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A long term member of SunZu, Ecademy and Beyond Bricks since 2002 I will maintain my presence here in my profile to keep visitors amused, entertained and aware of all opportunities and activities that may be of interest. Welcome to my world. :)

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Occasional up-dates and postings on Twitter @mbprosperity.

Prosperity Plan

Watch The Video. There is a solution to the country's economic problems. If you want to learn more you can find details at worldmaker dot org in September 2012. Small-scale investment opportunity for those who want to get involved. More to-come or leave your details with me to join the mailing list. Watch The Video.

5th November Poem

Do you remember those magical times as a child scampering around the bonfire? Here are a few of my memories.

Wealthy Entrepreneur? Save 30% + on your next new supercar.

Save tens of thousands on your next prestige car acquisition. Join the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan through Free-Wheels . biz. Examples, save upto £25,000 on a new Lotus Evora S, or £35,000 on a Jaguar XKR-S, more on Special Editions exclusive for supporters. Make the Prosperity Plan your purchase, use your end-of-year bonuses wisely and help begin the process of reviving the country from recession - sponsor the Prosperity Plan to revive the UK manufacturing economy and lift the world to a new age of prosperity.

Light-Hearted New Car Design Concept

Enjoy the latest idea in car design, well almost, with the Lamb Drover - an alternative concept design for the future Land Rover Defender. Lamb Drover, a light-hearted attempt to offer enhancements to an iconic British car design. Ten thousand (10,000) free to sponsors of the Prosperity Plan to revive the UK manufacturing economy and lift the world to a new age of prosperity. Further details of the Lamb Drover, video link, documents and other "FREE" car concepts are available at FREE-Wheels . Biz web site, including proposals for a new limited edition military grade off-road personal sports car inspired by the Dark Knight Batman films - a Batmobile* for real. (*Batmobile is trademarked by Warner Brothers, there is no relationship between it and the FREE-Wheels offer other than original inspiration.)

Humourous Art & New Children's board Game

Do you want to earn money from your network of clients, supporters, enthusiasts? Do you want to raise money for a local good cause, a special project, a charity close to your heart?

Book Of Happiness.

Inspired by the Prime Minister David Cameron's Big Idea of the Year* (2011), a Happiness Index to measure happiness in modern Britain. Rejoice. So how do you measure happiness in a country in the midst of a recession with a government hell-bent on cutting all services and budget like an over-enthusiastic Amazon rain forest timber gang? The Book Of Happiness is a unique book of illustrations exploring the whole theme of happiness in Britain today, in a poster book for you to hang on your wall. The Book of Happiness is intended to promote new idea and new solutions to the problems facing modern Britain and is available to anyone who wants to resell or promote it for fund-raising to support good causes. Get your copy today. The Book of Happiness also includes a new version of the ancient children's game Snakes & Ladders.

"Snakes & Ladders: Paths Of Wisdom" adds a new dimension to this fun game to help teach your children that not all the shortcuts in life are the best paths to success and prosperity. (*subject to U-Turns)

Older goodies and pending ideas......

Freesat For FREE. Pretty well explains itself, an initiative to: (a) save you money, (b) launch new TV and film production, (c) develop one or more initiatives on solving critical environmental issues, beginning with urban traffic congestion, pollution and more. Oh, and it's a 100% Cashback offer to every subscriber. Contact me if you want to be an agent, a reseller or much more. Good for your income, for your company, for your club, organization, association, etc. [ARCHITECTURE]

Carbuncle City - Article on how Manchester's urban architecture is chilling the heart and soul of the city, and creating a desolate landscape in ice. I also advocate efforts to meet the huge national demand for affordable and attractive homes. Philanthropic sponsors, backers are invited to participate. [EXTREME PC]

Building an Extreme PowerPC [SPAM] "X" That Spam [INK SAVER] Saving Ink [HELP FOR EXPORTERS] Exporters - Could Escrow have Saved You Money? Network with me if... Looking in particular to network with:- o accountants o lawyers o banks o finance companies o business advisors o investors o importers/exporters o franchisors ... for mutual benefit, profit, and more. (See below for further opportunities and particulars)


Over the last few years my background has encompassed a wide range of experience and opportunity. This has included: computing consultancy, media business development, financial management for a local multi-funded voluntary group, launching an escrow-based anti-fraud company and much more. This breadth has given me the kind of experience, in finance, business development, project management, marketing and PR, etc., that has allowed me to see more than most. I bring all this with my creative interests in business, technology and the media to the ventures I work on.

