Pauline Vilain




My name is Pauline Vilain and I founded Vilain-Innovations (V-I) to meet the needs of creative, innovative authors who feel compelled to deal with the changing demands of a rapidly, changing publishing environment. Authors today are concerned about the following critical changes in the outlook for sales and distribution of writing products. For this reason, Vilain-Innovations offers six important services. 1. THE EVER-CHANGING LANSCAPE FOR READING AND SELLING BOOKS The decline of bookstores and the emergence of various digital books and book readers as an alternative to physical publishing have changed the landscape, but it has not put the hard and softcover books outside of the marketplace. A serious literary agency cannot ignore both the traditional and newer approaches to information distribution. Besides, using computers, cellphones, I-pods, etc., e-books can be read on special digital book readers like Amazon's Kindle, the Linux-based Hanlin e-Reader V3 and Windows CE-based Bookeen Cybook. For this reason Vilain-Innovations will help an author publish his own e-book as well as promoting it along with the hard and soft cover versions to major and independent publishers. 2. READERS DEMAND A MEDIA PLATFORM FROM AUTHORS There is the need for a self-generated platform for promotion and sales, even if one is involved with a major publisher. Various types of internet marketing have become a major key to success in the world of the New Media. This is a vast terrain, including podcasting, blogging, inclusion of arricles in e-zines and newsletters and broadcasting to a great many social networks. Facebook fan pages and Twitter, for sure, have become a must for every author.They can also create a platform for their works via I-pods. They can do webinars, give offline lectures and seminars. 3. PUBLIC RELATIONS AND THE NEW MEDIA There is also a need for public relations methodologies to reach targeted audiences, often on a truly global platform. This can be via bookshops and book signing, but also using conventional and New Media approaches to gain outside publicity. This could include the author hiring book publicists to promote him or herself on "radio tours". It might be getting signed up to a speakers' bureau, which is big money for a successful author. Press releases these days blend Internet with television, radio and print. For a successful author with a large publisher, a lot of this expense and a certain amount of money are taken off by the author. But this is an age, where an author, if sufficiently clever and sufficiently capitalized, can propel himself to notoriety and income without a major publisher, particularly in the self-development arena. 4. CROSS OVER MEDIA There is an ever widening opportunity for cross-over media: for a book to become an audiobook, a documentary or a movie to be digitally propagated and sold in various forms on the web. This is why Vilain-Innovations looks at film and other types of companies - even music companies ( for music scores and songs for its films) to pitch its products. We deal with all major distribution channels for media products related to books. This we will promote books to publishers, but also to film companies, or assist am author in having his book adapted for 5. IN-HOUSE TRANSLATION DEPARTMENT Even though the world has become global, in the world of books and information, the need for the translation of languages has only increased. For this reason Vilain-Innovations offers its own in-house translation department. See translation service section for a full description of our services.


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