Prem Gyani




Profile; 26 years in the IT Industry. An engineer when a 10MB drive was as large as a desk drawer. An early 1990s sales-bum when you could do no wrong. An e-Business Director of a $100m play in mid 90's. An Internet entrepreneur with terrible timing in 2000. A recruiter when I though the money was easy (it wasn't but I still made it). An advisor to a number of great companies. Held senior executive positions across International markets for the last 5 years. Always made a difference. Energy is still off the scale. In 2007, I joined an amazing entrepreneur, Neal Gandhi, who taught me that being a successful entrepreneur was all about energy, vision and commitment. We took the company from a revenue of £zero to £10m in 3 years. We grew our global footprint to have 1000 employees in 10 countries. We drove the company to the #3 position in the Sunday Times Tech 100 listing in Sept 2010. Over the past 6 years I have met some amazing entrepreneurs. They inspired me to create my own company, OneOnEveryStreet, and that journey absorbed 18 months of my life. I have learnt a great deal in those years as an entrepreneur of sorts. That learning, coupled with the amazing education that I got from working with sales in large corporates since I was 21 gave me the experience to understand a basic fact: Entrepreneurs are often super-heroes at what they do but that is rarely driving revenue through a planned, targeted and strategic sales approach. That is sometimes a good thing. Like everyone I know, I find many things difficult to be successful at. I created LEMONDROP to be a brand that never quite happened. The brand that was destined to be but didn't become. So, welcome to The LEMONDROP Company. For now, it's me. Offering sales business development skills to great start-ups and SMEs that realise they need help in that area. It will get bigger and start to make an impact one day soon. I could give you my best sales patter but I've learnt that it really doesn't work. Whether you are an old-style sales hound or a young social media pup, the facts are the same. It's not what you think about what you do, it's about what others say you do. So read my recommendations on Linkedin. I am very proud of them and very thankful for the people who took the time to write them. What I do; I'm actively helping a number of entrepreneurs old and young understand the true secrets to sales. Not the text book stuff but the stuff that really matters. I do it as a hobby - a way to give something back to the many people who have helped me in my life -, so if you would like to have a chat, feel free to email or call me. I'd direct you to my web site for more info, but I don't have one yet. So, contact me with your challenges and let's see if we can work them out together. Career; Entrepreneur - OneOnEveryStreet Director - Quickstart Global VP International - PKWARE Inc. International Director - BlackSpider Ltd Board Member - iTrust Security Group CEO - KickStart Europe Product Marketing Manager - RSA Security Board Member - Global Communications e-Commerce Director - ACER e-Business Director - CHS Electronics Sales and Marketing Manager - Adaptec Sales Director - Storage Dimensions Pre-Sales Support - PRIAM Pre-Sales Support - Crown Engineering Student - Imperial College Factory worker, grease monkey and ice cream maker - Gillette Industries