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Who am I: Creative thinker + Innovative + Optimistic + Entrepreneur + Highly Energetic & passionate I am energized most of the time by high ambition and an overwhelmingly optimistic outlook on life. My business: I´m the CEO and Founder of WebGaints Softech Pvt Ltd. The Company is into Creative Solutions, Software Development, Online Marketing, and Strategy & Branding. I am also working on my products which would be India's first product, which I plan to share with the world very soon. Beautiful say: You see things; and you say 'why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say 'why not?' George Bernard Shaw Specialties: • Creative Solutions (Website Design & Redesign, Flash Design, Web Maintenance) • Software Development (Software Application & Product Development, Web2.0, Testing, BPO) • Online Marketing (SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing) • Strategy & Branding (R&D, PMR, Promotional Management, Planning Services, Analytics) Frequently used Words: WebGaints, Creative Solutions, Website Design & Redesign, Flash Design, Web Maintenance, Software Product Development, Software Application Development, Web 2.0 Technologies, Application Testing, Game Testing, BPO, Business Process Outsourcing, Online Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Strategy & Branding, Research & Development, Product Management Research, Promotional Management, Planning Services, Analytics Purpose of being here: Professionally it´s always interesting to get to know new ways of doing things, new people in the business areas related or not-related to mine - but besides from professionally "outcome" it also provides me with a lot of interesting connections to people in general. But Networking has its own life - and everyone has their own way of doing it and thinking about it. I´ve found which I find quite interesting and made me find MY way of thinking about networking: What can I do for you: Well.......I like happenings - but it´s even more fun and challenging to make it happen! Shall we start making it happen together???? First of all I can give you some ideas of in what ways might I be of help to you : • By inviting you to join my network and the knowledge that it´s containing - officially and unofficially - here, there and everywhere • By helping you find the right connections on Ecademy - or outside - in the areas that you need I like to see if I can make a mutual benefit for you and the connection I introduce for you • By offering assistance in finding connections, companies, research the market etc. around the globe, if you are thinking of i.e. expanding your business to Worldwide - maybe I can "open the door" for you • By offering to be a part of your (online or off-line depending of where we are based) "advisory board" in Business Relations/NewBizz or other areas where you´d like to have "fresh eyes" on - i.e. by Interim Partnering • By keeping my mind, eyes and ears open - also on behalf of the needs you might have - and share the knowledge I have/get with you • By offering you a smile every day Where shall we start?? Tell me - it is only by dialogue we can make the right approach and make it happen..... You can either take action or you can hang back and hope for a miracle. Miracles are great, but they are so unpredictable........by Peter Drucker finally - if you´re still here? I´d like to share the Warriors Wisdom with all "ecademy networkers" - those words are worth thinking about every day to help yourself and others keep on growing in their lives and minds Warriors Wisdom: The Indians divide people into warriors or victims. • To be a warrior does not mean that you must be aggressive or violent. It means that you are in balance and cares about your relations. • A warrior put the winds in motion and starts things. A victim gets blown away by the wind. • A warrior takes responsibility - for themselves, the family, the tribe, the company, the society. A victim pushes the responsibility away, and blames other people if anything goes wrong. • A warrior is honest and says things short, sweet and to the point". A victim creates a web of small and big lies around them. • A warrior respects other people. A victim judges other people. • A warrior is in balance and follows the ways of love. A victim is stressed, confused and full of fear. It's a lifelong education to find the warrior path, but it's worth working on every day! ........by Pablo Russell, a Blackfoot from Alberta, Canada The lack of wealth is easily repaired but the poverty of the soul is irreplaceable.......by Michel Eyquen Montaigne Thanks for visiting my profile - I hope you enjoyed it, got inspired, got a smile on your face or something totally different (please let me know what then ) and I´m looking forward to see our relationship grow on......... hopefully To know me better: Name: Rakesh M Skype: Rakesh..m Gtalk: Rakeeit Mobi: +(91)(9036022007), +(91)(9972249556) Fax: +(91)(80)(27833355) Mail: rakesh@webgaints.com, rakeeit@gmail.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rakeeit Here Starts our relationship: I'm all about Networking & socializing and making new friends - similar creative types - don't be shy, come say hi!