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Neville a.


CEO at British Business Consulting


I was a member of The St. John Ambulance Brigade, of which i gave 24 years of voluntary service, until medically re-tired with over 16,000 hours of public voluntary service accredited. I love Chess, Snooker, Swimming, Bowls, Classical Music, English Opera, Classical Art, Classical Cars. All Motorbike's. All Aircraft. All big Ships. Classical Furniture and you have me hooked for hours. I am also a great fan of good Architecture both Ancient and Modern.

Professional Life Served for ten years as a Security Manager and Consultant, deputising as night manager for several different  companies (Ltd and PLC) at the same time and location.
The list of individual Tasks is to numerous to list, but include experience in:-
Logistics, Warehousing, Gas Bottling Plant Operations, Data Centre's, Civil Engineering, Construction, Refrigeration Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Marine Shore-side Operation's (Pier Head and conveyor delivery system), Manufacturing (Various), Call Centre Operations, Weigh-Bridge operations, Company Secretary, Utilities (Including Sewage Farm Operations). Maritime Security - Marina. Retail and Hospitality.

Key sites had internal rail operations with up to 400 movements in a twenty four hour period, which had to be hand plotted, scheduled and authorised. Part of the private networks incorporated sharing arrangements with public service over private track and private service over public track which had to be coordinated.

Other sites included up to six different fleets of vehicles, with upwards of five hundred vehicles, shipments and drivers to manage. Co-ordinating night ops, with various companies duty personnel, whilst trying to avoid management call-in. The above sites usually had only one security officer assigned, who had to meet security responsibilities as well. Now you try and get a security officer to take on additional responsibility. You can guess their replies in the majority of cases. :-(

In addition to all of this, Neville A. Daniels still found time to make security, risk, health and hazard assessments of various sites. (nice bonuses) Logistics for Four supply firms were co-ordinated through Neville A. Daniels, for construction of the Queen Elizabeth the II Bridge across the Thames at Dartford (Purfleet- Essex side), Whilst based at Civil and Marine (Purfleet).

Side line From 1982 to 2013 Neville A. Daniels headed up "British Business Consulting" a organisation of families and friends involved in business, founded around 1647 in a Tavern close to York Minster.

"British Business Consulting" has never charged or traded in any way. At its height "British Business Consulting" had 4,785 independent consultants offering free advise to business start-ups under their own trading names. "British Business Consulting" members were active in helping the British Government to set up The Small Firms Service and more lately Business Link.

With Business Link firmly in place "British Business Consulting" is re-branding.


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