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Director at FSB Properties Ltd


Hello and thanks for looking at my profile. I started my career as an electronics engineer with a B.Sc.(hons) and an M.Sc. I am also a Chartered Engineer (C.Eng) and an MIEE (although the institute has changed its name now!) Along the line of doing my normal day job, I also worked at the family business (in the leisure industry) so you could say I have been in business for around 28 years. Along came the Buy-to-let bandwagon a few years ago and yes you guessed it I became an investor with a small portfolio of properties.

Well, time moved on and now I am into Overseas properties and the rest of my profile is detailed below: I am a professional source of property investments in Cyprus. I am based in Cyprus and have very good knowledeg of the property rules, I can support the client through the complete buying process from arranging finance to legal facilities and more. I have on my books and can source all types of Cyprus properties from single dwellings to complete investor projects to beachfront land for development and/or investment. Projects with good discounts for investor / groups or land with planning permits to build your own. I have very good contacts Island wide with many years of property experience between us, there is no property that we cannot located for you (well almost!), it is our pleasure to work with our clients to secure for them the best deals.

Cyprus is a full EU member and has very generous taxation policies which make this the place to invest. Sound, secure and guaranteed investments with strict land registration and stringent banking rules makes for a safer investment. My website gives a sample of the properties I carry, but if you need something you don't see please feel free to ask, I am more than happy to source it. Cyprus properties is my main line, but I also have good contact for properties in Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, South Africa and more. I have now made good contacts that can offer Commercial and residential Portfolios across the UK and I am seeking investor(s) / Groups to do some good business with. Similarly, if you can offer such, then please get intouch as I have potential clients waiting to purchase good deals. Please respond directly on Investor properties our speciality, try us you will not be sorry. I am am always on the look out for suitably like minded persons to collaborate with, please just drop me a line on I am honest, trustworthy and a hardworking individual and I love this new found career, although my family do come first.

I appreciate anyone who has taken the time to go through my profile and by all means you are more than welcome to connect with me. Unfortunately I doubt that we will be communicating much if you are a life coach, mentor, consultant, networking advisor, spiritual guide, public speaking expert, or pitching an MLM line etc. I apologise for being blunt but I've always kept a low numbered high activity network. By that I mean that I will establish a relationship with you if I think there is a good chance of us actually concluding business or being of help to each other. Thanks Panayiotis FSB Properties Ltd

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