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Firstly, I should probably start of with what a copywriter isn't, as I know some people are rather sketchy on the details of the job description. So just to clear up any confusion - a copywriter doesn't simply 'copy' other people's work or protect their ideas (that's Copyright). Neither do we just edit mistakes away (that's Spell check). Rather, copywriting is best described as the art of finding the right words to introduce, promote or publicise a product, person or business through a range of medium, including print, press, TV, radio or the web. Whether using memorable tag lines, informative web content or catchy jingles, the primary goal of a copywriter is to provide an audience (that would be you) with the information that best serves to inform, explain, entice and persuade you to a particular way of thinking. The definition according to the gospel of Wikipedia states that: 'Copywriting is the process of writing the words that promote a person, business, opinion or idea... The main purpose of writing this marketing copy or promotional text is to persuade the listener or reader to act - to buy a product or subscribe to a certain viewpoint, for instance.' Copywriting can actually cover a range of different services: Writing: Producing fresh, new copy for campaigns, websites, blogs, sales, marketing or advertising material. Or anything that requires those all-important 'words'. Editing, formatting and proofing: Reworking, refining and improving existing copy as needed - often necessary if copy is outdated, irrelevant or perhaps just a little too technical for customers to understand and relate to. Content writing: A style of writing that will both attract and engage visitors and satisfy those demanding search engine robots. The use of clear, concise and well-written web content can improve the professional image and perceived integrity of any business. In addition, the strategic targeting of relevant keywords and phrases through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is crucial when chasing those high search engine rankings. Interviewing: An essential element of the copywriting process when looking to gain a fresh perspective or originial angle. The short answer is ANYONE can. There is a popular misconception that enlisting the services of a copywriter is a luxury afforded only by those big name commercial brands and their even bigger budgets. Nothing could be further from the truth. Regardless of your companies size, budget or line of work, making sure you set yourself apart from your competitors and promote your business in the best possible light really should be at the TOP of your list of priorities. Well-written copy and the right message really can enhance the image of a person, product or service and re-enforce the credibility and integrity of any business. Good copy is required to set the correct tone for a business, create a successful marketing message and utilise the correct positioning theme to maximize a companies success in the marketplace. Whether used in advertising, marketing or promotional material or even on the web, making sure you use the right message to effectively portray and promote yourself will, in turn, generate interest and lead to an increase in sales and revenue. Or, to put it another way, make more money. Words really can be all it takes to create, establish and maintain your position as both a market leader and an industry expert. They are the most effective marketing and sales tool that any business can use. No, not at all. In this age of technology, Internet and email when face-to-face meetings are no longer a must, I can work with anyone, anywhere and at anytime. In fact I already work with clients in a number of different countries (and continents) and this has never proved to be a problem, for me or them. Differing time zones can actually come in quite handy when meeting tight deadlines! Much easier than you might imagine. I promise there really are NO giant hoops for you to leap through. Step One: Just drop me a line and let me know what you're looking for. Tell me a little information about yourself, your business, product or services and what you need to achieve. Step Two: I'll let you know how long the work will take and how much it will cost. If you're happy with my quote, we arrange the payment. Step Three: I complete the work and email it back to you to look over. I always allow for a maximum of 3 sets of amends to the work, though my clients have very rarely required more than a few alternations and some superficial tweaks to achieve a satisfactory end result. Do you need a creative concept to bring a campaign to life? Clear and concise content to build a better website? Regular copy for your business blog to help attract search engines? Hard-hitting sales or marketing material to boost the bottom line? An engaging article, to cover a current political or social issue? A fresh pair of eyes to add a professional touch to your work? If the answer was a resounding "YES" to any of the above, then please drop me a line and let me help you find the right words.
There's rather a lot on my blog, so to make it easier.. have you ever.. Wondered why we actually fear getting old? Wished that someone would tell the truth about pregnancy? Wondered how parents get away with murder everyday? Asked yourself if it's actually our fault our kids tell lies? Wished flying with kids wasn't so painful? Wondered if your heart really could deal with Aussie spiders? Thought that choice isn't always a good thing? Felt that death really can ruin your life? Wondered why 7 year old are like sloths? Wished little girls could stay little girls? Realised that looking like a cooked sausage is never good? Wondered why parents end up with flat heads? Wondered what exactly IS a Spoodle? And how you give one a colonic? Questioned how a man can nearly burn down a house a chip? And why he would throw a camera into Sydney Harbour? Don't be shy, I promise I hardly ever bark and I never bite! Kind regards, Rachel :) Rachel Henwood www.rachelhenwood.com info@rachelhenwood.com Freelance Writer. Copywriter. Author of very boring book. Part-time blogger. Full-time mum. Wife. Weary dog owner. Exhausted human. Blogs about life, kids and anything odd. Making my way around the world, one country at a time! create your own visited country map or check our Venice travel guide