SunZu Notices

SunZu Notices

Welcome to SunZu Notices.

Your SunZu admins will post here on which issues the SunZu development team is currently working on, recently resolved issues and future scheduled maintenance.

We value your feedback and would like to thank you for taking the time to help to make the best of SunZu and please bear with us while we address any issues.

You can also join the SunZu Community and discuss all ideas for SunZu. We love to listen and we do apply a lot of what members come up with. You can join here


Currently being worked on:

UPDATED ON: Friday, 22nd March

Lots of fixes have been done and more on the way as well as enhancements

  1. Allow Greenstar to see notifications 
  2. Articles - search by author
  3. Companies - rename to Adverts 
  4. Company Adverts - Get in touch button
  5. Events - filter by country
  6. Trade update email content
  7. Links in your profile to Articles, Events and Polls for everyone to see (bottom of your profile page)


This fantastic tool will be live monday along with the list above.

  1. Top 10 keywords that drive traffic to yuor content
  2. Full statistical anlaysis with links to your content including averages and by date range
  3. Profile completion %
  4. Who viewed your profile
  5. Who viewed your ads
  6. Weakspots
  7. Hints and Tips on how to use SunZu
  8. Top 5 Articles of yours
  9. Activity V Boradcast so content created v interaction

All driven by members requests. We can also use Flashboard to add more features to assist you in your networking on SunZu as well as outside of SunZu


Payment Gatweay:

Will be live at 12pm today and this will aloow you to charge for events, upgrade, view your billing information and change password from the my account menu

We are working on:

  1. Fixing th badge issue whereby they are not displaying correctly and allowing you to join certain alliances that require certain badges
  2. Fixing some broken links
  3. Looking into importing more of the the sent items from the old Ecademy legacy system in your mail
  4. Creating more call to action from people who visit your articles by placing the get in touch button by your profile
  5. Allow articles to be searched by author
  6. Change the name of companies to Ads
  7. Bug fixing ongoing


  1. Automatically place all members into a circle for you
  2. Ability to mail all members
  3. New design for Alliances


This is toprovide everyone with up to date statistics of all their activity on SunZu so you can spot your weaker points and results


Monday/Tuesday should see:

1. comments on articles, blogs etc being notified to you

2. comment on comment being notified to you

3. Backend admin items to make it easier to do things for the team

Next Week being worked on:

a. Payment gateway being setup ready to open our doors tot eh wider world

b. View connections in list format

c. Filter and edit connections in the list format so delete or move to circle en mass etc

d. Inbox filters, sort, delete, order

These are the main items lots more of the smaller items being completed too.

We are working very hard to deliver an outstanding experience for everyone so all suggestions are logged even if not able to b replied to. Listening is a forte.

Thank you all for your support


  • How can I remove myself as an Admin from an alliance ?
  • Display of imported discussion - further improvements to follow
  • Admin can't delete or edit alliance members comments


  • We're waiting for Sage Pay to approve the SunZu merchant account, until then we can only offer free events.


  • Alerts button is not working.


  • Addition of email filters e.g. unread and delete in bulk


  • Ability to opt out of comments notification
  • Being notified about one's own posted discussion in an alliance and missing avatar

SunZu on iPad & iPhone:

  • iPad: this is an ongoing process
  • iPhone: this is an ongoing process



How to:


Please note: we are receiving all messages sent through the Assist section; at this stage we are unable to respond to users individually but issues are logged and we are working on reported issues as fast we can.