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I cannot carry you But I will hold you if you stumble I cannot lift you But I will help you if you fall I may not comfort you When all your day dreams crumble But I can listen And I am ready for your call Hope to help you,... when you are ready,... I am from Czech Republic and have lived in England since 1998. I came here as an Au-pair. Eight and half years ago I have been employed in a residential hospital unit working as a member of a multidisciplinary team to provide quality care to adults with learning disabilities, challenging behaviour, and complex needs. Since 2004 I have worked as a residential care worker with 12 -18 year old young people whose needs relate to drug/alcohol use or self-injurious behaviour. Both of these posts have involved working with individuals and facilitating a variety of groups. These posts have also included direct contact with carers and families, including accompanying clients on visits to their family homes. In addition to these posts I regularly work for an agency providing social and health care. This has included working in a young dementia unit, hospices and palliative care for working age and older adults. I have several years of experience of providing care to young people, working age adults and older adults, male and female, with a range of abilities and various social and healthcare needs, in residential and hospital settings. Central to this work, has been the ability to relate well to people, develop good working relationships with them and to be able to communicate clearly. I have worked in settings which are frequently stressful and challenging. I have also dealt with verbal abuse, aggression and hostility on a regular basis. These posts have utilised my skills in counselling, problem resolution, and anxiety management. The bulk of my work is performed on a one to one basis and revolves around problem identification, coping strategies, and developing resolutions. Since 2005 I have worked for Victim Support on a voluntary basis and I am currently supporting victims of crime, such us domestic violence, burglary, forced marriage, and physical and sexual assault. Since 2006 I have worked as a volunteer for Rape Crisis and I currently support women who have been assaulted sexually. My work with Victim Support involves working with families, including children, usually in their own homes. In 2006 I started working as a counsellor. I have delivered professional, supervised counselling with clients with a variety of needs, including diagnosed mental health problems. This work has been supplied to me via EAP's self referral and has included coping with bereavements, phobias, PTS, addiction, anger, stress, anxiety, couple counselling and counselling adult survivors of abuse. In commencing work as a counsellor I have had to use my own initiative, work independently and organise my time effectively. I have used a range of counselling therapies, interventions and techniques. WHAT IS COUNSELLING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY? The counselling process is one in which you have an opportunity for a private face-to-face discussion with a concerned, highly skilled counsellor, for the purpose of resolving your situation. Your counsellor will be an active participant in this problem-solving process, asking questions, making suggestions, and helping you to perceive the situation in a different light. Counselling is an active process, intended to be short-term/long term, and specifically directed towards resolving the problems that brought you to counselling. There are times in life when we all experience problems with living, which we do not seem able to handle on our own. Whether it is a marital problem or a child having difficulty in school, a troubled adolescent, or a situation of substance abuse, spending a few hours with a professional counsellor can be immensely helpful. The earlier you seek help for a problem, the better chance you have to resolve it. Psychotherapy is similar to counselling as they are both confidential services within oral, ethical and legal limits. This involves using active listening and prompting skills. Psychotherapy and counselling are both based on talking and the respectful and trusting relationship that is built up between the client and therapist. The aim is to help and support the client to develop an insight into their problems/issues. The client is encouraged to approach life in a fresh way, by drawing on their own resources of which they may be unaware. In psychotherapy, the process can be applied to more deep-seated personal issues and this tends to go deeper than counselling. Here the client is encouraged to examine aspects of their past, including childhood and their relationships with parents and significant others. This exploration helps the client to become aware of the patterns in their life that have become unconscious and negative habits. This enables these issues to be understood and to start the process of changing them. Some of these issues may be quite complex and require longer-term therapy. WHO IS COUNSELLING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY FOR? Do you feel stressed or lonely? Do you carry a burden of guilt or shame? Are you unhappy , isolated, agitated, anxious or frightened? Have you a general lack of contentment? Do you sometimes wonder who you are, or where you are going? Are relationships becoming difficult and/or uncomfortable? Do you need to rescue, or, be rescued by other people? Do you need more than 1 or 2 drinks or other