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Hi! Thanks for taking a look at my profile. I am the founder of The Marketing Compass. We provide impartial marketing advice to business owners. Join us for free and ask marketing questions. Connect with other business owners and learn customer attraction and low cost marketing strategies.

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Who is Nigel Temple?
Nigel grew up in Devon, mostly around Tavistock. He used to go riding on Dartmoor: now that's REAL rain, I tell you! For 10 years, he played rhythm guitar in R&R bands. They played a lot of Status Quo (who needs more than three chords, anyway?) Mr Temple senior was a veterinary surgeon. Sadly, his son was never destined for this august career - on the basis that he faints at the sight of blood.

Nigel studied marketing at Greenwich University, somehow obtaining an honours degree. He subsequently spent four challenging years trying to be a salesman for the likes of Rank Xerox. Amazingly, their attempts at intensive sales training worked and Nigel has never looked back. This is because he ignores the sound of the sirens. He left the world of professional selling (and a £13,000 salary package) (not bad for 1983) and become a professional copywriter.......On a salary of £5,000 (not good, even for 1983). Being entrepreneurial by nature, Nigel began to pick up copywriting assignments of his own.

He has been picking up assignments ever since - as a marketing consultant, trainer, speaker and author. For five years, Nigel's office was across the corridor from Tony Buzan (of Mind Mapping fame). They used to enjoy playing chess together. They talked about the meaning of life, the human brain and the future of mankind. Nigel learnt a lot from Tony. (This was probably not reciprocal). He became a Buzan Licensed Instructor (Mind Mapping and Learning to Learn). He is the proud father of four amazing children and a lucky guy to have been married to Joanna for 32 years. =) Doesn't time just fly? 

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The clients I have worked with include the BBC, Cadburys, Microsoft, Scottish Widows and Vauxhall. I have advised Jack Black (of MindStore fame) and Tony Buzan (the inventor of Mind Mapping). I have worked with several thousand independent professionals and small business owners, over a 25 year period. My services include marketing strategy and planning, website development, SEO and copywriting. I deliver this via one-to-one consultancy, public speaking engagements and seminars. My interests include playing guitar, chess, reading, walking with my wife and trying to understand our four children.

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