Paul Buckingham



Director at ICPR 1200 Limited


International Corporate Partner Resource 1200 Limited (ICPR 1200 - Director Services A UK based International Business Development operation specializing in Representation (inc. NED), Procurement, Distribution, M&A, JV and International partner sourcing. ICPR 1200 covers a wide variety of industry sectors. The Benefits of our services include: 1. Over 20 years experience in business development; 2. Over 15 years of hands-on international business development experience; 3. Economic solutions tailored to meet within pratcial budgets; 4. An existing direct affiliation with partners in 42 international territories (growing), giving direct access to new markets; 5. Purchasing / M&A / JV sources may be sourced anonymously, under the name of ICPR 1200, until final contract phase; 6. Distribution sources identified on a consultative basis (i.e. we will provide you with advice as to how the approach should be made / prepared); 7. A developing programme of services for entities wishing to enter the UK market, through assisted property locating services (e.g. identification of suitable site, incentives/grants) and critical appointments through our network of respected Non-Executive Directors (various industry sectors); 8. Fixed cost recruitment services; 9. Ad-Hoc international trade project services available on daily rates (i.e. no large, uneconomical, and unmanageable fees); 10. Start-up and planning services (inc. business plans); 11. No dissemination, forwarding or profiting from client data to any third party (e.g. market intelligence, database service etc.) outside of ICPR 1200 service remit (i.e. targeted and identified resource only).

Personal Details - Returned to the UK in October 2006, after 16 years in Japan, during which time I undertook positions with Rolex Japan (1991 - 1998) as a watchmaker in the QC Dept., Kokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd. (1999 - 2005) as a Business Development Project Manager, undertaking management of international investments, as well as Emajan (2002 - 2007), as President of this personally owned private company, undertaking consultancy business and music event production. Also acted as NED (2002 - 2004) for Blues Alive Entertainment (Japan), providing expertise in business development. Spent a couple of years researching and laying the foundations for the launch of ICPR 1200 Limited, which was officially registered in 2009.