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Peter H.Claes | Gifts Guru | BGifts © | Belgian Gifts & Incentives bvba | CPMS © - C P Management Solutions | Ecademy Support Worldwide.
Expert in business gifts | communication wear | incentives | promotional products | loyalty programs | (personal) branding | merchandising | work wear | fulfillment services.
Contact : | landline +32 15 33 60 98 !
If you are interested in Social ' Business' Networking, Ecademy,SunZu, BlackStar or just want to meet for a coffee or a beer, i'm always open for a 1-2-1 !

A small review on my private life ... ;-)

Januari 1965, born in Mechelen - Belgium, under the sign of the zodiac as a Capricorne and in Chinese mythologie as a Snake.....

Believe it or not, but people who know me very well, they recognise a lot of those two animals in my character, and yes, i know .... ;-)

I'm the proud father of two lovely daughters, Nicky ( born in 1995) and Chloë (born in 1997) ! :-) :-)

Also i'm the godfather of Karoline, a very dynamic young lady (almost 20 years old ;-) ).

On May 7th, the first child of my brother was born, a little baby girl named Paulien. I'm so proud to be her godfather :-)

February 2002, my life changed completly.

Some friends talked me into a bet, i must be nuts at that time but couldn't refuse, i became a passionate snowborder.

In winter, you can find me offen in Austria but i discovered in the last years also France - Alpe d'Huez, Valfréjus and Switzerland - Leysin area.

In summer, i have fun on the tracks in Snowvalley - Peer - Belgium or Snowworld - Landgraaf - The Nederlands.

Oeps, somebody is missing here :-)


In between the summer and winter season, i have great fun with my family driving my Peter Lynn buggy and my 6 m² kite on the beach in Belgium - France and Holland.

Lucky me, my kids are crazy about this sport aswell ! :-)



Sometimes, i still enjoy an old passion: Mountainbike and '4x4 - Off the road' with my truck!



On holidays or some evenings when i'm not busy, i like to read books.

Unfortunathly, most of the time it's business stuff but i also love reading the books of Jef Geeraerts.

I think i have almost his whole collection now.

I'm also a great fan of Hergé and his strips Kuifje | TinTin.

Traveling around the World with my family, Enjoy! :-)

Business as usual ... ;-)

My first Black Star meeting in Holland - May 2008 - opened some new opportunities for me.

I had several 1-2-1 meetings with collegue Black Stars from UK and Holland. The discussions on our 'Virtual Table' made me think and the day after, i decided to take urgent action and change some important things in my life!

First of all, i started a club on Ecademy - ' The World of Gifts & Incentives ©'

Why this club? I like to help people, so i tell Ecademy members around the world what is going on in the branch.

The club is set up as a place were everybody can meet and post his questions, his new products, change idea's and even promote his own products, ....

Today, Mike Verdugt is helping me out with this club. Thank you for that Mike ;-)

I also need to thank Penny Power to give me that wonderfull idea! Thank you Penny to share this idea with me!

An other result, after a good meeting with Black Star Lesley Morissey, i became a part of the Ecademy Support Team. What does the Support Team do? If you have a support request thru the Ecademy system, there will be a big change that you get in touch with me or one of my collegae from Support. It's amazing what kind of questions we recieve and words of thanks to help the Ecademy Members with their problems.

Personnaly it's a fantastic experience, i learn every day more and more about the Ecademy Tools. I'm happy to share this knowledge with the Ecademy members.

You see, investing in a 'Black Star Membership' gives you an excelleration in your business. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Since October 2007, i'm shareholder at Belgian Gifts & Incentives, a company specialised in gadgets, premiums, promotional products, (exclusive) businessgifts, charity programs, loyalty programs and incentives.


A small view of our little showroom!

28 august 2008, after a buy-out, Belgian Gifts & Incentives has a new management.

In the same period, Danny De Doncker joined the team as a specialist in webdesign and logodesign.

01 september 2008, we changed our commercial name to BGifts ©, more easy to find in the search engines and easier for the customers to remember! :-).

15 june 2009, we our proud to annonce that we have a UK Sales Agent in Eastbourne. Stella Holman is taking care of our UK customers. An other proof of the power of the BlackStar network! :-)

March 2010, first steps to the next joint venture with a specialist in work wear and communication wear. Suzy will taking care of the clothing department in the next few months.

April/May 2010, Ron Ladage become Sales Agent Benelux, the investment in BlackStar membership is proving again why we ever joined.

In June 2010 started a partnership with a Sales Agent at the Belgian Coast

.We will open in July 2010 a showroom at the Trade Market in Bruxelles for our Retail Customers buying bags and travelbags. This department will be run by .......... ( a secret till next month).