Beyond Bricks
I was a member of Beyond Bricks from sometime in late 2001 right up until it was absorbed into ecademy.

Core Enterprise and main work is:-

Sterling-Bond escrow merchant accounts -       "Creating A World Of Trust"
Sterling-Bond.com Escrow Merchant Accounts - Creating A World Of Trust
The service is dedicated to helping you save and earn money in any higher risk inter-business trade transaction, whether domestic or international. Sterling-Bond assists by protecting the financial interests of both parties and helping to ensure an environment of trust. Services include one for companies launching franchise networks and wanting to take secure deposits from prospective franchisees; and anyone thinking of buying an existing small business but who needs time to thoroughly inspect the business and/or have a cooling off period while reassuring the seller that they will be paid if the deal goes through. The range of applications for the EscrowSecure services include:-

  1. Protecting importers and exporters when dealing with large high risk transactions in international trades.
  2. Offering a fast reaction service for quick trades bulk cash (turnover in days not weeks).
  3. Helping traders deal with high risk territories, in new markets such as China, Russia, etc.
  4. Protecting investment in one-off projects, such as the film industry, heavy/civil engineering; and financial management to ensure that all contractors get paid.
  5. Improving financial management and cashflow - put your clients on escrow and give them better service, if they insist on standard trading terms then put them to the back of the queue.
  6. Financial security for private sellers and buyers in high value items such as villas, luxury yachts, etc.
  7. Providing escrow services to franchise network companies, protecting franchisers and franchisees, and helping any small business buyer or seller protect their interests during the critical transaction period to avoid fraud on either side.

Most of the business is conducted through networking referrals and a network of agents and associates with suitable clients around the world. See my articles on escrow to learn more:-

Escrow Article. Franchising With Escrow Network with me/become an agent. HERE.

Er, also have a sense of humour. Sorry about that. THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY

The Ultimate Networking Tool. In this world where every man and his dog belongs to at lest a score of social and business networks here's the ultimate tool to be heard over the crowd. Foghorn, is a brilliant new technology for any announcements you want to make. Just install Foghorn on your home and you'll be enabled to broadcast your network announcements to the whole of your community. Foghorn is a simple technology that anyone can use for their community information updates, broadcasts and even warning people when fog could endanger lives. In the modern age of golbalization-obsessed network driven business task functionality on web 2.1 Foghorn breaths a fresh sigh of relief to anyone who's lost contact with their local, or localized, network community. Order a packet of chips from your local chippy - use Foghorn. Call the children back in for tea - use Foghorn. Provide ample employment for thousands of police and local officials as they busy themselves engaging and networking with you after you start using foghorn. Yes, Foghorn, no networker should be without it!

The Bond Business Manifesto. I'm working on a long term business model to both nurture and protect employees of all levels, encouraging exceptional excellence in personal and productive achievement without rapacious greed of the stone age animalistic models of behaviour. The object of this model is to give everyone an environment where they will excel and profit from their abilities without becoming bogged down in any of the forms of angst-ridden political correctness or brutal greed, where people co-operate for mutual benefit but the mob doesn't hold the greatest talent back from their fullest potential. This is not a democratic (mob-driven) system, but aims to recognize and protect human creative, innovative, scientific and industrial talent without damaging the wider society, whether within the company or beyond. At its heart is the fundamental objective of a sane, adult system of personal and corporate behaviour wherein talented individuals are not held back by the blind primitive fears of the untalented. I reckon another forty years should complete stage one.

Better Business Management. The torturer leaned slowly over the Consultant tied to the chair in the darkened, hollow room, and whispered. "One day all your jobs will be replaced by intelligently managed companies." The consultant's agonising screams could be heard across the city.

Imagine... Imagine how great the world will be, when the obstacles are removed from the paths of entrepreneurs, innovators and other creators of new ages. Now wake up!

Business Growth Growth is a product of a process, not the process itself. So when your manager/boss says he/she is going to "grow the business", ask then what they're going to do apart from spew more claptrap. I don't grow my business, it grows because I'm good at it.

Dependency The government is proud that 60% of all our trade is with Europe. So why can't we trade as well with the other 90% of the human race? Is this a dangerous dependency?

