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Thank you, please read on.... Having spent 14 years, from Feb 1998 to July 2012 creating and supporting this amazing entrepreneur community Thomas and I have stepped out of Ecademy, selling it to Lyndon Wood, please see this Blog HERE I have also posted my thanks to the community here Thank you, it has been an amazing 14yrs and 5mths for Thomas and I The 14 years has been amazing learning and a great joy. We started when LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter did not exist, we were able to build the type of type of community values and functionality that we believed would help SME's around the world learn how to adapt to the transparency and dynamic world that now exists. As the owners of this business our learning has been incredible. Adapting to the free world that hit us in 2005, learning to to manage critics and sadly Internet trolls, learning how to lead online and drop all tendencies to control by becoming Open, Random and Supportive in our behaviour and leadership. Ecademy will always be in my heart, like a child that I have watched grow up. However, I am now building new businesses and having new challenges. I will check in here occasionally. For a while I will leave the new owner, Lyndon Wood to settle in though. Lyndon is incredibly committed to helping SME's and has the ambition and dream to build Ecademy well into the future. If you would like to keep in touch. Please email me on or send a message here. Finally. To all those who have supported Thomas and I over the last 14 years I cannot thank you enough, you know that I hope already. You will know that there is great sadness as well as pride in the decision to leave Ecademy, thank you for your love. Please continue to provide unconditional love here to all the members, to me that is what makes business better, and I hope that set of values remains here forever. And really finally, there are people who have been amazing on this journey that I want to salute and thank. Glenn Watkins, our CEO for 9 years, Julian Bond, our CTO for 7 years, William Buist, who remains here, our Community Manager and Anna Figiel, who also remains here, our Head of Support and Accounts. The commitment of these people to Ecademy and us personally has been unbelievable, truly unbelienvable and I will never ever forget that. Thank you. I have left my profile as I have always had it here, below. I will change this in time.

"Thank you for your visit to my profile"

I would like to share some
thoughts on Ecademy, but first it is important to introduce myself.

Penny and Thomas Power

Penny Power founder of Ecademy and author of the book Know Me, Like Me, Follow Me

I am the Founder of Ecademy, created with Thomas Power and Glenn Watkins to help business people achieve success in their business through online tools, community and through friendship. More about Ecademy later.

I was born in England in 1964, I married Thomas Power in 1990 and we have three children, Hannah, Ross and TJ. We are a close family, we laugh a lot together, we travel a great deal to meet members all over the world and we love our family time. I think the greatest aspect of Social Networking and the online world for us has been the aspect of working from home a great deal, allowing Thomas and I to be close to the children as they grow up. I am sure that is something that many of Ecademy Members have experienced and it is an enormous benefit of the new online world.

Thomas, Penny TJ, Ross and Hannah PowerPenny and her family in the garden photo by Headshots UK

"We also have 2 dogs that are very demanding for love and expect the same attention and life as our children.

Penny and her little dog

In fact, I would go so far as to say they probably expect even more than the children!

Penny Power - Purpose

I have been in business since I was 19, when I joined the fast growing PC Industry in 1983. Although a business women through and through I am very emotionally driven. I want people to find purpose and be able to communicate it. When I created Ecademy I realized at that point that Social Networking was far more than technology, it was about the people and that has been my driver since 1998 when Ecademy was born.

Do check out my profile and videos on the YBC channel. Mark Sinclair from the YBC Channel created this Video Channel for me to share social networking information.

Screenshot of Penny Powers YBC page

Penny Power - Ecademysmall blue globe

Ecademy is a Social Business Network. Created as a community, it has developed over 12 years into a warm, supportive and creative place. Business people join from all over the world and we encourage an Open, Random and Supportive philosophy.

blue speach bubble

Ecademy is a Social place where business happens. You will experience many conversations that are business related and socially related. People are real here, they experience real life in real time. The conversations take place privately through sending a message directly or in public places like the Blog Page and in Groups. Conversation is what we encourage, not Broadcasting and if you read my Blogs you will see that I teach and share all the time about the power of having conversation to create your brand, followers and friends. I like to teach the philososphy of this new world and how to adapt to it.

2 blue people holding hands

Ecademy exists to make your business stronger, to bring the right people to you at the right time. However when I conceived the idea of Ecademy I was determined that this network would be about the emotional needs of people as well as the financial needs, where people put friendship ahead of personal gain, once self esteem, self worth and community is achieved people achieve real growth in their business, they find themself through the people they meet and through meeting new people.

Penny Power - Personal Value

Penny Power and her eldest son Ross PowerPenny Power speakingPenny Power and the whole family

I knew that once personal value and understanding was achieved the money would flow for them more. Ecademy exists 12 years on because it works for people, in many ways it works, fundamentally it works because people feel 'richer'.

