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Director at Gooisoft


Passionate about enterprise and entrepreneurialism in general, I'm very interested in meeting with entrepreneurial pioneers in both commercial and social enterprises. I've met several people here who've been extremely helpful and through Ecademy off-line meetings have made friends who've invested time and money in my various ventures. I hope I've also been able to help other Ecademy members to further their aims and ambitions. The projects I'm most closely involved with fall into three categories;

1. Charity

2. Commercial for Social Impact

3. Commercial  

1.Charity: A trustee of the charity, Work Stress Solutions, which helps people who've had stress related difficulties to regain confidence and get back into work via a safe and nurturing office environment. Clients are given sustainable commercially viable projects tailored to their skill sets which might include marketing and design assignments, video production, printing services etc.

Anyone interested in using these services or willing to assist is most welcome to get in touch. For example, one particularly brilliant Ecademist kindly volunteered to help with employment and recruitment.

I'm also a very keen supporter of Next Century Foundation for Peace which is dedicated to the furtherance of peace, the avoidance of war and the minimisation of suffering resulting from conflict.

2. Commercial for Social Impact: A product my software company is developing is a philanthropy profiling app which is designed to lead users towards thinking more deeply about what it is that they care for most. Based on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, it helps create like minded communities and stimulate positive action. As a director of the Mindful Policy Group , a Community Interest Company which works to advise governments on early intervention policies to reduce child abuse, I'm interested in contact from psychologists and others interested in supporting this work. This follows from a long term interest in psychology and ten years as a Trustee of The Wave Trust. (see the video at the bottom of the page)

3. Commercial: My company, Gooisoft, develops wholly owned proprietary software related to personal and business problem solving. Not yet shown on the website is a breakthrough patented Thought Processing product which uses gaming technology to create a 3D graphical user interface that will run on a PC but can be easily adapted for Kinect gesture technology. It's primary uses are for better decision making, problem solving and creativity boosting but it can also be used very effectively for psychotherapeutic purposes. I am very happy to collaborate and help Ecademists and (non Ecademists) on their projects and am completely open to your suggestions, advice, help and support of any kind for any and all the projects outlined here. If you're interested in knowing more about any of these projects or think I might be interested in learning about yours, please phone, skype or email any time you like for a chat. If you've got this far then you might as well know a bit about my past life......

The bit about me:

Ima High Yellow - What colour are you ?

A bit of history:

  • Studied Solution Focused Psychotherapy and Eriksonian Hypnotherapy and worked as a Strategy and Business Development consultant and Communication Skills Trainer to a wide variety of sectors including Distributive Industries, Privatised Utilities, Food Service, Public Sector and Formula 1 racing and individual business owners.
  • Previously owner and joint MD of a food manufacturing, marketing and supply company in the hotel, catering and allied industries and a Non-Exec. director of a UK national marketing company. For a time also owner of an advertising, marketing and PR agency. In my earlier career I founded and built a successful Health Food manufacturing and marketing company, Shepherdboy Ltd. which was named after my newly born son at the time who is now the CRM consultant for BMW, China. (Just to give you an idea for how long ago it was!)
  • Finally and it's completely irrelevant, but something of which I'm quite proudÂ…Â…Â….. I also happen to hold the World Record for selling the highest value item across the counter in a Woolworth's store; it was a diamond bracelet priced at £2,500 ! - this record was set on Oxford Street, London, way back in 1969. If you have a look at this excellent blog by Ecademist Amanda Vlahakis and scroll down to comments, you'll see a full explanation. 

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About The Wave Trust:

In a global nine year analytical scientific study, a group of psychologists from around the world was drawn together under the auspices of the Wave Trust and identified the main root causes of violence as a trait in human behaviour and can now show how child abuse and most other acts of violence can be stopped.

The Wave Trust is working in partnership on a variety of violence reduction programmes with the Met Police and Kid's Co in London and many local authorities around the country. It also has been influential in the formulation of long term strategies for violence reduction with UK political parties of most persuasions and was recently invited by the World Health Organisation to help with a global violence reduction initiative..