Moving The World The world doesn't move if you wish it. The world doesn't move if you dream it. The world doesn't move if you ask it. The world doesn't move if you tell it. The world doesn't move if you demand it. The world doesn't move if you form a protest group for it. The world doesn't move if you sign a petition for it. The world doesn't move if you write a law for it. The world does move if you push it.

The guru The guru sat cross-legged in his mountain top retreat as he gazed out in comtemplation over the vast mountain range that was Manhattan. "Today I shall coin a new buzzword," he said to his gathered publishing acolytes. They waited as the sun slowly crept across the glittering sky. "Futurization." They gasped, and thus a new book was born, a world seminar tour began and Amazon featured it in their top list of business books, which was discounted by 95% twelve months later.

The Play The whole world is a play, and I've forgotten my lines!

Silly Business Ideas A stonemason for world statesmen, business leaders, and pop nonentities, oh and British Politicians: "You Name In Plinth"

Truth This IS true! - Politicians or priests. IS this true? - Scientists or philosophers. Which are you?

Creativity and Leadership It takes a thousand engineers and scientists to create something wonderful for the future of human civilization, and just one politician to **** it all up.

Trialling If a product is trialled, what do you do when it's found gulity? (And what d***head invented that word, has he been hunted down yet by a raveging mob of English teachers???)

This Week's Big Business Idea "Solutions Empowerment Facilitation" - We provide an engagement service for your solutions provider and empower your business facilities flow line. (We're a business school for plumbers.)

Empower Your Process Use the on switch!

Failure "There is no such thing as perfection, everything is imperfect. Live with it and take the next step forward... For every step forward, you're taking a step away from yesterday's failure to tomorrow's success.... Each failed idea is a lesson they didn't teach you at school, learn from it and use your experience to succeed..."

Career Motto "Start at the top, then build higher."

To Achieve Your Goals How do you climb to the top of a mountain? 1) Climb it. or 2) Get job, earn money, learn how to climb, buy tools, pay for journey, climb mountain. How many dead bodies of inexperienced climbers lie on the side of the mountain? And for "mountain" take it to mean any goal you set out to achieve. In our rush to achieve things in our modern world we often overlook the need of all the steps between the beginning and the destination and not all of them are the direct route to that point.

Politics Close your eyes, and imagine a world run by an intelligent government. Now what are you going to do to make it a reality?

I always loved the Peanuts characters then took the test to find out who I was spiritually closest to - I was right all along! Snoopy
You are Snoopy!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Miscellaneous A reminder for the illiterates, pod people and New Labour, living and walking amongst us. "It's not a billion, it's a milliard, stupid!!" "Global" - It's not the whole world you know. "Impact" - When an asteriod hits the planet, afterwards come the "effects". Steve The Robot, copyright, Michael Bond, 2003My Friend Steve I have a friend who writes to me, he's nice, he's called Steve. He likes me so much sometimes he writes upto 80 messages to me each hour. He sends me lots of information, but mostly about sex and drugs, so I think he's American. I don't know how he can spare the time. Do you know Steve? Does he like you as much as he likes me? Do you know where he lives? I would like to meet Steve. I have a special present for him. :) Kids Can't Read, copyright, Michael Bond, 2003Kids Can't Read Dateline: Today! Urgent Government News Announcement - Kids are having difficulty reading in the latest government literacy tests. Astounded that targets for kids literacy are not being met the New Labour Administration plan a wide ranging national debate into literacy for kids and new initiatives to correct this distressing situation. So, when was the last time you saw a baby goat read? Dieting Don't think to yourself: "I need to eat less". Think: "I don't need to eat so much". 101 Uses for........a Journalist Propping up bars (to keep pubs in business). Bookends (next to the bar). Ashtrays (find old ones on top of the bar). Scrubbing the toilet (in the pub). Brushing the gutter (after the pub). Throw on the fire to keep warm in winter (all the alcohol inside makes a nice glow). Medical experiments (they're already pickled). Target practice (explode on contact, it's the alcohol). Source of gags for comedians (when they've bumped into each other in the pub). Netscape / Mozilla Article I promised to post this on various listing so you lot may as well have it too. Anyway. There's been an occasional problem with Netscape loosing profiles, mainly the default profile, and causing untold pain to users. So I've finally gotten around to writing the article about it, and how to prevent it. Please feel free to refer all your friends to it, here:- Mozilla Ate My Mail Cheers


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