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“In everything I do I believe in the innate intelligence of humankind to be able conquer the challenges that are faced by each of us day to day.

I believe that every person was born for a great purpose and that with each new year more people realise their purpose and start their journey to take action toward achieving it.

I believe that entrepreneurship is key to continuing the evolution of humankind and creating a world of work givers instead of work seekers.

I see my purpose as being the catalyst for great people to realise the purpose they are meant to achieve and bring it to the world.

I see my purpose as helping to raise the level of wealth and abundance globally through personal contribution, by serving myself through which others are served, and inspiring others to do the same.

I do this by sharing with others the experiences and skills I have collected and continuing to learn and put into action the learnings I gain from those that inspire me.

I am the consigliere. The trusted advisor to individuals and corporates.”

- Paul J. Lange

About Paul

Paul is an internationally experienced C-Level executive specialised in leading start-ups & complex business expansions. His career spans more than 25 years and five continents during which time he considers himself privileged to have been instrumental in helping both entrepreneurs and multi-national enterprises to realise their vision and achieve their business goals. What drives and inspires Paul is working with people who can visualise what they want, are passionate about achieving it, and take action toward it .

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Grow Your Business

Starting & growing your business is an exciting time. For many though it is also lonely and often fraught with uncertainty, possibly even self-doubt. It can be difficult when you go it alone without the right people around you to provide advice and collaborate building from ideas to income. If you own a good business and feel you have greater growth potential than you are achieving, we would like to meet with you. Paul has an exceptional track record and reputation with building and expanding fast track and rapid growth companies. Talk to us and see if he can help you.

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Private Mentoring

Small business owners and directors of large corporations turn to Paul for support through a challenging period for their business or career. Paul's mentoring & coaching helps high-achievers attain their financial, career, and personal goals, improve company performance and productivity, and return high CAGR for investors. To achieve success you need to establish the important values that determine success. You also need to have a clear desire to change.

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A personal note:

I help committed people to grow multi-million dollar businesses as a vehicle to achieve whatever it is that is important to them. The only way I have found to do this with consistent results is to start by thinking like a big enterprise business. I have over 25 years in enterprise business creation, operations, and exits.

The people I work share a common goal to create wealth for themselves and for others. Financial independence followed by financial freedom are two material goals that are common yet they are never the end game. They are a means to a greater purpose and the entry point to an even bigger game!

My style is very candid and sometimes confronting. The outcome is always that which the individual (and by extension the business) truly believes he or she is capable of achieving. I mean the kind of belief that you have if we were to stand in front of each other naked and you tell me what you believe you are capable of.

If you ask for my help, understand this. I cannot motivate you to do anything. Motivation comes from within and unless you understand that you will continue to live your life by what other people want. Also, I cannot make the commitment for you to succeed. Only you can make that commitment to yourself. I and my team of seasoned professionals can support and inspire you to achieve your goals, your dreams, your purpose, and if you are committed to yourself, then I and my team will be committed to you to help you to make it happen.

My goal is to help the people I work with to succeed, in whatever way they define success for themselves. I value my time and know that if we work together you will consider my services a valuable investment.

If your financials are not presently at a level where you believe you can afford to engage with me, you probably can’t afford not to engage. So reach out for an exploratory discussion and if we are able to go forward, we’ll make payment plan that grows with your business as it helps you grow your business.

About CleverX Business Incubators

CleverX is a business incubator for rapid-growth & fast-track companies. We are committed to investing in companies that have innovative commercial niche or truly have the potential to become the best of breed in their industry. We look for ventures that have the potential for a factor ten (10x) rapid growth. Whilst most incubators concentrate on the start-up sector, CleverX accepts start-ups as the exception rather than the rule. If you are a start-up still talk to us. Even if we are not a match we can most likely put you in touch with people who are better suited to your situation. The CleverX Business Incubation program accelerates the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through provision of business support resources and services. Services and support are offered both directly from CleverX and through our international network of professionals and experts. Successful completion of a CleverX Business Incubation program increases the likelihood that a start-up company will stay in business for the long term; or at least until they execute their exit strategy.

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