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Over 20 years experience. Entrepreneur delivering bespoke investment opportunities. Specialist in private placement, alternative investments, financial engineering, structured finance solutions, asset management. Latest Project: Broaden Corporation: Matching investors and investments by leveraging two decades of experience and our extensive trusted contact base, forming a number of joint venture agreements, specializing in the fields of finance, property, construction and land development, oil and gas & alternative energy, infrastructure and other investments globally. Direct relationships only.

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Broaden Corporation

Broaden Corporation act as an agent matching buyers and sellers by leveraging years of experience and our extensive contact base, forming a number of joint venture agreements, specialising in property, construction and land development and infrastructure and other investments globally. We have spent a long time developing our relationships and have an exciting portfolio of projects to offer. Information for Investors Our Mission Broaden Corporation [BC] is committed to deliver and facilitate high performance opportunities to investors in property, construction, land development, infrastructure and other investments. The role of BC is to act as the catalyst by leveraging our relationships, targeting the best opportunities at the most advantageous prices, speeding up the process and often delivering first mover advantage on deals not on the open market. Our investors are able to capitalize on the ability of BC to unlock potential not readily available in the marketplace and enable business to be conducted efficiently. The strength of our relationships often enables us to secure mandates from property owners and exclusive time to offer opportunities to investors. We are able to produce a bespoke menu of investment ready opportunities and supply fully detailed project plans, saving the investor valuable time on initial legals and due diligence. Should you wish to progress this opportunity or have any further questions, please contact me directly at


I am the founder of Broaden a management consultancy specialising in improving profitability through embracing better business practice. Inspired by working alongside a number of retail gurus including Sir Philip Green and influenced by the entrepreneurial spirit, I decided in 1994 to take the leap of faith into the unknown of self employment and formed a management consultancy specialising in telecommunications and IT. Broaden is an independent cost reduction strategy consultancy helping clients leverage top level sector expertise & up-to-the-minute market knowledge to deliver huge cost savings and efficiency improvements. For the big picture about Broaden, take a look at the "Big Picture" I created to explain the business in ten minutes.


Up until March 2008 when growth in my other business commitments meant I could no longer offer it the time the role required, I acted as VP Commercial Development for Ecademy, an integral part of the Ecademy Management team, responsible for commercial development, strategic alliances, advertising and sponsorship I built the marketplace where the 350,000 worldwide users are able to trade. I met Thomas Power in 1999 when I booked him to do a presentation to a user group of large companies I was doing some consultancy for, he was banging on about community first and commerce second and it struck a chord. I joined Ecademy in early 2000 - as I built my business I watched Ecademy's growth with interest. I became a Power Networker and became active in May 2003, developed a business plan, agreed a deal and set about building Ecademy Marketplace. 7,196 emails and 354 face to face meetings later we launched on Thursday 11 November 2003 at 17.30 with 133 suppliers, and have been through a number of changes & developments, culminating in MarketStar, a brand new subscription level which launched on 6 May 2005. The new Marketplace was much more successful than we imagined and added massive value to Ecademy membership. In order to deliver the additional value to even more members, from 1st December 2005, all of the benefits of MarketStar membership with its full access to the Ecademy Marketplace were rolled into the PowerNetworker™ level of membership.

Just to sum up...

Broaden Corporation act as an agent matching buyers and sellers by leveraging years of experience and our extensive contact base, forming a number of joint venture agreements, specialising in property, construction and land development and infrastructure and other investments globally. Broaden's methodology of powerful 'push purchasing' principles allied to smarter business practice saved tens of millions of pounds for a number of blue chip corporate clients who included: BAFTA, Compass Group, Hanson, Geest and General Motors. Affinity partnerships included the Vauxhall retailer network, comprising hundreds of companies & sites and delivering millions of pounds of savings. Broaden won Partner of the Year from Cable & Wireless 2005. Ecademy is a Social Network for Business People founded in 1998 now with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. Our cause is to build the world's premier Trusted Network, connecting business people to share knowledge, contacts, support and transactions.

If you think I can help you, give me a call. My motivation is in supporting my family, building a legacy, laughing, enjoying work time and play time & working with great people...

Who is Paul Sherman?

My View...

A perfect week for me would include: -

  • A long luxurious weekend in a country retreat in Yorkshire with my wife and son [aged 10, going on 16]
  • Spending time together, exploring and experiencing, walking, running, laughing, talking
  • Breathing the fresh air, in bright sunlight in cold crisp weather, seeing the world through his eyes
  • Meeting good friends
  • Seeing the Mighty Whites win in front of an passionate and vocal crowd at Elland Road and being passionate and vocal
  • Watching Goldfinger and The Italian Job
  • Listening to Sinatra at the Sands.
  • Driving home to London on a roadworks free M1 in light traffic
  • Enjoying 20 great meetings with brilliant people
  • Developing the business
  • Making new contacts
  • Learning new things
  • Building new relationships
  • Sharing opportunities.

I have built a property portfolio and investment interests which include a fast growing wireless start up and a US public shell.

Others' View...

SOME TESTIMONIALS: "I have met Paul twice and both times he has impressed with his vision, energy and style. He is always willing to help, and energises meetings as few can." - Edward Nash "If you want to get things done fast and efficient, Paul is the person to go to.- Barbara Hofmeister "Here is a man with presence, a powerful sense of humour and a big heart, a great asset to any business deal or party! He gives with a twinkle in his eye and a directness that wins!" - Pauline Crawford "Paul has so many attributes. On a business level he is exceptional, particularly in the specific area of his expertise, procurement. On a personal level, he is a real pleasure to socialise with. Paul's got great humour, and an engaging style. Meet up wih him and you won't be disappointed!" - Simon Warman-Freed "I've known Paul for only a few short months, but during that time I've come to appreciate a great many of his talents. In a world where what you see is not always what you get, Paul is unquestionably the Real McCoy. His subject matter expertise is awesome; his business experience is on a par with anyone in the world; and to cap it all, he's an all-round great guy" - Patrick Moore "As an individual, Paul's dry sense of humour and typical northern wit are guarantees that the time spent with him will always be joyous and is one of those people you grow to like progressively more as time passes." - Andrew Widgery " MWA Design has worked with Paul since October 2004 and he has since become a good personal friend and a great client. Paul has always delivered what he says he will deliver, when he said he would deliver it! If you get the chance to work with Paul - do it." - Simon Graham

+ Further testimonials from Ecademy Members...

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  5. I acted for 2 years as VP Commercial Development for Ecademy and ran Ecademy Marketplace and worked closely with the rest of the Ecademy Management team.
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