Paulo Nader Da Cunha

Paulo nader

Da cunha


I am a Digital Media Engineer, a Journalist and Web-writer, since before blogs exist. The main fields I work on are Information Technology, Digital Media - specially those based on or running digital video and digital imagery. I write BEHAVIORAL ANALYSIS essays and editorials, focused on networking, social media, use of gadgetry - smartphones, tablets and any mobile devices. I test gear and write tutorials, reviews of sites, blogs and software/applications for either mobile or "conventional" devices - specially those meant to the Android and Windows operational systems. The main technologies I've been working on are Cloud Computing and Augmented Reality. I am one of the publishers and analysts of the magazine Nomadismo Celular, a Brazilian e-magazine specialized on new technologies and mobility. Most of the texts I published were originally written in Portuguese, but I am translating (manually) all them to English. Besides being one of the editors of Nomadismo Celular Magazine, I joined the team developing a new e-magazine, The Tablet Report, not yet on-line. Since I started writing to the WEB, I've published over 900 texts, editorials and tutorials, to different sites and portals, half of those texts being written under contract and hence, paid to be done. About 300 of my texts and tutorials were published at the MSN Portal (Brazil) and can be still found at BABOO, a Brazilian site and forum of technology, ranked 2nd most visited site (on that subjects) in Brazil, since 2004. I advise companies that intend to export/sell their products or services in Brazil and to Brazilian costumers, recommending any changes, additions and suggesting better targeted marketing approaches, related to any given product. with a special focus on imagery - video and photography, both hardware and software. Testing cameras, video-cameras, tablets, smartphones and all kind of digital gadget is one of my regular activities. i speak and write English and Portuguese fluently, being a certified interpreter and translator by the Alumni Association, branch of United States embassy in Brasil, since 1979. The main areas I've been working for the last decades are the military, aeronautics, police and special ops advisory and also extreme sports and the production of TV documentaries.