients worldwide. In 2011, I won an award for the Sales Profile which is used by sales managers and sales trainers,

I recently developed the Personal Finance Indicator which helps young working adults manage their money.

Diane and I are Christians and we go to a little church up the street.


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