Richard Alberg



Chief Executive at MyWorkSearch Ltd


I founded and managed PSL, a company that developed psychometric tests and related assessment solutions. PSL became one of the larger and more successful companies in the sector and in November 2006 was acquired by Kenexa, a NASDAQ quoted human capital company (subsequently acquired by IBM). I joined Kenexa as a Senior Vice President and managed the integration of PSL as well as taking responsibility for Kenexa in the Asia Pacific region. I completed my earn-out in 2008 and took an interim CEO position in a snacks and drinks distribution company. This role ended in January 2009 and for the first time in twenty years I took two months off and had a really good time. However I also needed to think about what to do in the years ahead and the process of exploring opportunities and meeting with people in my network led to a new business: MyWorkSearch Ltd ( The logic behind MyWorkSearch is simple:

  • For over a decade we have been spoilt by a buoyant job market. This means that most people have relatively basic job-seeking skills and are ill-equipped for the brutal environment we are now in.
  • Conventional human driven job search assistance cannot scale to the current demand as there are insufficient knowledgeable consultants to provide the service and insufficient funds to pay for it.
  • Most people have skills that are still required; it is just that there is less demand. This means that getting jobs is possible however there is far more competition.
  • The only practical solution is for a technology driven self-service offering that provides all the tools that a person needs to stand a reasonable chance of effectively searching for a new job. This is scalable to meet demand and, by its nature, affordable.

We have therefore built a technology platform that has:

  • Considerable eLearning content to guide a person in all the steps they can take to effectively job search.
  • A range of tools such as CV and personal CV website building, vacancy monitoring, vacancy aggregation, employer, agency and job board and newspaper / trade journal selection and personal network management.
  • A section where all opportunities are aggregated, activities logged and data made searchable. It is the heart of a workflow engine that tracks all activity and each day reminds the job seeker of the to-do items for the day and enables an efficient and effective high job-seeking activity level.
  • Reporting on progress and activity for all stakeholders from self to Jobcentre Plus to spouse.

It has been designed to operate as a single coherent easy to use process that hand-holds the jobseeker and guides them to do all the right things to increase their chances of finding a job. Below is a video you can view on MyWorkSearch. So life is now getting rather busy. By 2013 we have turned over several millions and secured some great clients and partners.  We have a strong presence in several markets:

  • Employers making staff redundant
  • Further and Higher Education institutions helping students secure employment
  • Vocational training providers supporting their learners
  • Housing associations helping unemployed tenants
  • Welfare to work providers assisting the unemployed

and look to the future with considerable optimism.

I have been an Ecademy/SunZu member since 1999. Over the years I have collaborated with many people to mutual benefit. I am always happy to get to know other members however I ask that you respect my time. I see SunZu as a business networking site and therefore welcome approaches where there is likely to be an opportunity of benefit to both of us. If you believe there is a reason for us to chat then please do get in touch

I live in Harrow on the Hill, north west London and am married with two young children. When not working or with the family I try very hard to keep fit. Although I do seem rather good at thinking up reasons why tomorrow would be a better day to go to the gym! I like travelling - but still have a lot of places left to visit.


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