In 2003 the term Social Networking was created and become talked about, we saw FaceBook and LinkedIn join the market and through targeting Corporate Employees and Social Teenagers they became the amazing networks that we witness today.

It helped Ecademy grow when these networks began to make a noise, legitimising the idea of connecting online, they created the market we see today, Ecademy has gained from their presence.

However, we are different, while LinkedIn is a Business network and FaceBook is a Social Network, Ecademy bridges the gap that business people need, it helps business people make friends, across the world that will support them, inspire them, advocate them, buy from them, supply them and most of all be a friend.

Penny Power - Let's explore these thoughts

What is a friend post it noteCan we all be friends post it noteis it me? is it you? is it us?

What drove me to create a friendship network for business people?

I am a business person, since 1983, aged 19 I have been in business. I have always desired friendship. I wanted everyone I met to be my friend, is that naive? I seek harmony, I seek friendship. I have created around me the most amazing family, yet the desire for friendship has become more intense.

But is it a desire to have more friends or is it a need I feel to make the world friendlier?

Penny and Thomas PowerAt the cricket

Politer, more respectful, more open, more caring on a day to day level a smile, a hug.

Penny and Thomas Power

A thoughtful gesture, anything that reaches someone and gives them a good feeling.

When I speak to the FaceBook generation, they seek friendship, they seek harmony, they seek balance, they seek collaboration, they seek a better world. They are also building social capital, they know that who they are inside FaceBook is more valuable to them that what they are.

They know that being open, being supportive and being able to support a wide network when that network needs them, is their future. Their life is real, it is transparent, it exists in real time and on demand, they know how to get the technology to serve them. Socialising to them isn't something they fit in at the end of their day, for many adults, socialising has been squeezed out of their lives.

Penny Power - Ecademy Values

The toughest challenge for me has been to keep Ecademy true to our original intention

'a social network for business people' not a 'business network for business people'.

In a way it was easier when we were alone in the market, no one joined with 'bad habits', those who joined knew that we were about friendship and they valued that, now we have to teach that Ecademy is different, it is not LinkedIn, it is not FaceBook, we are here to bridge that gap, help people to be social in a business world, a place where you can have random thoughts and create random friends, knowing that you are communicating inside a business network so there is no need to shout to be heard.

Penny Power - Re-boot

large blue globeThe world is in transition, money for some reason has been flowing toward those who don't value it, don't use it wisely and who don't contribute toward mankind. There are exceptions of course, but the energy in the world has been around greed, pain, competition and power.

The energy is shifting toward contribution, toward 'winning by sharing' toward a better set of values that are actually more effective in achieving individual financial goals, perhaps tough for the institutions or the institutional thinker.

The shift is taking place, many are on a painful journey through that shift. Thomas gave me the physical words for that shift; people and the energy around us are moving from

being 'Closed, Selective and Controlling' (CSC)

to being 'Open, Random and Supportive' (ORS).

My daily desire is that throughout your experience of Ecademy I hope we can give you hope, inspiration, the tools and the people so you can be more Open, Random and Supportive in your life.

and in these words that Sadie Murray gave me, I find great comfort.

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time" Thomas Edison

Every person you meet, every Blog you write, every meeting you have,

is just one more time in your journey to achieve your dreams.

Keep believing and keep being a friend to people you bump into

this is the recipe for SUCCESS and it makes your journey a whole lot happier!

Penny Power - My BookPenny Power signing her book at the book launch

My book 'know me, like me, follow me', helps you discover what online social networking means for you and your business.

You can also find out more on my site 'know me, like me, follow me'

know me speach bubblelike me speach bubblefollow me speach bubblePenny's book know me, like me, follow me click here to buy Penny's book This book is sold from Amazon and you will be re directed here for the purchase.

Penny Power - When I understood Social Networking

I have written these words and made them in to a slide show to help you see what the great things are when you truly understand Social networking

Penny Power - When I understood Social Networking I shared this poem at our monthly London event, I wrote it on the train on the way to the event. Since then I have had an unbelievable amount of requests for it. I hope you like it View more presentations from Penny Power.

Thomas, Hannah, Ross and TJ Power

Penny Power - sharing Memories

Here are some more photographs I would like to share with you. John Cassidy took some wonderful photographs of Hannah, TJ, Thomas and I earlier this year as well as my profile shot and Dianna Bonner has taken some great photographs at our Ecademy events.

Penny and the family photoshoot by John CassidyPenny Power and Louis Grey

I have recently been interviewed for Nov 2009 Edge magazine. You can download a pdf version of the interview by clicking on this link.

Penny Power in the November Issue of Edge magazine

remember to follow Penny on Twitter @pennypower

September 2010 - family photo at our neices wedding in S.France family at laura wedding Digital Business Britain Manifesto


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