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Managing Director - Internet Marketing consultant, Internet Marketing Trainer, Author at Business for Business Internet Marketing Ltd


Read this book to give you an advantage over your competitors. Know what you should be doing to your website to get it working for your business Over 90 per cent of the websites set up by businesses don't fulfil the expectations of their business owners and don't provide the services their customers want!

  • Is your website one of these? How can you tell? Do you have a website but are unhappy with its performance? Do you need a new website that will work for your business?
  • Nigel T. Packer takes a straightforward approach, using non-technical language. Full of insights and real-world observations, practical techniques and actionable strategies, his book focuses on business - your business.


Discover how to: 

  • Define the type of website your business really needs 
  • Understand what your customers want from your website 
  • Help bring customers to your site through search engines 
  • Find the right web developers for your needs 
  • Communicate effectively with them 
  • Test your website thoroughly before it goes live!

Follow this strategic approach and successfully promote your business and its products or services on the internet. priced £7.99 ISBN: 978-0-7160-3020-1

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The Internet High Street

The internet is one big High Street some shops have their lights on and attract lots of customers whilst most have the lights off, the shutters down and the 'closed for dinner' sign on the door.

Nigel T Packer has spent the last twelve years developing the skills to change closed up shops and make them into the brightly lit emporiums that return a handsome profit for their owners.

Internet marketing stategy action plan

By understanding the requirements of the client business, the needs of the end user and the interaction between the two Business for Business has been able to provide Internet Strategy action plans and Internet Marketing Training for clients to implement.

As a result of these interventions client web sites have been turned from an expense into a profit source. Using tried and tested methodologies and techniques Business for Business has enabled hundreds of clients to generate leads and enquiries for their businesses.

Many of these businesses have spent only a small proportion of their marketing budget for considerable returns.

If your web site has not lived up to your expectations contact Nigel T Packer to discuss your internet Marketing Action Plan and training. or call him on 01792 817270.

Make a difference to your online business future call him now

Personal profile Nigel has the ability to see the broader picture - 'Satellite vision'. He has well-developed interpersonal skills, and the ability to build relationships and rapport. These qualities allow him to influence and motivate others whether as leader or team member.

Well liked by all that meet him, he is regarded to be a gentleman and is able to communicate and conduct himself at all levels. Highly motivated and determined, his drive and commitment to the projects he undertakes always ensure successful outcomes.



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