Please visit our digital catalogues to have a small idea from our products! You find them all under BGifts © | Belgian Gifts & Incentives.

Why you should chooce for BGifts © and his professional partners?

Well, we are specialists in the promotional world | incentives | business gifts | loyalty programs | charity programs | promotional products | communication wear | branding | merchandising and we deliver also small quantities, personalised or not.

Since several months, we are offering a Fulfillment Service together with our Business Partner Mike Verdugt ( Amerone Business Gifts)

If you are interested in our products, Let us know, we make special prices for all BlackStar and Power Networkers in Europe!

Today, i'm proud to say that we have several Ecademy members in Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Holland and UK who made already the choice for our specialised services.

Both of our companies, BGifts © and CPMS ©, are investing in Charity Programs. Today, we support a Charity Programs: . Krijtlijn vzw - Chalkline

C P Management Solutions is on the move!

I'm still expanding the business activities from C P Management Solutions ©. As a company specialised in supporting KMO/MKB/PME companies, our team is offering their services as sparring partner, businesspartner or coach for the owner or his team.

I'm very proud to say that today we have a team of  4 crazy Belgian Senior Consultants and a few Nepali Consultants working together under the CPMS - Flag! Each team member is an expert in his own domain, but first of all, they are real TEAM players!

Our TEAM has specialists in General Management, Human Resources, IcT, Change Management, Qualification Programs, Coaching, Web Development, Ecommerce, Personal Coaching, On-line Solutions, Network Creation, Agency, ...

Our TEAM Players
  • Peter H. Claes
  • | Senior Consultant | Gifts Guru | Hands on Coach | Interim Manager | Expert | Europe
  • Patrick Van Dun
  • | Consultant | IT Specialist | Nepal
  • Ron Ladage
  • | Senior Consultant | Interim Manager | Advisor | Coach | The Netherlands
  • Rik Verheyden
  • | Senior Consultant | Facility | Recruitment specialist | Interim Management | Belux
  • . . . .
A small selection of projects
  • Reorganisation Administration for a security company | Belgium & The Netherlands
  • Hands-on coaching for a warehouse team | Belgium
  • Integrations of KMO/PME companies (family business) | Belgium
  • Change Management for an international group - implementation ERP (Axapta) | Europe
  • Local research and support Start Up (Printing Company) | Hungary
  • Admin & commercial support IT company | Belgium | Nepal
  • Organisation of fairs and events (on a monthly base) | Belgium
  • Headhunting for large companies - subcontracting | Benelux
  • Management Support IT company (KMO/MKB) | Belgium
  • Public Relations for an international organisation | Europe
  • HR projects | Belgium
  • Executive search of different management profiles - subcontracting | Benelux
  • Co-founder and boardmember of BAPP (Belgian Association Promotional Products) | Europe
  • Boardmember of several non-profit organisations | Belgium
  • Direct search technical profiles - subcontracting | Benelux
  • Off Shore Programming | Nepal
  • Personal Coaching for Middle Management and several business owners | Europe
  • Trading | Europe
  • Management of several Celibrities | Belgium
  • ...

Before Juli 2006, I worked as an employé on different levels, from backoffice employé, management consultant till managing director of an international company.

You want to now more? Please visit my CV details or just contact me thru mail.


So, why i became a Black Star ... ?

As you can see, this is one of the reasons......



Michel Smeets, Bert Verdonck and myself, 3 Belgian Black Stars having fun outside the regular meetings, celebrating a trusted powernetworker ;-) It was very cold but the 'glühwein' was great ;-)

BlackStar Buddies?">Thomas Power, Geert Conard, Michel Smeets and myself at the 2008 X Mas Dinner.


Discussing the quality of our banner with Geert Conard. The banner was designed by our BlackStar friend Michel Smeets



After a great lunch with a lot of the local beers :-), just a picture to remember that our BS Holland brothers Cornelis - Hans - Marco enjoyed the visit of the Brewery Het Anker in Mechelen.

The Belgian BlackStar Jean - Geert and myself became that night part of the 'Broeders der Neder Landen!



Our Black Star Meeting in Antwerp - Sep 2008. From UK, we had Maurice Poole over, from Holland Cornelis, Marco and Hans (but they left early after a great virtual table) came over and a few Belgian BS, Bert, Louis, Geert, Michel and myself.

Monthly BlackStar Meeting in de Pits | Zolder.


Enjoying a Virtual Table with some BS Friends Yves Miserez, Luis, Toussaint, Geert, Levent, Michel.

A small view on different Ecademy Events Worldwide :-). It feels good being a part of that family! Welcome to the darksite :-)
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