substances to help you get through the day? Have you ever hurt yourself, thought about it, or thought about hurting others? Have you thought about ending it all? Are you having difficulties coming to terms with a bereavement or loss of another kind? Would you like to develop your self-awareness and personal growth? Do you display obsessive or compulsive behaviour? Do you sometimes get angry out of proportion, become overly passive, or suffer from depression or low moods? Are you concerned about your health, your level of motivation, a traumatic time in your life, your work or car, your sexuality or anything which is becoming a problem? If you have answered 'YES' to one or more of these, psychotherapy may be the answer. I offering complete confidential Face to Face or Online, (over skype/msn) counselling & psychotherapy with specialist experience of working with children, teenagers and adults. Issues covered: Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Anger, Feeling Low, Bereavement, Confidence, Communication, Marriage/Couples Guidance, Abuse, Work Issues, Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress, Phobias, Smoking, Self Harm, Eating Disorder, Addictions, Victims Of Crime etc. I have a broad knowledge and understanding of working with various challenging client groups, such as children and adolescents with various needs. People with drug and alcohol use issues, mental health problems and learning disabilities, including offending histories. I am competent at working with vulnerable people who are at increased risk of being victims of crime, domestic violence, burglary, physical or sexual assault. To benefit from my experience and professional service, contact me on Mob: +44(0)7717171043 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +44(0)7717171043      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +44(0)7717171043      end_of_the_skype_highlighting Email: radkaroz@tiscali.co.uk Sms:radkaroz@tiscali.co.uk Skype: radka.kozielova web: www.rkcounsellingservices.co.uk http://www.facebook.com/counsellingservicesRadkaKozielova If you know of anybody who will benefit from my services, please forward my details on to them. PERSONAL: I am caring and empathetic person, who is interested in people and enjoys working with them. I have personally faced a number of challenges in my life, including living, studying and working in another country, and have needed to be self-motivated and hard working in order to succeed. I have good listening skills and I am able to work independently, or as part of team. I am committed to lifelong learning and continuing personal with professional development. I speak two languages fluently. I am a mature, enthusiastic, and highly motivated individual who has a background of working with individuals with complex needs. I seek an opportunity to develop myself personally and professionally. I have a variety of qualifications in counselling and professional care. I have completed the CPCAB (Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body) Level 3 in Counselling Studies, and 105 hours in the CPCAB Level 4 Therapeutic Integrative Counselling. Between 2004 and 2007 I gained three separate diplomas in Child Psychology, Child Day Care and Counselling, as well as an NVQ Level 2 in Care. These have helped enhance my range of skills and knowledge. In addition to the above, I have studied a variety of one day seminars in counselling, psychotherapy and healthcare. I have professional registration with the CCC and the BACP. I am an Affiliate Member of the British Psychological Society and a Member of European Therapy Studies Institute. I am also member of BACP divisions, Faculty of Healthcare Counselling Psychotherapists Association, Association for Counselling at Work, Association for Independent Practitioners, Counselling Children and Young People. For relaxation I enjoy going to the theatre, galleries, pubs, restaurants, seaside, relaxing at home, watching TV with a glass of wine, or playing the piano. I love cooking and usually when at work, cook for my friends as well. Also, I regularly participate in amateur theatre acting. I attended art school for 8 years, where I also took dance and music classes. I like to go for walks in parks or forest, and I like all types of sport. I love to travel and have seen most of the countries in Europe, visiting various places of interest, museums, galleries and old buildings. I also like to try traditional meals and learn about the culture. I have one brother. He lives in the Czech Republic and has two children. My parents also live in the Czech Republic. I travel to Czech once a year to visit my family, and then they visit me here, in the UK. TESTIMONY Dear Radka , We feel that we must write and thank you for the help that you have given us through the counselling sessions that we had with you. We have completely resolved our differences, and can now sit and talk, we now are able to discuss anything. What a difference since the first time we saw you- when we could hardly be able to stay in the same room as each other. Thanks again Best regards Barry and Jacqueline Dear Radka, This is just a short note to say "thank you"very much for your help after the death of my husband and my move to Peterborough, your endless patience and understanding helped me so much. I am getting my confidence back and you helped me put thigs into perspective, I owe you a lot If anyone is ever in need of someone like you i would recommend you without any hesitation as I owe you a lot I hope you are well Thank you again very much Caron Walker